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  1. Can Asensio or Luis Alberto play deeper in centre mid when needed though? I have a strange dislike for Havertz, he just seems too lightweight for me. Will have a look at the other lads, cheers!
  2. Looking for a bit of advice. About to finish the first season and looking to buy a CAM. I've tried Pogba there but it doesn't work. Mata and Lingard have both done okay but I would prefer someone a bit better and also, I occasionally change formation and the CAM becomes a CM, which Mata and Lingard do not excel at. Current budget looks like it will be 65 million, although I may get more from transfers. This is my team currently: De Gea Joel Pereira Hysaj Bailly Skriniar (incoming) Tierney Dalot De Ligt Jones Shaw Pellegrini (incoming) Pogba Fred Matic/Pereira Sanchez Mata Martial Lozano Lingard Chong Lukaku Rashford I was thinking Dele Alli but he might be unobtainable. Eriksen and Isco were on the list as well, but again - pricey!! Anyone of a sufficient level that won't cost more than 80 million?
  3. Ya I definitely know I'm not getting up there, but I'm not actively trying to sell. Won't be offering him around. Hoping if club rep and his rep are high and get a few big hitters in there I can still get some decent money (but might be dreaming!)
  4. Quick question, third season and in the Champions League final with Atletico Madrid. In the summer I'll be selling Yannick Carrasco (he's actually transfer listed by request). He's a great player but I don't play with wingers anymore so he has 11 starts this season, all out of position. Last summer I turned down a 56 million offer from Man City, and obviously would like to get as close back to that as possible. I remember reading years ago that if you have a player in your match squad for a CL Final win then the reputation boost can be a huge help with value. Is this (still) true? Does he have to actually play or is the bench okay? Does it have any effect if I lose? Its been a successful season with a league title win, Spanish cup final (haven't played yet) and the CL final to come so I am hoping reputations are already growing but Atletico transfer budgets are never really impressive so this Carrasco sale would make up the bulk of what I have to spend in summer. Any advice (even other than the CL Final question) is grateful.
  5. In the two formations there are a defensive type midfielder (usually Bazoer or Kranevitter). In one, I use two BBMs (either Kessie, Saul, Tielmans (not his ideal position but it works)) and in the other I use 2 CMs on attack (either Tielmans, Saul, Gaitan). Luckily after a couple of weeks of zero offers, Leverkusen came in offering 700k to loan Dahoud as a key player, with a recall option in the deal. Literally couldn't have asked for a more suitable deal.
  6. Thanks! I don't think there is anyone currently interested in a loan currently but hopefully he'll be happy to sit in the stands until the end of the season. I can't see any scenario where I'm getting less than 15 mil then unless something goes horrifically wrong!
  7. This may have fit better in a "should I buy/sell" thread but I couldn't find one. So here we go; let me start with brief background. Took over Atletico Madrid to try and further break the duopoly of Real/Barca and first two seasons went okay, finishing second in Y1 but no silverware to show. Y2 was a different story, after an excellent first half of the season which had us well in control, a complete collapse led to a fourth place finish and a second round CL knockout. After a £77 million pound bid for Koke was automatically accepted, I decided to reshape the squad. The standard players are still there, Oblak, Godin, Gimenez, Theo Hernandez, Savic, Gabi, Saul, Griezmann, Gaitan, Carrasco, Oliver, Kranevitter, Vrsjalko - but have also added Lukaku, Berardi, Tielmans, Aspas, Jorge Mere, Kessie, Mallo and Raphael Guerreiro. And a couple more (see below). Finally to the issue - in the summer after Y2 (the great collapse), I switched to a 5-3-2, while also maintaining a 4-3-1-2 (for when I need to go hell for leather) - Both formations have a 3 man midfield so central midfielders were key. I brought in Tielmans and Kessie, Gaitan is retrained as a CM, and Saul and Kranevitter make up the major players. Gabi is more ambassadorial now, and gets a game here and there. I also brought in Mahammoud Dahoud on a free transfer. Dahoud has been a backup but has done extremely well. However we are now in the January window of Y3 and