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  1. I have reported it because the ID has been changed, which means that we have to change the faces we had for the previous ID.
  2. Sorry, I thought it was definitive.
  3. One of the characteristics for which I decided to use the EVO Skin was that on the main screen of the team, the faces looked bigger. Without that feature I don't think I use it.
  4. In previous FMs, on the main preferences screen there was a "reload appearance" button, which allowed to put new graphics in the middle of the game. Now or not or not easily accessible. You should be back on the main preferences screen.
  5. Me, in addition to all of the above: kits, faces, balls, flags, logos, trophies and advertising; I usually create my friends as managers with the database editor, and my son and my nephews as players, with their corresponding face. Parallel to my game, I follow their trajectories and that makes the game much more fun for me.
  6. I would like to know if a particular programming language is used to make the skins or is an own language for FM.
  7. I understand, but I don't agree. This is that while I am without a team, try to invest in improving my training as a manager, not buying a house, or buying a car.
  8. I have left a team to take preparation courses and raise my level, but I cannot do it. I would like that to change in FM20.
  9. Yes, I am going to buy it, because I really like the news that they are presenting. In addition it has been said many times that SI has a team dedicated exclusively to the improvement of ME, so I am sure that they are working on it to improve it.
  10. That the state of the grass, dry, flooded or muddy influences the dynamics of the ball. A screen where you can see all the phases of the entire team, on the one hand first team, on another sub 23 and on another sub 18, and also another with all club employees. More animations and more varied protests, changes, injuries, field trip, withdrawal from the field, etc.
  11. What I do is combine several packages, and to make the config files, I use the fmxml program, which makes you the config of all the files you have in the folder. Anyway, this week I will upload the updated pack with the corresponding config. Here you have the fmxml program necessary to configure the folder. fmxml.exe
  12. I use the DF11 pack for faces , but since there are missing faces from league one , league two and vanarama , which is where I like to play. Those that are not or I do not like them I have done with the E-Style template that I have modified, between the two packs 95% of the faces are made . I have also created a pack with the modified E-Style and the FaceGen program , to replace the faces of the regen . https://www.fmsite.net/forums/topic/87000-facepacks-e-style-modificado/
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