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  1. No problem mate. Will look to rectify that. Cheers.
  2. Hi mate. Thanks for the feedback. Bobby Moncur is now just the ambassador so I will look to change that for next update. The reason I have put Steve Harper as U23 GK coach is because he is always in the dugout for their matches and trains with them. I may be inclined to add U18s as his secondary job but not the U23s. I did think about adding Mick Tait and Paul Baker, but in reality Newcastle have lots of scouts on their books. I will look to see what impact they have and if they seem to be a key part of the setup I will add them in the next update. Once again thank you for the feedback. It's vital to the accuracy of the game and I want to give you the best possible experience of playing with NUFC.
  3. Hi Howabe, Thanks for your comment. It always helps me to get feedback so I can get NUFC as accurate as possible. The Mikel Antia and Paco de Miguel job roles are interesting. As you rightly stated, Antia is listed as 1st Team Coach, however Rafa Benitez, always refers to him as his "assistant" (he even puts this on his website)! I have wrestled with the Ben Dawson situation as Peter Beardley is still technically the Under 23s Manager. Until his case is resolved and a decision is made, he will remain (by title at least) the U23 Manager. Sean Beech states on his LinkedIn that he is a 1st Team Physio. Thanks for alerting me to Jamie Harley's role change. Keep up the good work, and enjoy the game! Cheers, Kev.
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