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  1. Have you ever experimented with those traits on a BPD - Stopper? That'd remove the hardcoded "hold position" and allow them to be even more attacking?
  2. Yeah 14 is a good number to work from. In this system, you will want your CMs to be all-rounders, but they absolutely must have good work rate, positioning and bravery. Personally I would want the work rate at least 14, positioning at least 13 and bravery at least 12, ideally 13/14, but it can be compromised on if the player is exceptional in other areas. In the case of Agoume, I'm not sure how I feel about one of your CMs having "gets forward whenever possible". I think you need both of them to be fairly sensible and offer good passing options to the CBs and WBs and then only look to make a move forward once you've created overloads and have the opposition pinned back. Imo, 343 is very hard to get working in FM21. My best successes have come with 2 AMs rather than 2 wide forwards. If you have the players I recommend you try more of a 5-2-2-1.
  3. Obviously something to take into account for FM22. Andrew Omobamidele of Norwich, who I'm assuming is in for a huge PA increase, is listed as 5'11 in FM21. He is listed as being 190cm (6'3) on Norwich's website, quite a large discrepancy. https://www.canaries.co.uk/player/andrew-omobamidele
  4. Loving this so far mate, what a result against Celtic! Might I ask what skin you're using btw?
  5. You're right actually that's the third condition I missed. If a player has poor personality it's also worth moving them up for mentoring.
  6. As an Irishman I refuse to congratulate you on Declan Rice's success
  7. Sure, currently you said you have a set piece routine that has Soucek (MCL) attacking the near post. You should set up another routine that has the MCR attacking the near post, then whenever you move Soucek to MCR you change to this set piece routine instead. Its inconvenient and a few extra clicks but could be worth your time.
  8. I agree and this should be moved to suggestions. The programmer in me says it wouldn't be hard to design a system in which your set piece routine automatically reshuffles itself to match your subs. In the meantime, make some carbon copies of your routine that account for Soucek playing at MCR or wherever else you may deploy him.
  9. This can be very bad for player development though, particularly if you're a club that plays in the CL/EL/etc. Your first team trains far less than your youth team and the youth team training focuses more heavily on physical attributes which young players need to develop. Imo it's only worth promoting a youngster to the first team if: A) He is going to get a reasonable amount of game time. B) You aren't playing in Europe and he won't miss out on too many extra training sessions.
  10. Finally got around to using this and it was brilliant. Guided my Bristol City side who were predicted to finish somewhere around 14th to a 4th place finish and an FA Cup victory. Next season started woefully however, what would you recommend doing once teams start to treat you with a bit more respect?
  11. That's a superb post mate, learned a lot from it and and it all made perfect sense! @nick1408
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread minorly, but could you elaborate on what you mean with point 4 please? @nick1408
  13. Can work either way. Personally I'd play him on the right. I'm currently playing a 442 with a PF(s) and AF and I played my left footed AF on the left. He has 24 goals in 26 league games this season.
  14. East Timor! I like this save, good luck mate. Are any of your players real or all newgens?
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