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  1. The original one contains commentary in many languages, the seafire one only in english.
  2. Wow... great news, but i have just realized that i must start a new game again damn.. Thanks for your work!
  3. Very nice work, really! I will surely try your Scorpio 13. Thanks again!
  4. Ops... Damn im feeling a little stupid right now, i never payed attention to those two damn little icon below.. As often happens, the problem was between the monitor and the chair..
  5. Thanks again for your efforts, but as you can see...
  6. I am thinking about this right now.. watching your screenshot, i just noticed this: in the first three screens, there is the scoreboard with logos etc; in the last three ones (Man Utd against West Ham, Blackburn and Totteham) there is not, and this is exactly what i see in my games. What is the difference between them?
  7. I have tried with both steklo and alavanja skin.. very strange indeed, i will try to remember if i have sone other modifications but i dont believe that was the case. Thanks anyway
  8. I am not sure why, but i can see the tv logo without any problem, but the scoreboard doenst appear. I owerwrote all file etc, deleted cache and tried 2 or 3 different sets of tv logo/ scoreboard in your update, but the result was the same: logo ok, no scoreboard.
  9. Uh.. well sorry then, my tactic pitch is not as the one showed above, i have no idea why.
  10. this has nothing to do with the cordobes1970 work; the improvement made by him are for the pitch textures showed during a match.
  11. The latest version (7.3) works without problem, the "no fixtures for english premier league" was a previous issue (7.2 version), already fixed.
  12. here you go.. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/331597-NPT-amp-C-2013!!!-%28New-turf-textures-for-FM2013%29
  13. i forgot another little question: while playing with goole in evo-stick division one north, i was aked to vote for the "young player of the year" in december; it that right, or the prize should be intented as young of the season, with the voting in april as of the "player of the year"? Edit: oh, and obviously i am asking all these questions not as a complain, but just because i have played with your (and Uncle Ron) update every year, and i know exactly how much you care about the standard of your work, that is absolutely great
  14. Just a quick question... how are exactly the rules for playoffs in evo-stick league? I'm asking because my finishing position was 3rd in division one north, and watching the table i was thinking "ok now i will play at home against the 4th classified team"; instead it was not the case and i played away against the 5th classified team. Is that an error, or the competion rules provides a random draw between the four team from 2nd to 5th place?
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