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  1. I played with 4-3-3 DM wide with attacking wingback and 2 attacking inside forwards. However, I haven't bought well on the left hand side and now face myself with a winger type player instead of inside forward. How can I integrate this into my formation? My striker is a advanced forward.
  2. I have managed to get a tactic working finally, but every time I get to a 5 match winning streak, I either lose a game or 2 then go on another unbeaten run. How do I combat this?
  3. You can work on strength, tackling and jumping. Bravery, heading, work rate, acceleration all looking good.
  4. Depending on our setup Omarm88, I would train Makin into a DLF and Cassidy as an Anchorman, but thats probably mre for my setup.
  5. How does everyone setup for corners? I am having a real problem with them. It may be that I don't have enough good headers of the ball etc, but I am finding two types of goals. Direct from a corner headers and also the ones that we win first, but then they scre on the rebound, even though there might be 4 players around the ball. Anyone else having the issue or have I just bought flimsy players? Also, I am finding the oppostion assists are coming from the wings, but most of the assists are down as passes not crosses. What do I do? I play complete wingbacks in a 4-1-3-2. Thanks
  6. Thank again. I will look at the gamebooster. I play FM13 now, so fingers crossed FM14 will too.
  7. Thanks Eugene. You mention it can play FM13, could i play FM14 on it?
  8. Would my laptop be too slow to run? Processor AMD E2-1800 (1.7 GHz, 1 MB cache) Operating system Windows 8 Storage 750 GB HDD PERFORMANCE RAM 6 GB Graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7340
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