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  1. I use an app called splash top on my iPad and works like a dream. Very user friendly but doesn't seem to play the 3d well. I play in 2d anyway and that runs fine
  2. I vaguely remember from another thread that pa is fixed no matter what happen, it's only ca that can go up and down
  3. Just because his pa is 150 doesn't mean he will ever reach that. Due to circumstances as mentioned above, 118 maybe all he can reach given his surroundings? I'm just speculating but that would make sense to me after all it is only POTENTIAL
  4. As hunter said, it's been explained. If you put in unrealistic inputs, don't be surprised to get an unrealistic output. End of.
  5. No club would offer 100m for a full back either. You shouldn't be able to offer that much as in reality you own board would tell you that you were being stupid even thinking of offering that much
  6. What an absolutely ridiculous statement. Shows a complete lack of knowledge or understanding. The game is always playable on release every year. You have a demo, if you don't think it's playable, then don't buy the game. Don't come on here with completely unrealistic expectations, slagging off SI staff and VOLUNTEER moderators, peeing all over the house rules and then wondering why mods get snipey sometimes. That last line about comparing si with ea completely devalues anything you have to say. Phew, Christ I needed to get that off my chest
  7. I have to say that I'm loving this version. The new tactics screen is brilliant allowing tweaks to be made easily before each game, the match engine appears to be coming on leaps and bounds and the more realistic scouting model is much more immersive. Not seen any particularly high scores, certainly no issues with injuries in my save. All in all, it has brought me back to the really addictive versions of my youth. Not so sure the wife is as happy as I am though lol
  8. Fm14 easily the best of the series so far and I hope they continue down the same path for fm15
  9. Absolutely brilliant and very inspiring. I have been battling the old black dog for about 18 years so it is very comforting to see someone using their experiences in such a positive and creative way. KUTGW
  10. Excited to have a read of this later, really enjoyed the previous editions and still peruse them regularly. KUTGW
  11. I can certainly understand thaT but as you say, the game has evolved. Even back then you had to have a basic grasp of formations which i believe can still get you success in the modern versions if you think logically.
  12. OP. I cant make out wether you are being serious or not. The game has developed a lot since what you described. This game is obviously not for you anymore so I would suggest playing an earlier version pre fm when it was easy or to have a crack at fifa's career mode
  13. Fair enough. I was just stating that if you buy a football manager computer game, you expect to be dealing with tactics as a large part of it, which has nothing to do with what you were saying about enjoying watching football. Two different things that is all.
  14. A Football Manager generally decides tactics in real life so if you buy a football manager game I would imagine you would have to have some tactical input. The rest of your post is nonsense in relation to this thread, my post or the discussion as a whole
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