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  1. Well I'm sure there's going to be a lot of hype surrounding Dzagoev after scoring three goals, and he's been highly rated for like 4 years or so.
  2. Most Russian teams have a huge amount of money and aren't really established on a European stage. Almost every team in the top division has at least 20m in the bank, and a few of them have plenty of interesting young players.
  3. I've always been under the impression, and I could be wrong, is that it's how good the keeper is at rushing out. Tendency to rush out will determined by mental stats and instructions.
  4. Looks similar to last year, and he was amazing for me then. Pushed Benaglio out after two seasons.
  5. He's barely changed from the last couple years when he was on a Czech team. He has higher finishing, and lower dribbling than he used and his mentals are up a bit.
  6. Inside Forward-Support on the left does it for me. Just got 22 goals and 18 assists in 44 matches this season. This will make him receive the ball a bit deeper and run at players. It got him 5 runs/game and 111 fouls against too, so he'll cause a lot of penalties and freekicks in dangerous areas, way more than any of my other attacking players.
  7. He puts in some long shots for me, but not a ton really. Could be that he lacks passing options. My front line is extremely fast, so he usually has someone to pass to up front. Also, he has the "Shoots From Distance" ppm, so maybe ask him to unlearn it. I would try it out, but I love his long shots.
  8. Freekicks [video=youtube;WXjvSOS8To4] Creating [video=youtube;iEhKzQtRTYc]
  9. Douglas Costa Position:AM(RLC) Age: 20 Club: Shakhtar Approx. Sale Value: €15m Real Life: Douglas Costa is an attacking midfield player currently playing for Shakhtar Donestk in the Ukraine. Douglas spent his early career at Gemio in Brazil before moving to Shakhtar in January 2010 as part of Mircea Lucescu's young Brazilian attacking front. Since moving he has made 40 appearances and scored 10 goals, while helping Shakhtar win two consecutive league titles, a Ukrainian cup and progressing to the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. He traditionally plays as a central attacking midfielder, but often drifts wide and cuts inside to provide a goal scoring threat. His continental performances have started attracting interest for large clubs in Europe, with Shakhtar recently turning down an offer from Arsenal. In Game Start 2 Seasons In Douglas is a great alternative to the normal attacking midfield targets (Hazard, Pastore, Pjanic, Alexis Sanchez, Ganso, etc). He's usually cheaper than those listed, will go to smaller teams, more versatile and is equally ready to slot into just about any team. He does have one benefit over players though, his deadly freekicks. You will be amazed that just about every freekick he takes, he puts on target in a dangerous area. Besides his deadball talent, he's a wonderful dribbler who can use both feet and has the speed to take on anyone. I've been playing him in the center as an advanced playmaker, but he does equally well as in any role on the wings or central. Scores more as an inside forward and assists more as a playmaker, so pick your poison. So I highly recommend Costa for just about any team needing creativity, but would clearly do great in a smaller team with some money.
  10. By the way, does anyone know how much the stadium can expand? It's sad to be stomping everyone and being in the bottom 5 in attendance.
  11. Started up with Wolfsburg the other day and now I'm two seasons in. I went against what I usually do and pretty much gutted the entire team and rebuilt, so I only have 3 players from the original starting 11 still in there. Here's what I'm looking like so far. ----------------------Pato--------------------- Alexis Sanchez----Doug Costa----Sercan Yildirim -----------M'Vila-----------Badelj-------------- Schaefer-----Vertongen------Kjaer----Schwaab ---------------------Benaglio------------------ So I'm pretty sure I'm done bringing in anyone but back ups for now. The only players I'd like to replace are Schaefer for Schmelzer, Vertongen for Hummels, and Benaglio for Adler. In my first season I managed second in the league without anything too spectacular. Diego, Mandzukic, Sanchez, Yildirim, Vertongen, and Kjaer all had great seasons and had people coming in for them. Thankfully no one wanted to leave really. I decided to sell Diego to get rid of his huge wages and bring in a younger player who is basically the same in Douglas Costa. This was definitely my best move. I brought him in for €15m and after great first half performances, Barcelona came in with a €46m bid that the board accepted. I was prepared to replace him with Lewis Holtby, but he rejected them. He ended up finishing the season as one of my top players with 13 goals and 18 assists, helping me to win the league. I also picked up Pato in the January window, but he had broken his leg in the first season, so he's still coming back to where he should be. Those are the highlights so far, now I'll try to keep a more detailed record in the coming seasons.
  12. Sow's been great on my Lille save, he backs up Lukaku and still has 10 goals in the first half of the season. That's in 5 starts and 12 pretty late(usually around 70' or so) subs. Pretty great tally I think.
  13. Good to see him get a thread, he was one of my favorite defenders last year, but haven't really used him this year.
  14. So I didn't really do all that much for Robinson except boost his speed and some other stuff, in his first two competitive matches he managed 14 tackles, 12 interceptions, 2 assists, and 0 fouls haha. I may have made him a bit too good.
  15. Cool, thanks. I'm all set I think. I'll post updates soon.