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  1. Improvements to FMT is something we're continually looking at, but we're keen for the game to remain unique and different to the full FM in terms of simplicity. That's not to say we won't ever put additional interactions in though, but it would never be as comprehensive as full FM. There's already some interactions that occur. Players will sometimes come to you to ask for an improved contract, or that they want more playing time and you can speak to them, and before big games you can sometimes have team meetings.
  2. Hi @Starlord21, I'm sorry to hear that. This is an issue we're aware of, and it'll hopefully be looked into shortly.
  3. Hi @Arsenal457, unfortunately sometimes your squad will consist of players with a range of different amounts of professionalism. A way to potentially resolve this in the future is by organising mentoring groups with the intention of raising players you perceive to have low professionalism with those within your squad who perhaps have higher professionalism. This would then been reflected in their attitude to games within a good run of form, with them hopefully taking it more seriously.
  4. Hi, FMT uses the same match engine as regular FM. If you have any issues with the match engine, please direct them to the Match Engine forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/650-match-engine/ Thanks!
  5. Cheers @Arsenal457, this is now under review and we're looking into it. Thanks for raising.
  6. Hey @Arsenal457, this seems quite odd to me, to the extent where I think it may be a bug. How have your Arsenal team faired in the league? Are the amount of mistakes shown here indicative of the kind of season you've had?
  7. Hi @NickThomas, this sounds really strange. Unfortunately for Switch we are unable to extract a pkm which would help us specifically locate where the issue is. If you are able to capture a video of where a goal is wrongly ruled out for offside in one of your matches, please upload it here and we can then attempt to further investigate it. We'll also keep a look out for instances of this happening in the studio too. Thanks for raising!
  8. Hey @MoiraeMassive, I just need to clarify a few things with you if that's alright? Apologies if this is stuff you're already aware of. A user can make a bid for a player via the player's profile by pressing 'R' to bring up the action menu. From here, you can go to Transfer > Make An Offer to make a bid yourself without the DoF having any effect. Under Staff Responsibilities, having your 'Transfers' set to 'Manager' should mean that you're able to do this in tandem with setting 'Transfer Targets' for your DoF to make bids for. Setting players as a Transfer Target will mean that you will not have any influence on the subsequent proceedings. However, it's not entirely unrealistic that a lot of bids would generate in fails, as there's a lot of variables at play here. A user can instruct a DoF further by increasing the maximum offer amount, and the maximum wage amount they should give, which should help you sign players given there's more room for the DoF to work with. Please let me know if that helps at all.
  9. Hi @MoiraeMassive, unfortunately you are unable to import tactics that you have downloaded for FMT Switch. The 'Load' option is there for you to load tactics you have previously saved in-game, so they can be used across multiple saved career games.
  10. Hi @sadbearhandbook, you can find a player's club history by pressing 'L' on their profile to bring up the left navigation panel. From here, go to History > Career Stats. You should now be able to view a player's previous clubs, and their appearances, goals, etc. I hope this helps!
  11. Hi @Kevin O Beach, I'm sorry to hear that - sounds very strange! Would it be possible for you to upload a screenshot of your squad list, and also a screenshot of a player's career stats where they don't match? We can then attempt to have a closer look into this issue.
  12. Hi @landskill, that seems odd to me. What percentage is it currently showing as?
  13. Hi @jorgobot, does double tapping on the red 'Inj' on your player provide details on the injury? Also, it might be worth double checking your player's loan contract via the Contract Info screen to make sure he has a recall clause? Let me know if he does/or not as it sounds like this is potentially a bug if you have a recall clause enabled but can't actually recall him. Thanks!
  14. Hi @Cov 4 life, good question. I've found that sometimes giving your DoF additional help beyond simply setting the staff responsibilities to them helps sign players a bit more efficiently. The DoF does automatically look to buy/sell players but this can be quite difficult when managing a team with a limited budget, like Hereford. I'd recommend adding some realistic signings to the DoF's transfer targets, or adding some of your own team's deadwood to the DoF unwanted list and see if that helps? Let me know if it does/doesn't for you. Thanks!
  15. 1. Press 'L' to bring up the left navigation panel and go to Assignments. You can see all the available assignments (for both players and teams). To create an assignment to get next opposition reports, press 'Start New Assignment' > Team, and then tick 'Ongoing reports on next opposition'. Press 'Y' to start that assignment, and you should start receiving next opposition reports in your Inbox. 2, Press 'L' to bring up the left navigation panel and go to Training > Individual. Tick 'control' on the player you wish to retrain in a new position and then under 'Position/Role/Duty' change their position to the one you want them to become more accomplished in. After time, you should see their positional strength and role suitability increase in that position. Hope this helps!
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