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  1. Hi - how do you reduce the zoom size of the stadium pic in "club profile" and "match preview" screens? Many thanks http://
  2. [FM16] Tactic screen

    Thank you
  3. [FM16] Tactic screen

    Hi, For some strange reason during a match, I can no longer make substitutions by grabbing a player from the subs bench. I re-installed the tactics icon info panel overview xml. This hasn't fixed the problem. Would appreciate some advice to fix this issue. Many thanks
  4. How To Edit Title Bar?

    Hi - how do I get the world icon to be the same colour as the rest of the titlebar i.e. in the below example, I would like it to match the maroon? Thank you in advance.
  5. How can change the color of icon

    thank you. cheers
  6. How can change the color of icon

    I've tried the suggested folder, which only has the actual icons. There doesn't appear an option to change the colour from white? Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  7. How can change the color of icon

    Many thanks. Cheers
  8. How can change the color of icon

    Hi - I would like to change the colour of the below icons. I have had a look around the 'player stats small' and 'player stats summary' panels. But not having any success with changing the colour from white to green. Grateful to find out where I might be going wrong. Cheers
  9. Font colour?

    Many thanks for your help. cheers
  10. Font colour?

    Hi - Any suggestions as to which panel controls the colour of the below text? I've checked the 'game processing panel' with no success. Thank you in advance.
  11. Names on shirts

    Many thanks. Cheers
  12. Names on shirts

    Hi - grateful for some help with making the players' name appear in a different position than the top of the shirt - which makes it pretty hard to read: Was hoping to have the names appear in a similar place as the version below: Many thanks
  13. [FM16] Tactic screen

    wrong thread
  14. [FM2015] Replacement Stars

    Thank you. I'll give that a try. Cheers
  15. [FM2015] Replacement Stars

    Cheers. I have already followed the above post and implemented the changes suggested to star rating senior, youth, etc. However, the end result is evident in the above photo i.e. small stars for "Reputation" are green but the player related stars (large stars) remain gold. Any suggestions as to where I have gone wrong and as to why the large stars still remain gold? rgs