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  1. What PPM's do they have? I wouldn't make the choice on attributes alone. I'd like my Libero to have 'brings ball out of defence' 'tries long passes' etc. I wouldn't want him to have 'arrives late in opposition area' for example, that would be more suited to my BBM.
  2. Did you sign your mystery set piece taker from Milan? I've been scouting about for my own for exactly the same reasons as you but in a totally different system and I have currently come across two which really interest me. I was reading through this thread and a light bulb went off...... I just wondered if we had selected the same guy for our roles?
  3. If you can find something more solid you could swap between the two in game to keep the opposition on their toes. I use a couple of set up like this, I designed them in a way which meant I didn't need to make subs when swapping between the two. Honestly though Rashidi's vids are top notch he made me realise I can change shape or mentality multiple times during matches just by observing the opposition. I also got really frustrated trying to build the perfect tactic, so I gave up and became more flexible in my approach. Some may say thats more reactive than proactive but it works for me and I enjoy it more now.
  4. Rashidi does some nice videos about having a static defence using a 41221 as mentioned above. Considering you've jumped ahead of where you should really be at it may be worth changing up your tactic until you can re-build your squad a little. I often use AMC's in CM with attack duty when I switch between 4231 and 41221. Likewise IF's and Wingers can easily drop back to the RM/LM positions, this could offer better defensive solidity but still allow your tactic to attack in a similar fashion. As others have mentioned I would almost certainly reduce your risk.
  5. Cheers, I think I'll give it a bash tonight, somewhere in Argentina maybe. I've been after something without wingers or AMC's for a while but can never get it going. I think I'll use this as a base and see if I can learn something.
  6. Do you use any PI's? I really like the look of this and would like to try it with a stronger team. I'm trying to find a squad that starts with suitable players so I don't have to make any signings straight off the bat, not found anything yet, I'm leaning more twords Italy at the moment.
  7. I was under the impression Fitness was needed for sports scientists... I'm sure I've read that on here somewhere.
  8. Without any detail I'd assume thats a flat 442. If so BWM/B2B always seems to be a problem for me as the BWM will always look to close aggressively and the B2B will roam when in possession so may often get caught out of position. When I play 442 I more often than not stick with CMd/CMs and make PI tweaks where needed, Rashidi's a fan of generic roles which can then later be manipulated,I got this from his Torino Diaries Videos. You also say that you play attacking so if you lose the ball high up the pitch you'll have a B2B trying to support the attack and two wingers hugging the touchlines, you could be giving away too much space in pursuit of goals. Like herne79 says, we need to see everything though.
  9. I've been retraining full backs for this, they make great wide mids. I also retrain good playmakers to DLF's, I currently use Andre Horta upfront in my Benfica save.
  10. I use a tactic almost identical to this and experience similar issues with "park the bus teams", what helps me is to shift the IF into the AMR position as a SS, even if they are not a great goal scorer I find that it helps create some nice overlaps and notice they run in behind more when the AP is coming inside with the ball. I have also had success moving them up to the right of the striker, when I do this I would normally change them to a F9 and the main striker to CF (A). I find that these small changes can completely change my attacking set up without having to overhaul the whole midfield, which is then effectively just starting over. Either as a F9 or SS I find they still offer good defensive cover, so I don't worry about the "hole" on the right side of the tactic screen. This may or may not be what you're looking for but just thought I'd share it. Nice post by the way 👍
  11. Any news on the release yet? Ive been keeping a slot free for this tactic.
  12. Has the new patch been released then? Ive been waiting all weekend before starting a new save
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