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  1. I don't really see a whole lot wrong with the tactic. The only things I'd probably experiment with is having an IF on the same side as the Mezzala, using shorter passing (you already have Positive mentality so it shouldn't slow you down too much), or maybe swapping the Mez to a CM(A). If I'm being honest I'm not a fan of 433 on FM21, I've found it quite difficult to have any success with it.
  2. Your tactic is pretty defensive. After finishing third teams will be sitting back against you a bit more which nullifies your style of play a bit. You probably need to play on the front foot a bit more and look to break teams down.
  3. Sounds very similar to the tactic I'm working on with Cork City. Any chance of a peek?
  4. Assigning an attack duty or two would be a good place to start imo. One in CM and one out wide. You need players attacking the box and looking to make runs beyond your striker when he drops deep.
  5. RPM is hard-coded to carry the ball more than a BBM as well as being a ball magnet and the other caveats that come with a playmaker role.
  6. Yes, you needn't have more than 2 or maybe 3 attack duties if you want a patient approach.
  7. A small update.. In my first post I mentioned that I felt we were not far off a Top 6 push. Having finished 5th in 22/23 with a considerably weaker squad, I got myself into a mindset where I wouldn't settle for anything less than Top 6. I decided it was time for an upgrade in the Goalkeeper department. Being a potent attacking force is a great aim, but we needed someone a bit more dependable between the sticks, it's the defence that'll help us grind out the tricky 1-0 or 2-1 wins that push you up the table. With that in mind, we picked up Cristian from Benfica for a relatively pal
  8. I'd bet dollars to donuts that someone has recreated it before and there's a thread somewhere, but from my knowledge it'd be 3-5-2 with a DM and your Maradona player in the AM strata behind the striker. If you're going for hardcore replication, Argentina's RWB was not really much of a width provider and often tucked in narrow so maybe you'd be better off with a WM(S) there and giving him some PIs to sit narrow etc.
  9. Great writing so far, you've got a natural affinity for it! Looking forward to seeing how you get on in the Prem assuming you're keeping the save going and using the same tactic. Would love to some screenshots of recruitment you've done and what type of players you think will perform in this system.
  10. Okay fair enough. I generally agree with you tbh and tend to struggle getting much consistency from an AMC whenever I use one. I'm currently using a 4231 myself and my AMC has 4 goals and 2 assists in 7 games, but 3 of those goals came in one game and the other was a penalty
  11. Better to post a screenshot of the type of tactic you've regularly been using
  12. As already mentioned it's probably only a viable strategy in possession-based systems, but 2 playmakers can be very effective and offer variation in your build up rather than the AI only having to worry about 1 ball magnet. Playing a DLP and an AP out wide in a 4231 can be fun, as can using playmakers at the base and tip of a diamond too.
  13. Thanks for the replies and advice everyone. @Mr_DemusYeah it's extremely frustrating outplaying Man City one game then getting done by Brighton in the next. A more conservative full back role does make sense and it's something I'll experiment with, my issue however is that both of my fullbacks are extremely talented going forward, just the RB is slightly on the suspect side defensively (10 marking but other defensive attributes are good). @frukoxMy first implementation of this tactic used a winger, swapping to an IW didn't really make a noticeable difference in fairness so maybe I'll
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