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  1. My tactics won't show up on the folder. Infact, I cannot find FM/ Sports interactive anywhere. Any advice appreciated
  2. Good morning, I had to reinstall my FM21 as my PC went into turmoil. PC is fine now but I am referred to as a head coach and not a manager as are all there managers? Is this to do with the new update or is there a way I can change it??
  3. Good afternoon, Sorry if this is in the wrong place..... Is it possible to transfer my FM21 save from a Windows 10 PC to a MAC? Or are the files completely different.....therefore incompatible ?
  4. Sorry, have just seen your reply. Junior wasn't listed an affiliate on the club's listings.
  5. Junior are the team that qualified for the copa so that might be it ?!
  6. I have won promotion to the and now won the Colombian first division with Barrabquilla There rules stipulate they cannot sign or field players over the age of 23. Now I’ve won the league, the team I beat in the final have got a place in the Copa Libertadores but I haven’t?!
  7. When on the tactics screen and selecting players, I cannot see their suitability for the role I've selected them in. On last years, this was indicated by a yellow/green/red circle/semi circle under their name. Is this not a feature this year??
  8. Hi smurf I am looking for a laptop to run fm18 budget at most £450-£475 i would only be using it for fm and would want it to perform at at least 3.5 stars with 4 nations loaded mine is currently struggling with fm18 massively but it is 3 years old so the processor is slow, 1 star with just Germany loaded
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