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  1. thanks for the reply! I will give it a go and how it goes. I know i am being picky and shouldn't fix what isn't broke so to speak. I generally play maddison as the mezzala and tielemans as either AP or DLP in that middle two and seeing them not having much impact on the game is frustrating at times!
  2. any advice with my leicester save would be much appreciated! I am currently sat 4th in my first season after 20 games which i am happy with of course. im not particularly concerned with the amount of goals were scoring but feel as though my midfield two (mezzala & AP) don't contribute much. ihave tried a few combinations generally with a mezzala and either DLP/AP/BBM without much of a difference. Most of our attacks are from down the wings which i suppose is expected with the tactic but the centre midfield players are generally my lower performing players. averaging under 7.0 ratings. have
  3. Hi all I have just got to the january transfer stage of my salford city season and currently in third place. My players are getting pretty fatigued so was hoping to bring in a few fresh faces In january. I'm looking for some strong league 2 players that are good enough for league 1 if we get promotion. I'm looking for free agents or loan signings preferably as I've used most of my budget pre season. I have had a quick search for this sort of thread without any luck. If you could point me in the right direction or suggest a few good players it would be much appreciated. Cheers
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