Bazoer became available for less than 15 million. He is a definite starter IMO and I couldn't turn it down (was also his preferred move). Now I have way too many midfielders and Dahoud seems to be the odd man out as he is worse than most of what I have, and has the least potential. I also have Cataldi coming in at season end on a free transfer from Lazio (which I will admit is basically a money making endeavour). I have had a 15mil bid for Dahoud from Mainz and I think I might accept but it seems a waste. I know he would always be a strong backup and could potentially develop into something much better. I would like to keep him but I simply don't have the space for him. One other slight wrinkle, Monaco are sniffing around Saul and may sooner or later trigger his 56 mil release clause. Soooo.... Dahoud - sell now for 15mil (after only 6 months)? Keep in the team, with fewer starts and try and loan out later to increase his value? Sell someone else instead? Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. I've been using Gribbin as a backup DLP in centre midfield. Played about 18-25 games last season and averaged about 7.3 I think. Gets some assists, and is a solid option but I don't think he has what it takes to be a 1st eleven player in my save. Wilson hasn't done anything of note. A loan in the championship followed by a loan in league one, eventually off loaded for 2.5m which was well below value but no one wanted him
  9. Not really sure how it happened. I didn't evenunsettle him too much. I tried to get him at the January window before and Juve just wouldn't consider it and eventually went again in April and they accepted pretty quickly! I don't think I could pay 165m for a player!!
  10. Just entered what will likely be my last season of this save. Season 3 was another success. Started in unreal form and was regularly battering teams by four and five goals. Dybala, Rashford, Martial and Berahino (who ended the season with an avg of a goal every 65 mins!!!) just tearing it up. In the league, I lost one game in the whole season - the second last one against Stoke after being 3-1 up. Sickened was not the word. Second CHampions League final, this time against Bayern but this one ended in a one nil loss. Had so many injuries (Rashford, Martial, Radja, Mkhi etc.) and Dybala and Berahino had dropped in form. Just couldn't get a goal and Bayern one a real close contest. Despite walking the league, form really did drop in second half (mainly due to injuries) and we lost the league cup final (1-0) and knocked out of the FA Cup in the 6th round (1-0). Usually I would quit when the league had been that much of a doddle but gonna give one more to try and win the cups again. For summer activity, signed absolutely no-one. Sold Depay to Spurs for £40m. Budget now sits at about 275m but everyone I sell is replaced by a youth player. Was offered 40m by West Ham (after clauses) for Jordan Williams (who I had bought for 2m) but declined - instead he's gone on loan to Stoke. Home Grown players at the club now include: Joel Pereira, CBJ, RSW, Tuanzebe (Loan), Jordan Williams (Loan), TFM, Pogba, Chong, Gomes (Loan), Gribbin, Florentino Luis, Januzaj, Kuki (Loan) and Rashford Rest of the squad is: De Gea, Shaw, Smalling, Bailly, De Vrij, van Dijk, Fabinho, Jonny Otto, Radja, Mata, Herrera, Mkhi, Martial, Berahino, Dybala Really should have the loan players brought up now, but I'm too soft and can't bring myself to sell Smalling, Jonny Otto, Januzaj and probably Berahino to make space!
  11. Bought him before the 3rd season for what I felt was a very reasonable £65 million, to replace the retiring Zlatan. Been a perfect signing and scored a goal a game. Tapered off a little towards the end of the season but has started the next season in top form again. Would recommend him to anyone.
  12. I went with Radja after my first season and he has been okay, but I had to stop using him as a BWM as he was just a constant red card risk. First season he average 2.5 tackles a game, 80% success rate. I would say Fosu-Mensah is just as capable. If I started again I wouldn't sign Radja (especially as I significantly over paid (40m)). As for Rashford, first season he was backup to Ibra, scored 18 goals in 59 apps (29 starts), second season he stepped up 30 goals in 48 apps (35 starts). I occasionally play him left wing as well so that dilutes him slightly, but he has 22 assists in those seasons. Second season he fired me to the Champions League. Determination now 14, don't know what it was at start.
