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  1. Now I even completely formatted my hard drive and made a fresh install of Windows 10. The Bug is still existent and I am still not getting any answer at all. It's NOT fixed, give me my money back or address my issue.
  2. Can I just get my money back then, if you can't get stuff like that fixed and won't make updates on it? Just saying "it has been fixed", when this bug is obviously still present, is quite rude.
  3. It still isnt fixed for me. I reinstalled the game, cleared cache, deleted all FM files from my computer (AppData and so on), created new savegames, but it still isn't working.
  4. Just downloaded the winter update and saw the issue isn't fixed. Will there be updates regarding this issue posted in this thread? It's really bugging me and I don't really wanna play the game until it's fixed, but it's also too late to get a refund on steam.
  5. Yes, the savegame is before the notification. I think you have to press 'continue' once, then send assistan to press conference and continue once more (all together should take like 30-60 seconds) and then there will be a "Player development advice summary" in the inbox, where he recommends resting Delaney. That looks like this to me then.
  6. Since I get no other reply, I uploaded a savegame. The name of the savegame is: Borussia Dortmund.fm But as I said: It's not savegame related, as it happens with every savegame I make. I only have visual changes installed (player faces, logos) and reinstalled the game multiple times, cleared cache, reloaded skin, deleted 'Sports Interactive'-folder in AppData/Local.
  7. Have you found a solution yet? I have a similar issue with this icon and the icon for Overall Physical Condition (PcOI) when I get backroom staff advice to rest a player. I posted it on the bugs forum, but support kinda seem to ignore it, as it is not savegame related, but all they replied is asking for my savegame. For me it looks like this:
  8. I have realized that, if i get my player development report and a player needs rest, their status, such as Match Sharpness, are displayed as numbers instead of the usual icons. I'm not using any skin and in other views, like tactics, I still have the icons. So far I have only seen this on player development reports. This is not savegame related, as I have tried it on multiple new saves. Also reinstalled the game and deleted all the AppData, so it would be a clean install. In the attachments there is a screenshot of the report, so you can see what exactly I mean.
  9. Is there anything new on this? I have the same issue on analyst reports. In the info for "Goals Scored" my shot map, assists and position tabs are all saying '0' or '-'.
  10. I don't think you read my post properly. I'm talking about the Bundesliga rules that are wrong and not about adding Moukoko to the game.
  11. The rules for Bundesliga in the game say that player under the age of 17 are not allowed to play in Bundesliga. This rule was actually changed last year, so that player can play in the league once they turn 16. This rule is active since this season and Youssoufa Moukoko already played 1 day after his birthday. Here is an official proof of that: https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/new-minimum-age-for-players-of-the-future-youssoufa-moukoko-10723
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