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  1. Great work Man. Quick question, Will you do a roster update prior to the A-league season or just move on to FM2020?
  2. Hi Guys i just got a copy of the game off the new Xbox gamepass app but it doesnt come with the editor at all. please help in finding it
  3. Yep, Almost completed the leagues of the Northern NSW Federation (6 tiers). With the Cup format almost 100% correct.
  4. Hi All, I am trying to make a Australian pyramid file but i am having a problem. While making the Northern NSW section i have come across alot of B-teams in the lower leagues. Now they are not entered into the FFA cup qualifiers, so how do i stop them from entering in the game? thanks
  5. I have started making a version with correct dates and updated leagues, with all state cups. So far i got Victoria (down state league 3 level) and ACT done. Will release after testing.
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