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  1. dalmashimself

    Unrealistic schedule, again

    Sorry, don't want to be rude. But one more game (same as FM17) with this issue. Your answer now was exactly the same when posting last year. Not good. Disappointed.
  2. Hello! Reported this last years version too - the answer then, after a long wait was that nothing could be fixed due to it being issues with the code of the game. New game. Same issue. League schedule with 3,4 and even 5 home/away games in a row. When talking about the big leagues only Italy have a schedule like it should be. Therefore only Italy can be played if you want realism in scheduling.
  3. Hello! For the first time in a long long time I have not preordered FM. Have been disappointed with some details in the last two versions and have not played FM 16 & 17 more than a few hours due to it. Last year it was the schedule were you played 3 at home, 3 away etc etc. In a late beta stage, I understand that the game have bugs but is it free from major bugs in this early stage? If so, I will purchase it. Would appreciate a word or two from serious FM-players with attention for details and some general good judgment haha. Thanks in advance. / FM player since the 90's.
  4. Thanks! Understand 100 % when you explain why this is an issue that can't be fixed. This is the first time I've heard an explanation. Will try a new save and see if my perfectionist approach/mind can handle it. Many thanks Neil!
  5. New games yes. This is a known issue. The answer i got and some others was: We investigate this internally. I am a hard core FM-player with thousands of hours since -96 but this version is played 5 hours. Issues like this can exist but must be fixed. Last time I pre-order the game even if I love the franchise and the work SI does.
  6. All leagues except the Italian leagues. Reported this as a bug way back in November and no fix for the Christmas update. Reported it again after that update with hope (17.3) would fix it.
  7. Hello! Not at a computer right now but can someone confirm if the latest patch (17.3) fix the schedule-issue where you play for example: Home, Home, Home, Away, Away, Away in most leagues? Thanks in advance!
  8. Having the same issue. If my system specs can help... * Inte i7 6700K Skylake * RAM: 32 GB * GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 1060 6gb If more info can help, let me know. Thanks!
  9. dalmashimself

    Fixture List Schedule Errors

    Agree on everything you have said previously in this thread. This should be an easy fix and something SI want to have fixed. Football Manager should be as realistic as possible - fixtures is part of that.
  10. anyone else who have the schedule 'issue' when teams play 3-4 games in a row home/away?
  11. dalmashimself

    Fix for Spanish b-teams?

    Thanks for your reply! I can be blind but have search for "Allow B-teams to be promoted" for an hour - have not find it. The only thing similar is the box "First teams only?". Me and the editor ain't best friends so i can be stupid!? Edit: Found it! Will do some testing and be back. Thanks!
  12. dalmashimself

    Fix for Spanish b-teams?

    Thanks for all the answers! What my complaint was about is B-teams from inactive leagues (Tercera etc). One of many examples are Atletico Madrid whose b-team are in an inactive league and therefore will never be part of the game in a sense. That takes away some realism and as a user you can't build a team like you should be able to do. So promotion from inactive leagues does not work and SI knows it. I'm not the one starting a save before the first major update so want to have one last save before christmas (FM17). Will look for custom league files or do something my self in the editor. From League specific issues (Spain)... Olly Kenney: "Thanks for the information, currently in Spain there is a lack of B Teams being promoted from inactive leagues. This is an issue that we are aware of and is something that we are looking into. - april 5. Olly Kenney: "here are currently no plans to release further Updates for FM16, any potential fix for this issue will unfortunately have to wait for a future version. - may 24.
  13. dalmashimself

    Fix for Spanish b-teams?

    Yeah i can live with it too but what i get frustrated about is the lack of updates. This can't be hard to fix. Why not (with other smal issues in the game) fix it. If a similar issue was a fact in England - this would be fixed in a patch. My opinion. Agree about the 'rules'. I'm not 100 percent but think this is something that not mirrors real life. The cup is like you say ideal for youth to get minutes.