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  1. Hi @JJ90, could you provide some actual statistics for us as well as some screenshots? If there's an obvious imbalance it'll be something for the Match team to look into. Obviously there's a variety of factors affecting things like this though, such as your takers penalty taking attribute, composure, finishing, etc.
  2. Hi @FelixLeon, is this perhaps because you set them on loan via the DoF (in which case I believe they subsequently appear within Transfers > Director of Football > Development List)? If not, it would make sense for us to look at this and how adaptable it is so the section covers both transfers and loans.
  3. Hi @FelixLeon, if you press "A" on the above section you should be able to enter the container, at which point the first player shouldn't be selected? Please let me know if this works for you.
  4. Hi @JoeBrier, we'll keep an eye on this within the studio - thanks for raising. Some "Board Requests" only become available to the user at certain points in FMT (e.g. requesting an Affiliate Club). Obviously there's also a variety of factors involved as to when these generate as options, such as finances and the league you're in. It definitely sounds like you're in a league where you'd hope to have better facilities than at the game start, but would you be able to provide some more detail about the finances of your Tonbridge Angels team?
  5. Hi @Liam Williams, thanks for raising this. This likely might be restricted due to memory capacity on Switch, but is something we'll look into nonetheless, and see whether we can represent past meetings in a better way.
  6. Hi @NickThomas, thanks for raising. This is an issue we're aware of which is currently under review, as it's affecting a few more areas of the game. We're in the process of looking into a potential overall solution to this and what the best course of action to proceed is.
  7. Hi all, We're happy to announce the release of update 20.2.1 for FM20 Touch on Switch. This update is to ensure Switch is brought in line with other platforms, and brings the Match Engine up to v2026. Specific changes in FM and FMT that are now in this update for Switch can be viewed here for FM, and here for FMT.
  8. Hi @Hollywood13, thanks for raising. We'll investigate this within the studio and we'll hopefully be able to update you with any progress we make on this as soon as possible.
  9. Hi @FelixLeon, would you be able to provide a screenshot that displays this? We'll hopefully then be able to see what specifically the issue is and investigate it further.
  10. Hi @NickThomas, thanks for this information. I'm going to move it to the General Discussion for Touch as this isn't a bug, but is obviously a great resource for people.
  11. Hi @Hollywood13, thanks for raising. This issue is now under review and will be looked into. We'll keep you updated on any progress we make with this.
  12. Hi all, If you have a bug or an issue, please can you start your own thread. This is so we can respond to you directly and keep track of the issues that need addressing. Regarding a few things posted here: 1. As @Hollywood13 has said, the "-" button has replaced the "X" button to open the context menu/drop-down options. This was an intentional design change so we could assign additional shortcuts in game to the "X" button. 2. The cursor speed is also a design change we've made for this year. We've slowed down the cursor speed slightly when navigating/scrolling over tabs/buttons. This was decided on in order to make selecting the buttons a bit easier when navigating the cursor with the joy-con. Despite the fact these are design changes, we are open to adapt them in accordance with feedback.
  13. Hi @KieronFm20, at what points during your playthroughs is the game performing slowly? What specific shortcut buttons are you referring to? Thanks, Alistair.
  14. Hi all, We're excited to have launched Football Manager 2020 Touch for Switch today, and we're eager to hear all your thoughts on it. Please use this thread to share and discuss how you're finding this year's game, but please also ensure things are kept constructive. Football Manager 2020 Touch is now available on Switch: FM20.store/Switch Any issues/bugs that are found, please post them in the Bugs Found on Switch forum, within the Football Manager 2020 Touch Bugs section.
  15. Before creating a thread in the FM20 Touch Switch bugs forum, please first search the forum to see if someone else has already posted the same issue - any duplicate threads will be locked. Next, check the FAQ to see if it contains the solution to your issue. When reporting a new issue, there is no way to extract save files from a Nintendo Switch, so we need as much information as possible. We will ask you for information required, but please always try to provide the following when reporting a new issue: Team managed Leagues loaded In-game date Steps to reproduce the issue if known Whether the game is installed on internal storage or an SD card If the issue is a crash or freeze it also helps to know where in the game it is happening and whether it is happening when performing a specific action, when continuing, or on a specific in-game date. Lastly, screenshots to illustrate the issue are always helpful. If you need more general advice on playing the game, please consult the online manual first. If you can't find the help you need in the manual, please post in the FM Touch General Discussion forum.
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