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  1. Hi @oleg8979, apologies for the delay on this, and sorry that you've found this is still occurring in FMT19. If this can be easily reproduced, would you mind posting a save so we can take a further look into why this is still happening. Thanks, Ali
  2. Hi @DDDS, sorry to hear this, we have had reports of people using this device and we do support it, so that's quite odd. Could I ask what your model number is?
  3. Hi @Wadeybunch, this is unfortunately an issue on Google Play Store, and you shouldn't have been able to buy FMT on your phone, so sorry about that. Please email help@sega.co.uk if you would like to receive a refund.
  4. Hi @Israel A., this is usually an issue related to your firewall. I'd suggest restarting your box and checking your internet speeds and seeing if that resolves the issue. Please let me know if it does/doesn't.
  5. Hi @stajon8, unfortunately Workshop items are not available to use on Tablet, and are only available on FMT PC.
  6. Hi @Heywood JaBlowme, you're right, this is entirely dependent on not having an Assistant Manager and a Head of Youth Development employed. These are actually tactical analysis squares though, and don't have bear any relation to the actual match engine (like familiarity does). These simply tell you to what extent a player is suitable for the next upcoming fixture, and you can view what they say by hovering your cursor over the square. This is clearly a bug though, as without either of these people employed, you're told that all of your players are completely unsuitable... which isn't true! I've moved this to the FMT PC bug forum, and we'll take a look into this in the studio - thanks for raising!
  7. Hi @MoiraeMassive, FM and FMT share the same match engine, so this wouldn't be a Switch specific issue. Moreover, unfortunately sometimes these results can happen where you dominate a game and end up on the losing side. However, if this has happened consistently and isn't just a one off, please upload some screenshots of the statistics and the tactic you're using and we'll attempt to look into it more for you.
  8. Hey @steam just is, FM will be available on any devices supported by Stadia. FMT20 has already been confirmed and is currently in development within the studio.
  9. Hi @Gabrial, FMT is a more streamlined game in comparison FM, with the overriding aim to provide users with a quicker gaming experience. The core values of the game still remain (so buying youth and developing them is still as essential as ever!), but we've essentially trimmed the fat by removing things like half-time team talks, etc. FMT uses the exact same database as normal FM. The game is a lot more in-keeping with the simplicity of the original CM games, so if you're familiar with them, I'm sure you'll love FMT.
  10. Hey @Bazza11, sorry to hear you've experienced this. Can I ask what Galaxy device you're using exactly?
  11. Hey @SpudSL, this is obviously a really high-end Tablet, but we're unfortunately yet to test this within the studio so cannot confirm as to whether FMT19 and subsequent releases would be compatible on it. Keep an eye on our compatibility list for future updates regarding this: https://www.footballmanager.com/blog/fm19-touch-device-compatibility-list
  12. Hi, I would say that's relatively standard in some ways. If a player achieves their seasonal landmark goal clause, that then disappears from their contract, but remains until it's achieved. This is different to the goal bonus, which is a bonus for every goal the player scores and remains on the contract throughout its length. So, yes, if the players then reached the group stage in a subsequent season they wouldn't receive the same bonus. This ultimately gives the player to then negotiate another bonus further down the line. I do agree that it's perhaps not entirely clear that this is the functionality of this bonus (and it seems more like a clause than a bonus), so we'll perhaps think of a better way to make this clear to the user. Thanks for raising!
  13. Hi @FMTgeek, do you have a save prior to the bonuses being paid out? I've just started a new game as West Ham and the likes of Wilshere, Anderson, etc. all have 200k bonuses if they reach the group stage of the EURO Cup. I assume they've now disappeared as they've since been paid out.
  14. Hi @Mauropenagos, this seems strange to me. If you could upload a save for us (letting us know what you've called it), we'll take a look at this within the studio so we can identify the issue. Details on how to do so are here: Thanks, Ali
  15. Hey @Jellemer, the database for FMT across all platforms is set to 'small' in order to maintain the fast-paced and streamlined nature of the game. The quality of the tablet you're using doesn't bear any relation to the database either, but will obviously potentially have an affect on the performance of the game.
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