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  1. It's exactly what you said. I came to Tenerife B squad, and register players before start of the sesion. Thank you very much and excuse me for the inconvenience It could be better with a semi-automatic selection, for dummies like me Thank you again!
  2. Good question... Tenerife B is not playing any playable league, and I didn't know that the players can be registered. I will check it soon (now I'm on post season) and will reply you again. Thank you very much! I love this game
  3. Hello! Some news about play with B-Team players? I reported the bug in beta with FC Barcelona, and it continue happens. Now i'm playing a new game with CD Tenerife on 2nd division (now in the 1st division it continue happening): I can't play LaLiga matches with Tenerife B players. I only can play with U18 players. An example: In real life, for example, Borja Llarena plays with CD Tenerife B, but he played 6 matches with 1st team with the number 27 (it means that it's an afiliate team player). In the first season in 2nd Division in FM i have to inscribe him in 1st squad selection to use him. Links: Player profile : https://www.transfermarkt.es/borja-llarena/profil/spieler/561741 , Stats with 1st team: https://www.bdfutbol.com/t/t2018-1935.html Another example: In the second season, in 1st Division, For example, I get a loan of 19 years old striker to use like a Tenerife B player, and help 1st team as a 3rd striker. But the only official matches that he can play are Spanish Cup matches. In LaLiga, he are Not registered, and it's not possible to register him. It happens with all Tenerife B players. I supose that's the same problem that have Ruan with Valencia CF. It's possible that we are doing something bad? PS. Excuse me for my english!
  4. Related with this, or not, a lot of players of my B team are complaining about not many minutes in the team and they want to go out in a loan. At the start of the game, I only selected 1st and 2nd Spanish Division (not the 3rd, where FC Barcelona B plays). It's possible that all this things was an issue related with this? Thank you!
  5. A very little position mistake with Riqui Puig (FC Barcelona, in the B team). He appears as MP (C)/DL (C). He is more ME (C)/MP (C) than MP (C)/DL (C). He usually plays (you can see 2018-19 pre-season matches in USA against Roma or Milan) in the same position than Rakitic, Arthur, Sergi Roberto, Aleñá,... Transfermarkt sets him as MC / ME (C) (i'm not sure about him as MC...): https://www.transfermarkt.es/riqui-puig/profil/spieler/331511
  6. Here the screenshot. In red you can see the red square (with NoR text, not IND, my mistake) and the popup reason (in spanish, sorry). In green, a notice that I can inscribe 6 members of B/C team. With 1 player marked as inscribed. In this case: Carles Perez who was in the bench for a previous league match. Carles Perez was a "selectable" player, like A.Marqués (in blue) or Abel Ruiz who also are available. I don't understand why the other players has NoR square I tryed to move player to 1st Team (Riqui Puig), but he also appears with NoR. I uploaded the saved game at this point in: http://crowncapssoccer.com/save-game.zip (I don't know if it's possible to get a smaller file, it is 58Mb and I can't upload directly here). I hope it can help you...!
  7. Thank you! The players appears with red squared icon in my squad info. (As far as I remember, with IND text) Later today, when I arrive at home, I will upload savegame/screenshot.
  8. I play with FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona has a affiliated team FC Barcelona B playing Segunda División B. In Spanish league rules, FC Barcelona can use players of FC Barcelona freely if they are U23 (I think that are some other limitations if they are >U18: if player plays more than X matches, he can't come back to FC Barcelona B or similar). In FM19 (and I think that in older versions too) I only can play with players U18. In a real example: This week, the player of FC Barcelona B "Chumi" goes in the FC Barcelona squad for the match against Sevilla, "Chumi" has 19 years old, in FM i can't take it to my squad. The only way is adding him to the inscription of my team (with the corresponding limitations). In this case, players get numbers > 25 in the squad (like U18). Thank you! Very good work!
  9. Hello! This weekend I can play some time, and the error no't appears again. I trying to set players with Y button, and all no errors found. I don't know if it is because some update was released, or if the original error was in a some particular case that don't appears now... The other thing that I detected now, is that sometimes, in some lists (squad, tactics, searching players,...) when press Y button, the scroll is moved a little, and another player was selected... I will update some capture...
  10. The assignation is with X button, not Y how I said in the first message (I edited it). Yesterday I was trying to reproduce it and no crashes found. I will try it again...
  11. Do not worry! It's not a very big problem The game is installed on SD card. I do not know what kind of information can be helpfull for you ... I do not detect a regular pattern to reproduce the error, It happened two times trying to set the bench fast... and now I don't use this button to assign subs anymore...
  12. Managing: Ajax Leagues: Netherlands, England, Spain (default divisions selected) In PC version, to set up the bench before the match, I do the next: - Clear all substitutes. - Scroll to next desired player to be in the bench. - Right-click on 'empty position box' to set it up on the next bench position (see attached). I think that it's easy than drag the icons/players and faster than using dropboxes. In Switch, I view that I can do it with X button. It works! but, sometimes (in my case 2 times, I can't add extra information about concrete situations...) it crashes de game. Excuse me for my English, I hope that it helps to improve the game!
  13. More tablets/android version compatibility I can't play it because I have a non-compatible tablet (and android version). I think that the code doesn't change where Android version later than JellyBean. FMC for tablets is a very good idea. Congratulations!
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