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  1. On save that I start on BETA Everton have 90 in scout report, on full version just 68!!!
  2. Anyone have experience with Kristoffer Ajer (Celtic)? He is also cheap solution and can play DC, DM even MC.
  3. Yes you're right I bought Tonali in january. Bailly is 6-8months away because of injury and I want to get rid of Jones. Right now going for Tah (60mil£ + Matic). Also there is difference that in my first save I easily sold Fred, Matic, Mata, Rojo, Young,... ooohhhh I'm soooo frustrated that I have to do it all over again from the start.
  4. My Windows crash on wednesday so the programmer didn't manage to save my game. I want to kill him. He try to transfer all the graphics and just quit after 3 hours of backing up logos and faces. But he didn't save my game which is less then 100MB I started new save and Ruben Dias went to Liverpool for 42mil£ so I look for substitute. Any idea? Tah is expensive and Upamecano too. Maybe Nikola Milenkovic, is he good as in FM19? Also can't bring Haaland and Tonali for barging money everything goes up in the sky. Everton from Gremio, I bring him at the end of first season with James Rodriguez and Regulion on free, is not interested in negotiation even though Gremio accept 20mil£!!!! Agony!!!!!
  5. What is the problem with Responsibilities now? I go to the settings where I adjust that I extend / fire all the staff and then after a few days it comes out that some of the staff have been extended the contract
  6. WB (ATT) but not for long f*ck off injury on February 1st
  7. Laird is very good, even have Bisaka on the bench and Dalot playing LB.
  8. Sergio Regulion (LB) can be signed on free after first season, rates similar to Jose Gaya.
  9. In my save Pogba picture is missing. Anyone have problem wiht that?
  10. @trekman Partey to Inter for 22.5mil£ and Telles to Juve for 25mil£. Laird is very good on DR so for emergency I will try him on DR and Dalot on DL. Jose Gaya release clause 90mil£, yeah right.
  11. The biggest mistake I made is not bringing left back. Luke Shaw is often injured and Williams is on loan (my board did that). Also when is on the pitch Shaw is nothing special. So, for everyone who start new save - fist buy some world class LB.
  12. Again I start with same desire to sell Marcos Rojo, either for money or p/ex for some players. Matic out to Guangzhou 13mil£ and Jones on loan to Everton. Young is also on transfer list but his wage is just to high. I bought Ruben Dias (DC) 45mil£ from Benfica mainly because I want to get rid of Rojo and Jones and Bailly have some difficulties with WP (same as in FM19) and now I want DM (maybe Tonali, he is cheap) and MC B2B someone to support Pogba. Fred or McTominay is just not the best option for first 11, backup OK. I can see here that some of you made Bruno Fernades good B2B and he is also cheaper option. I was frustrated to see Brandon Williams and James Garner going out for loan because Luke Shaw is often injured and Garner could be next partner for Pogba in center of the pitch. Dean Henderson, TFMensah, also on loan. Did anyone try to get Gareth Bale?! Is he playing for Real or is he on the bench.
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