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  1. Actually to make it easier: http://www.boonty.com/us/gamers/products/worldwide-soccer-manager-2008.html
  2. http://www.boonty.com/us/casual/ Yeah, if you just go to boonty.com, it won't show up. But the above should work - I just tried it. Sorry, I didn't notice that distinction originally.
  3. Try going to Boonty's home page and doing a find on Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008, click on Buy this Game Now, and it should take you to another page that has "Download WWSM2008 Now". I just did it now and it seems to work without repurchasing. But I haven't figured out if this is just a demo or it's registered my copy somehow.
  4. Having the same problem - bought the game finally but can't download it from Boonty.