  13. Finished my second season in the last few days (slooow player) and it was interesting... Let's start with the cups, knocked out by Man City in the EFL and Liverpool in the FA Cup. Tried to use the cups to rotate but in about six rounds (3 in each) I got all decent to strong PL teams which made it tough. Watford & Everton took weaker teams to replays before I put in the big boys to get the job done. City and Liverpool handed out beatings. Won the Champions League first time of asking, which again is not something that usually happens me. Team just got stronger as competition went on. Gave Barca a decent seeing to in the Semi Final before conquering PSG in the final. Marcus Rashford ended as top scorer with 12 including both final goals. The league was won by.... West Ham. Yup. We started badly and around beginning of December were in 7th (though no more than 5pts from top) but West Ham got a lead and just kept it. In their last three games they beat Arsenal 4-0, Watford 3-0 and Liverpool 6-1, so they earned it. I ended up second, three points behind. League is priority in third season. As the season ended, Zlatan announced his retirement after I set him for release. An unbelievable first year was followed by a good but inconsistent second. Scored about 15 as backup to Rashford but couldn't get them consistently. He has been replaced by Paulo Dybala. I blame losing the league to West Ham on my teams lack of goals early days and so firepower was needed. Blind left on a free transfer to Barca after I completely f***** up. Tried to force him out summer before, changed my mind but never won him back. Thirty million down the drain. Bought Riedewald in January to replace. Schneiderlin was also sold to Watford for 29m. Just averaged a 6.8 for two seasons. Also brought in Fabinho from Monaco. Twenty four, can play in a few spots and Darmian and Jonny Otto were inconsistent. Darmian was shipped off to Roma for 22.5million. In Jan I had bought Virgil van Dijk off Southampton. They were top of the league in late November and were playing me next. VvD was transfer listed by request with Real sniffing around. I started talking about him hoping to disrupt him further (it didn't work - nil all draw) and eventually made a bid. Hadn't actually decided to sign him but then my current defenders had a nightmare in the next game and I decided, what the hell. Been a superb signing and contributed a lot to my second half revival and CL win. Team looks as follows now: De Gea/Joel Pereira Fabinho/Jonny Otto Shaw/Borthwick-Jackson van Dijk, De Vrij, Smalling, Bailly Riedewald/Fiorentino Luis Pogba/Herrera/Nainngolan/Fosu Mensah (what a player!!) Mata/Henrikh/ Januzaj Martial/Depay/Gribbin Rashford/Dybala/Berahino Bringing up youth has been a bit slower than expected, which in part is due to me signing more than I planned to. Pereira, CBJ and Januzaj are solid backups. Gribbin and Luis have just been promoted to replace Lingard and Schneiderlin and I guess TFM and Rashford should be counted as well. Have Tuanzebe, Ro-Shaun, Kuki, Gomes and Jordan Williams on loan for the season and hope to get three into the first team squad next year and Chong in u23s (Smalling, Berahino and Herrera prime candidates at the moment). As for the start of the 18/19 season. it has been unreal. Beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the super cup, before thrashing Brighton 7-1 in the first game of league (Berahino gets 4) followed by a 4-3 win vs Everton and 4-0 vs. Bournemouth before I had to turn off. Fixed the goal problems anyway! Should I win the CL again, I will only do one more season where I will throw up all the remaining youth and see what happens. Nothing worse than a game where every competition comes easy.
