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  1. Hi @spacedpenguin, sorry to hear about this. Thanks for providing detail on your save, but would you be able to tell me what point this happens during the match? Is it consistently the same point in the game? If you're able to post any screenshots of the dates where this is occurring, or when it's occurring during the match, that would be of great help for us when we look into trying to reproduce this within the studio.
  2. Hi @FC1451, thanks for this! I think due to the fact there is no squad registration on FMT, the game hasn't picked up that a user has exceeded the maximum amount of loaned players they can have in their match-day squad. Thanks again for raising and we'll now have a look into how best to proceed.
  3. Hi @Dan_Nicol, I've just checked and Glenn Roader is showing up as an unemployed Director of Football in my Switch game with all English leagues loaded - so he is there! What leagues do you have loaded in your game? It may be a case that he won't be showing up due to limited loaded English leagues in your game.
  4. Hey @Dan_Nicol, no you don't have to scout a player before making a transfer/loan bid. To make a transfer/loan you can go the the player profile of the player you wish to bring in. On his page, press the 'R' button to bring up the action menu and go to Transfer > Make An Offer. From here you can toggle between whether you want to make a transfer or a loan, as well as all the other specifics such as fees and clauses. Please let me know if this helps at all.
  5. Hi @scrowlerfly, you can change the intensity of training on individual players. Keep an eye on their conditioning as the season progresses and consider either lowering their intensity, or giving them some 'rest' if needed. You can do this by pressing 'L' and going to Training > Individual. Highlight a player, and you can from there alter their intensity/rest. Another thing to consider is the intensity of your tactic and to what extent you're rotating players. I'd definitely recommend regular rotation if you're using a high intensity tactic such as Gegenpress, especially if you are playing 3 games a week.
  6. Hi @TheAwesomeYan, @Martynmfc and @William1985 - thanks for all the information you have provided. For further clarification, does your game freeze prior to making the squad selection for your international team? Or, do you confirm your squad selection, continue, and that's where the game freezes?
  7. Hi @Cho7Claquettes, this is an issue that we're currently aware of and is under review. We'll let you know of any further updates on this.
  8. Hi @dnlwrd, I'm sorry to say that unfortunately there's no way to view a specific person's non-player history, and you can only view their player history as you said. An alternative way around this might be to view a team's managerial history by going to the team and viewing History > Managers. Thanks, Ali x
  9. Hi @cj_spfl, I'm sorry to hear of your frustration and disappointment and we're really keen to try and sort this out. I have just a couple of further questions for you. Would you be able to elaborate a bit more on this? What exactly happened in this situation? Again, do you have any further information on this that would help us replicate it? Was there two consecutive news items that detailed the financial cost of the upgrades? Any further bugs and issues you've found please don't hesitate to mention them to us. Any problems found are important to us. Additionally, some more information about the in-game date, the leagues loaded, and whether your game is saved internally or on an SD card would be beneficial for us to look at the wider problem concerning the league split/fixtures generating. Please follow below for guidance: Thanks, Ali
  10. Hi @Dreamville9, sorry for the delay in response and for the problem you've encountered. Would you be able to provide some more information regarding your problem? What leagues you have loaded, the in-game date, and whether your save is saved internally or on an SD card. As we cannot look at your save directly this information is quite essential to see if there's any overlapping consistencies between the issues posted in this thread. Thanks, Ali
  11. Hi @Puroresu_boy, sorry to hear this. What is the in-game date on your save where this is occurring?
  12. Hi @ahmnivbtay, glad to hear the issue has been resolved for you. Please let us know if there's any further issues concerning this. Cheers, Ali
  13. If you could upload your DxDiag we can have a closer at look at this for you. The guide to do this is located here:
  14. Hi @Ayrox, thanks for this. Just to clarify, have you followed the steps listed below here and tried saving at a lower graphics level?
  15. Hi @Abou, this is still under review. Your patience is appreciated and we will let you know as soon as we have any more information. Thanks, Ali
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