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  1. Hi Codename, Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated! Some changes have already been made ahead of release, including Longstaff, Saivet and Murphy. Just to highlight some of your suggested changes I have not made; Jamal Lewis - IMO he has very good stats for a full back at his age, and still has a lot of work to do (although I believe he will get there) to be one of the league's top full backs Jonjo - You hit nail on head! Best performing CM last season, and remember he was top scorer (scandalous)! I do understand that you don't know what Shelvey will turn up somet
  2. Thanks for this. We have already updated his contract details, and whilst I agree that he is definitely a prospect - there is still a long way to go for him. I have put his PA at a decent value, and his rating 'in game' will depend on circumstances within that save.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I did try and reflect as best I could the attribute ratings of the players, so glad you agree. Onto Steve Bruce... I take on board what you say. On Tactical Knowledge - I think I am happy with 8, as in my eyes for a Premier League manager, 8 is not a rating which puts him in the bracket of 'top' or even 'average' Premier League managers. I will ponder the suggested amendments and see where we are at! Thanks again for your feedback 👍
  4. Hi there. It is well known that Newcastle have very under-par facilities compared to other PL clubs. It was a major gripe of the Benitez era and also something the potential new owners of yesteryear also said was in vital need of an upgrade. Thanks for your feedback though. Vital we have discussions around such matters
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