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  1. Seriously, this game is beyond a joke. I've just been beaten 7-0 by a team below me in the league, playing that second formation. 45 shots ffs, I've played competitive football my whole life, it's not possible to have that many shots in a game with a team playng with effectively 6 defensive minded players in a team.
  2. Fair enough, So 3-3-3-1 DM Wide Gk - defend 3 * CD all on defend (tried playing with close down less, tackling harder to no effect) 2 * DM one as DM on defend, other as DM as deep lying playmaker CM - on support AML - Winger support AMR - Advanced playmaker on attack AMV - trequarista Str - target man tried playing with mentality and shape here, standard, defemsive. counter (Depening o oppo and away or at home) Sam for shape, flexible and rigid. Makes no odds. I've tried playing 4-2-3-1 wide CD one stopper and one cover, hold position 2 * full back on defend duty 2 * DM one as DM on defend, other as DM as deep lying playmaker AML - Winger support AMR - Advanced playmaker on attack AMV - trequarista Str - target man (this varies depending who I play there) I've tried some others as well, nothing seems to work. I've tried ultra defensive with this formation, mentality defensive, highly structured, drop deeper, be more discilined etc. makes no difference. In a perfect world I'd play with wingers and have a fast counter attacking strategy, but gave that up very quickly as I was getting hammered. It feels liek when I go into defensive mode, I cede all possession and actually end up getting beat more. Just having a general gripe, but it shouldn't be this difficult to stop conceding from crosses, that's really what I'm after, I'll give up any pretence at attacking flair for a run of clean sheets at this stage.
  3. 4-2-3-1 CM's, 4-2-3-1 with DM's, 4-5-1, 433 you name it, trying them all. FB as ltd, CH as hold etc etc. Read detailed articles on mentality, trying and I can't keep a clean sheet for toffee. it's just too kin hard, no matter what I do I can't keep a clean sheet, Im losing bucket loads of goals from crosses. I'll take any advice here on a tactic that works, I'm seriously over this game which is a real shame as it has a lot of potential but it shouldn't be the difficult to get your team to stop conceding 5 at home all from crosses. It's mental. Soirry for the rant.
  4. I'm an old timer returning for the first time in a few years. game looks slick, I was really excited when I first started but a couple of weeks in and I've nearly had it. I'm playing classic mode, I just want a game that isn't this insanely hard to play and lets me take Fulham to the champions league (i.e. unimaginable in RL but should feasible in FM), but for the life of me I can't stop conceding barrow loads of goals, mainly from crosses. I've been reading various boards for days, I have the latest update, I've tried any combo of tactics, formations and advice on where to play various players. Still the same, I'm conceding goals and losing games I should never be coming close to losing. Any advice, Ive read all the stuff about AI reacting to your tactics and what not, but I don't want to have to watch every game in it's entirety and I'm pretty close to packing this in and never playing again. Help, this is my last hope, I'd just like a clean sheet or two and not be sitting there everytime I watch a highlight with the oppo about to cross another ball in thinking here we go and being proven right. It's been a pretty ***** game experience to be completely frank.
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