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  1. The best damn race driver is in the house! I still have nightmares looking in my mirror and seeing you behind me on forza! how you doing rought?
  2. I used to enjoy the poker thread. Wonder who is still playing?
  3. Is this the one where he ended up on the mountain with a car? If so that was unreal.
  4. Won div 1 clubs on first attempt tonight. The old dogs still have it in them.
  5. playing Warzone with hovi right now.
  6. Would be easier in MP but think you can do it in Warzone too. Just got to unlock all skins to get them ones dont you?
  7. Yes BS! I remember that dial tone thing
  8. Huskerrs is next level. Last two nights I've been watching his streams and been amazed at his skill. Last night someone set him a challenge of tagging people with the thermite grenade, they asked for 8. He got over 10 iirc and was doing it with absolute ease. I watch this guys, get hyped to go on Warzone and do what they do but I get a rude awakening once im online.
  9. Crips in sandwiches are brilliant, also nice to have them on the side.
  10. Mr Villa! yes bro! Hope you're good fella. Samlew was a ****ing beast at GOW. I'm still baffled he literally lived a minute away from me and I only ever see him once walking past Asda. @BigwigWe used to have some brilliant GOW games back in the day. Hope you, BS, AJ and Kan are all good bro.
  11. Hello mate, yeah it did finally. Hope you are all good. This place along with the online gaming side of it were great few years in my life. Seen a few mention Powlay, I liked that dude. Used to enjoy gaming with him, always up for a laugh even if it meant me dying in a plane on GTA after he jumped out with his parachute.
  12. Alright Mike you ****! 😂 I named our clubs keeper after you!
  13. They raided an flat above a paddy power which is a few doors down from my barber.
  14. Can we still not change the colour of the board?
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