  14. Nainggolan sent off after 11 minutes of his debut, so looks like Schneiderlin and Blind are coming straight back off the transfer list
  15. Finished my first season and it has probably been my most successful first season in a loooong time. Won the league, FA Cup and Europa League. In FM 16 I was sacked by United before Christmas first time out, so nice to be on top of it a bit early. Rewarded my backroom team by sacking half of them and bringing in some better replacements. Also released a large chunk of youth players who don't look like they'll make the grade. Trying to streamline the club as there's just too many average youngsters and coaches. Brought Robben and Berahino in on free transfers. Can't see any real downside to either. Robben will probably only last a season, but will tutor and who knows, maybe has some magic left in him. Berahino will act as an all purpose back up for striker, AMR and even AMC roles if needed. Again, worst possibility is he doesn't get games and I can sell him at a profit. Also brought in Radja Nainggolan, I spent a few months unsettling him and offering about 25 million and it seemed to be working. Roma were asking for 57 which was not happening, but then offered this negotiation were it was semi-negotiable with the lowest being 40mil. I didn't want to pull out because I reckoned that couldn't help, so I offered the 40 expecting them to reject. They accepted and I basically paid about 10 million more than I wanted. Whoops. Rojo, Romero, Johnstone now all officially out of the club. Rooney had to go on another loan. Carrick retired and now I want to shift either Schneiderlin or Blind. Had a 32 mil bid for Schneiderlin but he turned down the wages of PSG. Blind has minor interest from Real Madrid and Barca, so I am trying to get him out and maximise cash in. In terms of youth, debuts were given to Gribbin, Gomes, Tuanzebe, Ro-Shaun, Chong, Luis Florentino, Kuki and Jordan Williams. Tuanzebe is now going out on loan but I had planned on keeping the rest for another season to tutor and train. Joel Pereira and Borthwick-Jackson are now both back from loan and have been brought into the first team as backups. Januzaj is out for 9 months, James Wilson and Andrea Pereira are available for sale or loan. All in all, my aim to bring up mainly youth is well on its way as long as I can stay reasonably successful in the mean time. Bit worried my first team squad is bloated (25 players before selling Blind/Schneiderlin) before I get to any of the above youth. Probably need to be more ruthless with average players like Jones and Lingard but they have are so useful considering number of positions they cover!
  16. Who did you get him to tutor out of interest and how did it get on? I've noticed all my tutoring comes back saying that they only gained a little, but that's it. No really successful tutoring yet out of about 12-15 players.
  17. Made a bit of a rash decision and have signed a contract with Arjen Robben to sign for free at the end of the season. Kinda regretted it immediately, hopefully will be a good for a bit of tutoring at least!
  18. For some reason I don't like Douglas Costa. Maybe I owned him in a previous game and he didn't do well. i hold grudges! Embolo is a great player but he is young, so would just end up taking the spot of a youngster. Mahrez for circa 30 mil would probably be perfect. Can make a profit on that in 2 years time then when it comes time to shunt him out. I agree with you on spending, that's why I'm aiming to bring through so much youth. But with that said, United are short on real world class at the moment. I want to bring the youth through while keeping my job long enough to do it. So in my mind I reckon one or two top players this year will give the squad enough that I can seamlessly shift out the rest of the crap and allow the youth to develop. Gomes still only 16 in my game so loads of time to train him!
  19. Thanks mate, do you mind if I ask how much did you pay for Naingollan? What role does he play and does he pick up many bookings? Thanks Powello and Chris21 for advice as well. TFM will be the answer if I don't get a top player. As for Gomes, he is pegged for the next few seasons but I want someone I could hypothetically play in say a CL final next year with no doubts. I'm thinking of trying a sneaky bid for James Rodriguez or Mahrez though I might just stick with Henrikh and Mata.
