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  1. I think the time has come when the state of the field when there is rain affects the dynamics of the ball. Now the ball behaves the same on the wet or dry field, and that should change for the next version of FM.
  2. I have observed that I cannot assign a representative to each one of the managers that I have created, it is possible that if I could assign them a representative, or if they could hire one, after starting the game, maybe I would change their work history. It would be very interesting if the two possibilities were considered, being able to assign a representative when it is created in the editor, or that once they acquire a life of their own within the game they can achieve it or not of their own free will.
  3. I would like that during soccer games there were animations of the field trip, changes, protests, injuries, withdrawal from the field, etc. These animations occur in real games, which would make FM games more real and make players like me more identified with FM soccer games.
  4. As it is a very complex game to play a long game with other players, I decided to create my friends as managers and players. And it turned out that the game became more interesting, and more attractive, by following the trajectory of these managers and players created by me, while I lead my team. But a problem arises and it is that these managers in three or four seasons go to unemployment and the teams lose interest in them, these managers stop being competitive in a great majority, only some manage to be competitive and continue counting and being hired by teams . I'm doing a lot of testing and a lot of changes to try to change this, but I can't. I would like you to take this into account for the next edition of Football Manager and in this way a new possibility opens up to make the game more fun and more interesting. I attach the last file that I have created with this type of managers. 1 Managers Amigos V 14.54.xml 1 Managers Amigos V 15.54.xml
  5. I admit that I have not liked the FM20 too much, but I will see the news that the FM21 brings and if it convinces me, I will buy it as I have done the previous 20 years.
  6. Uploaded the pack with many new faces and many updated ones. Expanded newgen faces. https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/820-facepacks-e-style-modificado/
  7. I think that SI intends that the faces of the newgen will age with the passage of time and that the face reflects the mood of the player.
  8. We are many who are waiting for the problem of the first window to be solved without transfers, to begin the final game.
  9. Cuando finaliza la liga regular de la Segunda División B, la promoción a la liga SmartBank comienza de inmediato. En el juego hay un descanso de casi un mes entre el final de la liga regular y el comienzo de las rondas de clasificación.
  10. Uploaded the pack with many new faces and many updated ones. The faces for Regen have been totally renewed. https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/820-facepacks-e-style-modificado/
  11. I have reported it because the ID has been changed, which means that we have to change the faces we had for the previous ID.
  12. Sorry, I thought it was definitive.
  13. One of the characteristics for which I decided to use the EVO Skin was that on the main screen of the team, the faces looked bigger. Without that feature I don't think I use it.
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