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  1. I struggled quite a bit to keep stoke in the top 4 using a variation of 442,4312,4321’s, now with 4411 I’ve got two world class wingers both averaging 40 goals and 50 assists between them a season, no doubt the match engine at some point will screw me over as it likes to do, Haaland wasn’t as prolific as I thought he would be as his time is up and he’s on his way out at the end of the season, just starting a new season trying out one of @RDF Tactics new tactics over on discord but with this being knaps thread I’m not sure if I’m allowed post it
  2. I had Ihattaren on the initial am attack duty but I felt he wasn't contributing enough, he's aged well but a bit inconsistent so I messed around a bit and started to get more goals as with changing one midfield place also to ap-attack also, went from about 70 goals to 120 goals in a season without compromising the defence, I also have world class players so I do tinker the instructions/roles quite a bit, after each match I always get the media stating 'Chidlow keeps his opponents guessing' as I mess around that much to improve the tactic to suit my players
  3. Afternoon all, First time posting, playing FM20 Touch on IPad Air 2, currently playing as the club I support in Real life Stoke City. Currently in 2032/33 season having been in charge since the beginning, really struggled to find a consistent tactic up untilseason 2029/30 season and stumbled uponKnaps Teafor One Vol44411p103 all cups which is working wonders for the past few seasons, having won the EPL for the first time in 2030/31 plus champions league and fa cup this was my best season, having created my own tactics up until 2029/30 I got fed up of the level of Inconsistency I was getting, finally got a fantastic squad after years of building and watching the usual top 4 teams spunking 100m per player with an already excellent squad, has been difficult to keep up, anyway I’ve attached a couple of photos to show my progress. Credit goes to Knap for an amazing tactic this is, no MM used neither training as using on Touch but any advice welcome Thanks
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