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  1. No,it doesnt seem to be set in stone only from that preview. I had huge variance in PA over those 50 tries
  2. I did 50 on the day of the youth intake to see what personality traits a perfectionist would give regens and fairly loyal was the most common followed by fairly professional. Will sign Bernhard Peters for the next to see how a model professional fares
  3. I`ve hired a HoYD with perfectionist personality hoping it would produce some regens with the same personality,but after savescumming a lot it seems to only be producing players with a fairly loyal personality. What personality would you say are the best for a HoYD?
  4. Did anyone have a tycoon takeover with Spurs yet? I am in 2023 and there`s been talk of it pretty much since the start,but nothing has happened yet
  5. I`ve been using this tactic that I found in this thread for over two seasons and the results have been very good with Spurs. FM20 Tweaked FMS!!!!!!!19.3.5BEOWULF442WAF9P103)KnapP106ALLCUPSKINGP109.fmf
  6. When and where was the World Cup played that season? I remember I got a tight schedule like that the year the World Cup was not played in the summer as usual
  7. I`ve had this happen with quite a few of my regens. I get what seems to be very talented youngster through youth recruitment who are getting great reviews from my staff ,who all have excellent stats in judging both ability and potential. Like this 15 year old with high determination,ambition and a perfectionist personality, and who according to everyone in my staff "could improve a lot in the future". But when I check him out on FMScout he`s got CA of 70 and PA of 70. Seems weird that a 15 year old wouldn`t have a chance of improving in even a single attribute with years of traning with t
  8. RL Sissoko have actually played decent the last few games. Too bad we`ve got nothing to show for it though..
  9. My first season transfers. Seems like I am not alone in wanting to get rid of Sissoki as soon as possible..... Lamela played really well for me up until the second transfer window. Wanted to keep him but had no chance when Real Madrid came knocking on Levy`s door (again)
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