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  1. Managing Man Utd in my save and into 6th season, Liverpool won first year and CL, 2nd year Utd won on goal difference, 3rd year Utd, 4th year Liverpool, 5th year United and Liverpool had dropped off a bit. Half way through 6th season they are currently top by a few points having trashed me 5-2 at Anfield. They've not had much joy in domestic cups and apart from first season, I don't remember them picking up the CL again. They are obviously a top team, but not absolutely dominant. It is always close between United and Liverpool. In terms of transfers, they have done okay but
  2. To give a bit of pre-amble, due to time constraints I am playing FM20 Touch. Started my first game of this year in May. As I usually do, started first game with Man Utd and have had success. Into the fifth season I have two league titles and 3 cup wins (none in Europe). After winning the 2nd league title, I had cash to spare and (inspired by Chelsea paying 200m for Ousmane Dembele) decided to see what happened if I went for Mbappe. In a bit of a surprise, PSG accepted 200m and Mbappe agreed to a contract that was not much more than what Utd were paying Alexis Sanchez who I had just gotten off
  3. Can Asensio or Luis Alberto play deeper in centre mid when needed though? I have a strange dislike for Havertz, he just seems too lightweight for me. Will have a look at the other lads, cheers!
  4. Looking for a bit of advice. About to finish the first season and looking to buy a CAM. I've tried Pogba there but it doesn't work. Mata and Lingard have both done okay but I would prefer someone a bit better and also, I occasionally change formation and the CAM becomes a CM, which Mata and Lingard do not excel at. Current budget looks like it will be 65 million, although I may get more from transfers. This is my team currently: De Gea
  5. Ya I definitely know I'm not getting up there, but I'm not actively trying to sell. Won't be offering him around. Hoping if club rep and his rep are high and get a few big hitters in there I can still get some decent money (but might be dreaming!)
  6. Quick question, third season and in the Champions League final with Atletico Madrid. In the summer I'll be selling Yannick Carrasco (he's actually transfer listed by request). He's a great player but I don't play with wingers anymore so he has 11 starts this season, all out of position. Last summer I turned down a 56 million offer from Man City, and obviously would like to get as close back to that as possible. I remember reading years ago that if you have a player in your match squad for a CL Final win then the reputation boost can be a huge help with value. Is this (still) true? D
  7. In the two formations there are a defensive type midfielder (usually Bazoer or Kranevitter). In one, I use two BBMs (either Kessie, Saul, Tielmans (not his ideal position but it works)) and in the other I use 2 CMs on attack (either Tielmans, Saul, Gaitan). Luckily after a couple of weeks of zero offers, Leverkusen came in offering 700k to loan Dahoud as a key player, with a recall option in the deal. Literally couldn't have asked for a more suitable deal.
  8. Thanks! I don't think there is anyone currently interested in a loan currently but hopefully he'll be happy to sit in the stands until the end of the season. I can't see any scenario where I'm getting less than 15 mil then unless something goes horrifically wrong!
  9. This may have fit better in a "should I buy/sell" thread but I couldn't find one. So here we go; let me start with brief background. Took over Atletico Madrid to try and further break the duopoly of Real/Barca and first two seasons went okay, finishing second in Y1 but no silverware to show. Y2 was a different story, after an excellent first half of the season which had us well in control, a complete collapse led to a fourth place finish and a second round CL knockout. After a £77 million pound bid for Koke was automatically accepted, I decided to reshape the squad. The standard play
  10. I've been using Gribbin as a backup DLP in centre midfield. Played about 18-25 games last season and averaged about 7.3 I think. Gets some assists, and is a solid option but I don't think he has what it takes to be a 1st eleven player in my save. Wilson hasn't done anything of note. A loan in the championship followed by a loan in league one, eventually off loaded for 2.5m which was well below value but no one wanted him
  11. Not really sure how it happened. I didn't evenunsettle him too much. I tried to get him at the January window before and Juve just wouldn't consider it and eventually went again in April and they accepted pretty quickly! I don't think I could pay 165m for a player!!
  12. Just entered what will likely be my last season of this save. Season 3 was another success. Started in unreal form and was regularly battering teams by four and five goals. Dybala, Rashford, Martial and Berahino (who ended the season with an avg of a goal every 65 mins!!!) just tearing it up. In the league, I lost one game in the whole season - the second last one against Stoke after being 3-1 up. Sickened was not the word. Second CHampions League final, this time against Bayern but this one ended in a one nil loss. Had so many injuries (Rashford, Martial, Radja, Mkhi etc.) and Dybala and
  13. Bought him before the 3rd season for what I felt was a very reasonable £65 million, to replace the retiring Zlatan. Been a perfect signing and scored a goal a game. Tapered off a little towards the end of the season but has started the next season in top form again. Would recommend him to anyone.
  14. I went with Radja after my first season and he has been okay, but I had to stop using him as a BWM as he was just a constant red card risk. First season he average 2.5 tackles a game, 80% success rate. I would say Fosu-Mensah is just as capable. If I started again I wouldn't sign Radja (especially as I significantly over paid (40m)). As for Rashford, first season he was backup to Ibra, scored 18 goals in 59 apps (29 starts), second season he stepped up 30 goals in 48 apps (35 starts). I occasionally play him left wing as well so that dilutes him slightly, but he has 22 assists in those se
  15. Finished my second season in the last few days (slooow player) and it was interesting... Let's start with the cups, knocked out by Man City in the EFL and Liverpool in the FA Cup. Tried to use the cups to rotate but in about six rounds (3 in each) I got all decent to strong PL teams which made it tough. Watford & Everton took weaker teams to replays before I put in the big boys to get the job done. City and Liverpool handed out beatings. Won the Champions League first time of asking, which again is not something that usually happens me. Team just got stronger as competition went
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