  20. In February of the first season, and it's going pretty well! Top of the league for the moment with Arsenal and Spurs chasing. Through to next round of Europa League and FA cups but out of EFL after West Brom beat me during the worst run of my season to date. As usual around this time, I'm starting to future plan. I want to bring through a lot of youth this time as in the past I've probably relied too much on big money signings throughout the team. I've already started to clear the deadwood and Valencia, Young, Fellaini, and Schweinsteiger all gone. Rooney and Rojo are out on loan and will depart at season end along with Carrick and Romero. I've also blooded some new players already Fosu-Mensah (now a 1st team member), Axel, Ro-Shaun, Gribbin and Chong have made debuts this season. With all that said, I see two positions with big asterix. Centre midfield and AMR. In the centre, Pogba has torn it up but I can't settle on a ball winner beside him. Schneiderlin gets sent off too much, Herrera is too dainty and Blind just doesn't excel. Mensah isn't ready yet for the full responsibility. At AMR, Henrikh and Mata have swapped back and forth but neither are really killing it. Within 2-3 seasons, Mensah, Luis Florentino, Gribbin and/or Angel Gomes will hopefully fill these gaps (or at least provide proper backup) but for next year I want to try and fill them with some big names to bring the quality level of the squad up. Can anyone suggest a CM or AMR - I would like them to be more experienced - preferably 27+ and will be willing to spend but not crazy money like 100million. Also for the CM, if he could not be sent off every game he plays as a BWM that would be great. Any suggestions? Also, does Zlatan diminish after the first year? 24 games this year have brought 24 goals (about half of which are goal of the season contenders). I have Rashford as backup and Kuki training to step up in a couple of years but I'm a bit worried if Zlatan drops then Rashford won't be ready yet.
  21. What's the easiest way to stop them shooting long? I am ending up with 30 shots a game, but at least 75% are from distance. Pogba, Ibra and Mata will shoot on sight before even getting near the box. I have checked the instructions but there doesn't seem to be anything driving them to do it?
  22. Just started today, De Vrij and Jonny Otto in. Rojo , Valencia and Young out. Three games done with four nil, two nil and three nil wins so very happy with the start. Want to really try and develop the youth this time. Seemed blessed with a squad worth. Is there any specific trick to it? Mentoring, loans, try and sneak in some first team football? I would love to be fielding a team of Pereira, O'Connor, Axel, Ro-Shaun, CBJ, Mensah, Chong, Januzaj, Gribbin, Gomes, Pereira in 2-3 years time. How do i make this happen? Also brought in Florentino Luis and Kuki so chuck them in as well. Any help is much appreciated .
  23. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Lukaku Your Team: Inter (won the league last year, struggling this year especially for goals) Buyer/Seller: Real Madrid Player's Value: 32.5m Offer: Scouts reckon I could get him for 30m so I would prob go 15m up front and delay the rest Transfer/Wage Budget: £37m Patch: 16.3 Season: January 2019. OR Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Luciano Vietto Buyer/Seller: Atletico Madrid Player's Value: 15.25m Offer: Scouts reckon I could get him for 22m so I would prob go 12m up front and delay the rest I have Icardi as the main striker, Barbosa who plays a lot on the wings and Jovetic. I'm thinking Lukaku as the pure striker but Vietto is more flexible and cheaper. Thoughts?
  24. Trust me, I tried! I offered Handanovic around, got no bids. Same with Perisic and Guarin. I couldn't even sell Ranocchia until the end of the window. I received bids for only four players by the end of July, Murillo (sold for £23m), Brozovic (sold also for £23m), Kondogbia and Icardi. I eventually got Carizzo, Pereira and Biraghi out the door in August for a total of about £7m (of which I got to keep about £5m). I kinda regret Murillo now, but as I said, money was so bad I was signing a player without a club to make up the numbers for the Champions League. Since then Inter have given me a bit more money and I squeezed 25m (15 up front - I keep about 10) out of Barca for Peruzzi so I could probably stretch to 25m up front for a defender who would lead the defence (this is if I don't by Kovacic).
  25. PSG offered 23million after the end of the first season, he was still abackup at the time and Inter's reward for getting to the Champions league was about £3 million transfer budget so I was desperate for cash. I needed the money (which is also why I had bought Boateng, before I had sold anyone, who has been a reasonable backup). I'll definitely re-try Inigo and Vallejo in the summer. I would say, I bought Zaha, Cabaye and Bony for cheap (each about 5million) and all three have been excellent. Cabaye and Zaha are rating about 7.5 for the season and Bony has about 12 goals in February despite being a backup and going to the African Cup for a month. Zivkovic is odd, because I kept him until January again in the second season, gave him about 5 games and he averaged about 6.3 and we didn't win any game he played. Will try again next season.
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