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  1. Hey @Cristo, the yellow highlight box was indeed a new addition for FMT20 on Switch, as we began to make improvements to the controller navigation (i.e. if you're using the d-pad to navigate). The idea behind it was that it would indicate to the user what the current "focus" was on, if they weren't using the mouse. Your feedback on this has definitely been noted though, and it's very much appreciated as we begin to look at additional improvements for any further potential releases.
  2. Hi @Tecmo, "Attribute Masking" is off by default on Switch, whilst it is an unlockable on other FMT platforms. Out of curiosity, is this something you feel should be included in the Switch version of the game?
  3. Hi @LiamAK93, as others have said, the way to get around this is holiday to the 2020 season and then retire, and then Add New Manager to place yourself as Inter Miami's manager. This is an issue across the game (for example, this is the case with Macarthur in the Australian A-League too) due to memory constraints. This is something we're constantly looking at for improvements though.
  4. Hi @BanOly, thanks for making us aware of this - you're right that the 12 number shouldn't be greyed out for Bayer Leverkusen. This is now under review within the studio.
  5. Hey @TommyH_, I'm sorry to say that unfortunately that is currently not possible on FMT20 for Switch.
  6. Hi @Ellist90, we've omitted the ability to add more than one manager to the game for memory reasons. This is the same for Tablet versions of the game too. Of course, we're always looking for ways to improve FMT on Switch, and we'll continue to look into whether this is a possibility for future versions of the game.
  7. Hi @Deejayjonesy, sorry to hear this - definitely sounds like a bug. Presumably you're several seasons into you save? Can you let us know the year you're in, and whether or not you know whether this has always been an issue (i.e. have you scouted UK based players before in previous seasons?)
  8. Hi @kaffs, this is an unfortunate string issue, where it should be displaying as: "We have considered your request to increase the club's transfer budget but the club cannot currently afford to do so". We'll look into reproducing this within the studio so that we can attempt to make sure that this does display correctly for any future versions - thanks for raising!
  9. Hi @JR866Gunner, we recommend that you will need approximately 5.5 GB free space.
  10. Hi @Dale Ald, these ME fixes were incorporated within 20.3, and now Switch is on 20.4, so these fixes should be present. If you still feel there's issues within the ME, please direct this to the ME bugs forum and they should be able to help further: https://community.sigames.com/forum/739-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/
  11. Hi all, We're happy to announce the release of update 20.4.0 for FM20 Touch on Switch. This update is to ensure Switch is brought in line with other platforms who updated to 20.4.0 recently. For database and competition updates you'll be required to start a new game, but for all other fixes you're fine to continue any pre-existing saves. 20.4.0 Update Changes including (but not limited to): ---------------------------------- - Further database updates covering February transfer window. - Stability fixes. - UI fixes and improvements. - Competition tweaks and updates across a number of leagues. - Tweaks to lighting for matches and Newgen faces. - Fixed rare instance of tactical change not completing during match.
  12. Hi @CraigHiggins, thanks for the update on this - a bit of a tricky one to investigate what the root cause could be! If you're able to record a video during an instance when this occurs that would be really useful for us looking into whether this is on our end or a hardware issue (it may be the case that it's only noticeable in our game because of our bespoke cursor emulation). To record a video, hold down the capture button used to take screenshots, and this will capture the previous 30 seconds of gameplay footage. If you could then attach the video to a post here, we might be able to see the specifics a bit more. Cheers.
  13. Hi @CraigHiggins, I'm sorry to hear you've had this issue. I'm not able to reproduce this on my own personal device, and we've had no reports of similar. This would suggest that it's an issue with your hardware, but as you said, it's strange that you've not encountered this in any other games. Does this issue still happen on a new save for you? Or just the save from the screenshots sent above?
  14. Hi @Samelders, have the partnership lines disappeared permanently? If you navigate to another screen and then return to the Tactics Overview, do the partnership lines return? Moreover, if you could let us know whether you're playing FMT on PC/Tablet/Switch, we can then move this to the relevant bug forum. Thanks.
  15. Hi @Hazz360, this seems strange - could you please let us know what device you're playing on and I'll move this thread to the relevant bug forum. They should be able to help further there.
  16. Yes, so if you toggle to 'X' it'll perform all the usual functions that "-" would normally (the context button essentially performs as a "right click").
  17. Hi all, We just wanted to set off a thread to highlight one of the key additions we've made for the 20.3 update on Switch after feedback from you all on the forum. Under the Preferences screen, we've included a "Legacy Context Menu" toggle; this allows you to alter the button mapping for the context menu. For FMT20, we changed the context menu to be set on the "-" button. However, we then received some really valuable feedback from yourselves on the forum, and as a result of this, we've now allowed you to change the context menu back to the "X" button if so desired. It became clear that a lot of people were used and accustomed to using the "X" button for the context menu, but we were also reluctant to change it back completely due to the negatives that might then have for new users to the game on Switch. We hope this provides a good compromise. Any feedback on this change would be greatly appreciated and extremely useful moving forward. Thanks, Alistair.
  18. Hi @JJ90, could you provide some actual statistics for us as well as some screenshots? If there's an obvious imbalance it'll be something for the Match team to look into. Obviously there's a variety of factors affecting things like this though, such as your takers penalty taking attribute, composure, finishing, etc.
  19. Hi @FelixLeon, is this perhaps because you set them on loan via the DoF (in which case I believe they subsequently appear within Transfers > Director of Football > Development List)? If not, it would make sense for us to look at this and how adaptable it is so the section covers both transfers and loans.
  20. Hi @FelixLeon, if you press "A" on the above section you should be able to enter the container, at which point the first player shouldn't be selected? Please let me know if this works for you.
  21. Hi @JoeBrier, we'll keep an eye on this within the studio - thanks for raising. Some "Board Requests" only become available to the user at certain points in FMT (e.g. requesting an Affiliate Club). Obviously there's also a variety of factors involved as to when these generate as options, such as finances and the league you're in. It definitely sounds like you're in a league where you'd hope to have better facilities than at the game start, but would you be able to provide some more detail about the finances of your Tonbridge Angels team?
  22. Hi @Liam Williams, thanks for raising this. This likely might be restricted due to memory capacity on Switch, but is something we'll look into nonetheless, and see whether we can represent past meetings in a better way.
  23. Hi @NickThomas, thanks for raising. This is an issue we're aware of which is currently under review, as it's affecting a few more areas of the game. We're in the process of looking into a potential overall solution to this and what the best course of action to proceed is.
  24. Hi all, We're happy to announce the release of update 20.2.1 for FM20 Touch on Switch. This update is to ensure Switch is brought in line with other platforms, and brings the Match Engine up to v2026. Specific changes in FM and FMT that are now in this update for Switch can be viewed here for FM, and here for FMT.
  25. Hi @Hollywood13, thanks for raising. We'll investigate this within the studio and we'll hopefully be able to update you with any progress we make on this as soon as possible.
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