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  1. Genox


    Will be added in the future the possibility to open an academy like ASPIRE? Or a partnership like the new one between Roma and the Nigerian Football Federation?
  2. Genox


    I've never seen a Panenka penalty kick in FM. I think it should be added to next games!
  3. There were a few Argentinian players in San Marino National Team, Hirsch is an example. I think this is the main reason.
  4. Hello everyone. Is it possibile to have more countries hosting the World Cup? There are no new nations Indonesia, Iran etc helding the tournament. An example: Indonesia will host the 2038 World Cup and new stadiums will be built for the event! Like in real life with Russia or Japan.
  5. So, I have tried to start a new game and this happened. The editor data folder is empty so there is no conflict with created files and this happens with the 19.3 database. The red triangle says "It requests 12 teams for the youth league, 13 teams were found" Is there any solutions?
  6. The whole Serie C is a mess not only the South
  7. Genox

    U21, U19 Managers

    Hi, I was wondering why in this game is extremely difficult (if not impossible) that U21, U20, U19 Managers are sacked by the AI. And also i would love to ask if will be added the possibility to set a manager for the Young National Teams with the Real Time Editor. Right now it's possibile to change only the Senior National Team Manager. Thanks!
  8. Pulvirenti is great. I have him with Crystal Palace
  9. Hello everyone. I would love to see more features for the RTE. For example foreigners rules like in Japan where countries like Qatar and Thailand are out of these rules or you can decide to change the number of foreigners allowed for each team.
  10. The only file you need is Japan League Level.6 Pyramid.fmf. Put ONLY that in Editor Data. I have no problem.
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