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  1. Good work with the game release!! Congratulations!! This problem seems "solved" partially. At start of the session, seems that all B team players was "inscribed automagically" (all players receive a first team number >25, like Spanish league rules, all ok!!). The problem is that if some player "starts" on 1st team, he can't be relegate to B team and use him with 1st team. For example, in Barcelona, if I want Aleña, Wague or new transfer in B team, and play sometimes with 1st team. You have plans to recovery FM19 B team inscription like system? At this point, I prefer to wait to start a Spanish League season with or without this feature. Thank you and congratulations again!
  2. I can't use B team players in my first team league matches. Example: - Selected leagues: 1st and 2nd spanish division - My club: FC Barcelona - My B team: FC Barcelona B (it plays on spanish 3rd division) - I want to play league matches with players of B team: Riqui Puig, Carles Perez, ... but they appears as NoI (No inscrito) - Curiously, I can use Iñaki Peña (3rd goalkeepr, he has 20 years old). I don't know why, This 3 players was used in my preaseason matches... In FM19 I can register B team players in B team section. Now, B team section is under Development center, and this menu isn't visible (or i can't found it). It seems that if spanish 3rd division (2a B) is selected, it works well. I supose that's a problem with B teams in non selected leagues. Thanks EDIT: 20.1 update DON'T solve this.
  3. Hello! This weekend I can play some time, and the error no't appears again. I trying to set players with Y button, and all no errors found. I don't know if it is because some update was released, or if the original error was in a some particular case that don't appears now... The other thing that I detected now, is that sometimes, in some lists (squad, tactics, searching players,...) when press Y button, the scroll is moved a little, and another player was selected... I will update some capture...
  4. The assignation is with X button, not Y how I said in the first message (I edited it). Yesterday I was trying to reproduce it and no crashes found. I will try it again...
  5. Do not worry! It's not a very big problem The game is installed on SD card. I do not know what kind of information can be helpfull for you ... I do not detect a regular pattern to reproduce the error, It happened two times trying to set the bench fast... and now I don't use this button to assign subs anymore...
  6. Managing: Ajax Leagues: Netherlands, England, Spain (default divisions selected) In PC version, to set up the bench before the match, I do the next: - Clear all substitutes. - Scroll to next desired player to be in the bench. - Right-click on 'empty position box' to set it up on the next bench position (see attached). I think that it's easy than drag the icons/players and faster than using dropboxes. In Switch, I view that I can do it with X button. It works! but, sometimes (in my case 2 times, I can't add extra information about concrete situations...) it crashes de game. Excuse me for my English, I hope that it helps to improve the game!
  7. More tablets/android version compatibility I can't play it because I have a non-compatible tablet (and android version). I think that the code doesn't change where Android version later than JellyBean. FMC for tablets is a very good idea. Congratulations!
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