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  1. https://www.very.co.uk/acer-nitro-5-intel-core-i5-8gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-amp-256gb-ssd-nvidiareg-geforce-gtxtrade-1650-4g-gaming-laptop-black/1600392114.prd I have increased my budget now, will this laptop be good enough to run 3d match engine on football manager??
  2. https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-wvips-freesync-r5-3500h-8gb-1tb-15.6-inch-rx560-thin-bezel-laptop-fx505dy-bq008t/version.asp Is this laptop decent to run football manager on?
  3. @Welshace Will this one do? Bit cheaper as well https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/medion-erazer-p6679-core-i5-7200u-8gb-1tb-geforce-gtx-950-15.6-inch-windows-30023186/version.asp
  4. @Welshace @Smurf https://www.very.co.uk/lenovo-ideapad-330s-14ast-amd-a9nbsp4gbnbspramnbsp128gbnbspssd-14-inch-laptop/1600289390.prd Would this laptop run fm19/20 with large databases and multiple leagues? A lot cheaper then my original budget as well
  5. @Welshace I tend to play with the large database and multiple leagues so could do with something which will take the high demand and when i mean by run smoothly is on my laptop now theres a bit of a delay clicking on various things
  6. Hello im looking on getting a new laptop for footy manager 2020 so can anyone give me any suggestions on which one to get? Have around a £600 budget and would like one which will run the game smoothly @Smurf Thanks
  7. Hello im looking on getting a new laptop for footy manager 2020 so can anyone give me any suggestions on which one to get? Have around a £600 budget and would like one which will run the game smoothly. thanks
  8. Started unemployed and just about to manage pescara who are rock bottom of serie b! Going to guide them to safety in the 2nd half of the season and then go from there. Thanks for the reccomendations though wish me luck!!
  9. I’ll refrain on using them then and just go foreign lower leagues
  10. I might download the leagues expansion pack, where are the good ones?
  11. I was looking at Malaga and also looked at FC Koln so looking at getting a biggish team promoted from the 2nd tier of there respective country
  12. Hello Im wanting to start a new save and have it as a long term project but the problem is picking the right team to do it with :/ if anyone could give me their experiences on current/previous saves which you have enjoyed doing then pleast let me know :) Prefer to stay away from the english leagues. Thanks
  13. Nice one lads, ill have a look at that video later, cant wait to get home and get stuck into this new FM!!
  14. Just in general, transfer my transfer budget to wage, sack the current coaches and employ different peoole, best formation to start with
  15. Hi all I'm about to start my FM save using Gateshead in the National League (Random Pick), its the 1st time ive tried managing in the lower leagues so any tips would be welcome if you have the time. Thanks
  16. No worries lads, all the job interviews came through
  17. @jaysdailydose it happened even before i got the england job, i only applied for the england job last night, there is like 40 odd teams which are managerless and its only november
  18. @Butlee end of November now and ive applied for 10 different jobs and not one of them has got back to me (applied for england job and got that straight away ) looks like no one wants me 😂😂
  19. So i was successful at Blackburn and now i want to manage a different club. Back end of the season i applied for a job and it says they will be in contact in the near future yet im already in August and ive still not heard anything back nor has the team got a manager yet, is this a bug or does it take this long for someone to offer me an interview? Thanks
  20. Thanks for the tips everyone! Currently sat in 2nd place 8pts clear of 3rd in my 2nd season without any money to spend :)
  21. Ill give it a try, ive gotta get 6 points from my next 5 games to keep my job lol, wish me luck
  22. Ok thanks i'll change the roles around then, cheers for the advice
  23. @Andrew_Goats_Gruff im in the championship so im not the favourites to go up lol, im still 2nd to bottom with half a season left haha
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