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  1. Just start season 5 with bringing Donnarumma for "only" 53mil£ and thinking of selling DDG if someone (PSG obviously ) give me 100mil£. My philosophy is that nobody worth that kind of money especially after few season when you got so many good regens. Predrag Rajkovic is my "second choice" and I give him a lot of chances in season 4 - 22 games in all comp. grabbing 10 CS. Honestly, can't remember last time when I bring only 2 new players in transfer window?! Main target is to get rid of older players (only DDG 31) and to build squad around academy and youngster player. Also Lukaku is targeting by Real (Lincoln, Piatek, Joveljic, Greenwood are backup for Rashy) and Fred and Paredes are the players that I want to find their way out (Fred is nowhere near reagular and Paredes was failed experiment - have Tonali, Puigmal, Houar to cover MC position).
  2. @Jamesbfc1887 How about Laird? He is very decent back up. After season 3 you can buy hot prospect or even good regen for under 10-15mil £ for second choice.
  3. On half way season four and just can't forgive myself for not selling Lingard or A.Pereira. They were one season miracle, for me. Should I go with 29mil£ for this regen?
  4. Since 1996. I play first season with UTD and then start save with different clubs, but when I read all of post on this topic I regret for not having patience with some players (like Lindelof, Herrera, Felaini, Jones, Tuanzebe, Mensah) and maybe I'll try another save again (just can't find enough time )
  5. Remember that words "buy when you are storng" from Alan Hansen who also said that "you can't win anything with kids" and that was in 1995. We all know what happen in next 20 years at Man UTD. I was also eager to sing 10+ players every year instead of giving chance to young players from academy but that was almost 20 years ago We just need to find some reasonable number of world class player to buy every year (just one or two). And this is something that was very important to Glazers family when they give me contract extension because I fail to win PL in season 3.
  6. @Jamesbfc1887 Your transfers activity in first season is like you playing fantasy football and you take a Wild Card. Why changing 20 players?
  7. Any experience with this player? Media said Next Nemanja Vidic.
  8. Start of season four and I want to play gegenpress 4-2-3-1 but in bigger match that I play away I want something more caution. Maybe control possession or fluid counter attack? I ask now because first 3 season I try to play on my own tactics not some default tactics .
  9. So I need 100 shoots to score against one of the poorest side in PL.
  10. For a 3 months I tried to gain WP for Bailly, in the news they tell me that tomorrow will be decision date and nothing happen. I try with some regen and he gain WP after one day. So they didn't turn Bailly down they didn't give him WP - I just don't have any answer. edit: Yes, I try to gain WP only after the news that has passed 120 days after last time I try.
  11. At the end of season two I manage to win FA Cup and Champions League, but Liverpool is far more better with 93p and 113:31 goal difference. The biggest problem is that I can't sell almost anyone. Matic left to Napoli for 35mil £ and I bought Leandro Paredes for 20. Bailly have problems wih WP because of lower coefficient of Ivory Coast?!?! He's been playing for 4 season in UK and have only 300 days to gain nationality but NO his WP can't be renewed. Btw nobody mention Julian Brandt from Leverkuzen or Aouar from Lyon. I bought them, Brandt works just fine in FM 18 and I like Aouar in RL and just wanted to give him a chance. Someone can post ss from your save to see how they progress.
  12. Moreno was free player and have very reasonable wage and bonus demands. Also Luke Shaw is often injured and I thing that he is not my future No1 in LB position. At the moment trying to give away Shae and money for Guerreiro from BVB. So, Moreno is just backup. It is deeply against my rules to give some part of wage to player who is sold. Obviously, I will wait some time before Alexis departed.
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