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  1. Is this the hardest FM for Liverpool Glenn?
  2. Thank you. I don't like to go for the norm. I went for a Paraguayan I think called Luzcano. He has 4 in 5 so far.
  3. Just started a save and Sturridge last 2 friendlies and injured for 8-9 months. New striker please!
  4. What a frustrating game. I have settled on a tactic now and I am in February currently sat in 12th place. I fear I messed my game up in the first decision I made, which was to sell Lukaku. I did get £36m up front with add ons to take it to £63m. Spurs who bought him are now flying at the top and he has scored loads. January transfer window has passed and my team plays a 4 2 3 1 and looks like this; Steklenberg Coleman Baines Sidnei Flores Carrick bought for £625k Mccarthy Yarmelenko Babel Barkley Pohjanpalo I need to try and get through this season to keep my job and push on for next year.
  5. I am in season 23-24. Ezequil Ponce is a great striker for anyone looking for a new striker.
  6. I can't remember what they were exactly, but £400k a week rings a bell. Played for one season and sold for the same price ?
  7. I played with 4-3-3 DM wide with attacking wingback and 2 attacking inside forwards. However, I haven't bought well on the left hand side and now face myself with a winger type player instead of inside forward. How can I integrate this into my formation? My striker is a advanced forward.
  8. I'm in season 5. Finally won the champions league. My starting line up is; Rulli Jung Alaba Laporte Gimenez Romero Dikinson (new gen from USA) Ojo Bale Reus Messi - 32 and bought for £32m had to buy him. Sterling switches with Bale. Zivkovic & Barbosa back up. Harry Wilson is back up. Can still there. Curro Now in season 6. Won community Shield, super cup and world club cup. Still in FA Cup and in semi of league cup. 2 points behind in 2nd, but 3 games in hand. Clean sweep?
  9. Progressed well in the champions league. Hopefully you find a few gems in the summer to build.
  10. I have managed to get a tactic working finally, but every time I get to a 5 match winning streak, I either lose a game or 2 then go on another unbeaten run. How do I combat this?
  11. I can't wait to get the game and dive into a Liverpool save again.
  12. I have gone strikerless in my Montrose save. Yes Montrose! I have gone with Counter/Rigid. 4 at the back, 1 full back on support the other on attack. Centre backs are limited defenders. Defensive midfielder on defend. Wide midfielders, one on support the on attack. Central midfielders on attack and support. And an Enganche. Working a treat at the moment. Only been beaten once in 12 games since changing to this. I play with a slow tempo, short passing, work into box, higher denfensive line and either narrow or wider dependant on the formation or team I am playing. Very good defensively and working well in front of goal. My wide players are getting most of the goals with a few added in from the Enganche and the central midfielders.
  13. What a great thread this is and a fantastic career. It keeps me busy at work looking at the weekend updates. What has happened to Seven Sisters in the league?
  14. Cerri has just won me the double hattrick steam acheivement.
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