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  1. Thanks for the help. I wasn't asking about coaches, for whom the workload does seem to affect their ability to carry out their jobs. I agree that if there are no limits to the number of tasks you can assign your GM, there ought to be. A good GM makes the Technical Director and Loan Manager completely superfluous.
  2. Here's a situation that one encounters once in a while: At the moment my club -- Tranmere Rovers, just promoted to the Premier League -- has an outstanding General Manager who, among other things, has very high ratings for judging staff ability and negotiating. In this circumstance it only makes sense to use him to hire staff for my U-18 and U-23 teams and save money on a Technical Director, right? My GM also has excellent player-spotting skills, so I send him out on scouting runs to make the final call on potential players to be signed as well. So the obvious question here is, does
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