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  1. milan_manutd

    [FM19] Manchester United

    For a 3 months I tried to gain WP for Bailly, in the news they tell me that tomorrow will be decision date and nothing happen. I try with some regen and he gain WP after one day. So they didn't turn Bailly down they didn't give him WP - I just don't have any answer. edit: Yes, I try to gain WP only after the news that has passed 120 days after last time I try.
  2. milan_manutd

    [FM19] Manchester United

    At the end of season two I manage to win FA Cup and Champions League, but Liverpool is far more better with 93p and 113:31 goal difference. The biggest problem is that I can't sell almost anyone. Matic left to Napoli for 35mil £ and I bought Leandro Paredes for 20. Bailly have problems wih WP because of lower coefficient of Ivory Coast?!?! He's been playing for 4 season in UK and have only 300 days to gain nationality but NO his WP can't be renewed. Btw nobody mention Julian Brandt from Leverkuzen or Aouar from Lyon. I bought them, Brandt works just fine in FM 18 and I like Aouar in RL and just wanted to give him a chance. Someone can post ss from your save to see how they progress.
  3. milan_manutd

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Moreno was free player and have very reasonable wage and bonus demands. Also Luke Shaw is often injured and I thing that he is not my future No1 in LB position. At the moment trying to give away Shae and money for Guerreiro from BVB. So, Moreno is just backup. It is deeply against my rules to give some part of wage to player who is sold. Obviously, I will wait some time before Alexis departed.
  4. milan_manutd

    [FM19] Manchester United

    3-5 months out, but injury after just 4min at the pitch The biggest concern about him is big salary, I tried and tried to sell him but nothing. Just to say thanks to user who told here that the Andreas Pereira is good at Regista - in bigger matches I switch him from AM(AT) to Regista and he can also make assist and play well.
  5. milan_manutd

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Can anyone tell me your experience with Pavard on RB? I have Milenkovic and De Light on DC with Jose Gimenez probably coming for only 30mil£ and I want to sell Jones or Smoling with Lindelof already sold at winter 2019. His release clause is still on and that's the main reason I want him in my squad (Valencia to many injuries and Dalot still young for first eleven).
  6. Ricky Sbragia decide to retire so I need U23 Manager. Naturally, I always try to find solution in my coaches and Paul McGuinness is the best but he is not interested. So if anyone of you have any experience with this two guys let me know. Later will post recap of season 3. Won PL, FA cup and defeat against Bayern in 1/2 CL in very interesting matches.
  7. Yes, I have Alex Pinto on RB and even Jones or Zeca. Lindelof start against Real in first game as BPD and after poor display of Pinto I bring Rugani on BPD and put Lindelof on RB - he finished with 6.1 ratting. As I said I will try to gain 70-80mil£ for him and I think that is quite money.
  8. They leave space because their role is less rigid then CD or DCB. You expect from BPD to play more freely, don't you? To play more with ball not just to strike ball 40meters away from own goal. Even sometimes you expect from BPD to start attacks. Must leave Lindelof situation for awhile because I almost have heart attack after game like this
  9. Now thinking that Rugani, Lindelof, De Ligt are BPD and if I put 2 BPD then they left to much space in last line of defence. Probably the best combination is Rugani-Bailly (CD) and they are playing most of the time. Also some prospect Tuanzebe and RSWilliams are also CD so they can play along side BPD. Bottom line-must sell Lindelof in the summer
  10. Thanks for screens. Then Jones or Bailly must be sold.
  11. I decided to reject this offer, which is more than generous on first look, but some of yours post where very affirmative about Lindelof. On my save he is average and most of the time Rugani and Bailly is in start 11 (also have De Light and Jones). Probably will try with 80mil £ so if Chelsea want, then OK, I will let him for that money.
  12. I'm at the end of november 2019. and Bailly contract is expiring in 2020. and he want 9.75mil£ for loyalty bonus?!?! His manager want 6.75mil£?! This is totally stupid and I'm on the verge of let him free in june (or put on transfer list in january and sell below price). Neymar have 11mil, Hazard less then 10, Griezman 8.75mil... Btw he is first team regular with 7.15 average and just don't know were this thing come from.
  13. Beckham was in Preston on loan and Ser Alex son Darren was manager few years ago. Start of season 3 is brilliant 4 games 4 wins 0 goals conceded but only 5 scored. Try Pogba od sec.volante and him and Matic is more deeper so I will return Pogba to MC/AP. Alexis out for 5 monts
  14. First of all they need almost 3 weeks to decide and second they make decision between 4 domestic clubs, although I insist on foreign clubs because we need WP.
  15. Yes, in Spain you need 730 days continuously, but also I think if they make national caps you can apply for WP earlier and they make decision. I'm in start of season 3 and will give a try Pogba on SecVolante. Many of you mention that he is better and more offensive in that role. Quick recap of previous 2 season: In first I bought Rajkovic (7.5mil£), Rugani (25mil potential 30mil£), De Light (17mil potential 19.5mil£), Wendel 13mil (18), Arthur 19mil£ (24), and sold Smalling 17.5mil£ (pot. 23.5), Herrera 18mil£. Maybe I was wrong about Ander Herrera but he wasn't play as much as he like and he's contract was running out, also he was concern about not getting enough first team football (only 6 games in all competition). Start with 2:0 victory over Real in Super Cup. We finished first in PL in thriller finish with Chelsea (since we lost 3:2 at Stamford UTD played last 9 games without losing and Chelsea lost 2 games at the end vs Spurs and C.Palace) , in League Cup we lost in 3rd round vs Chelsea and FA cup also vs Chelsea in 4th round, Champions League lost vs City in 1/4final. I played DDG: Valencia, Baily, Jones, Shaw: Matic:Pogba: Mata (IF) Mikhi (AMC) Marsial (IF): Lukaku (TM). Mata and Mikhi was beyond every expectation-Mata 41games 13goals and 17asist, Mikhi 42games 17goals and 13asist. Star of the season was Marsial with 21goals and 22asist in 42 games. Lukaku played very well 22goals and 10asist, but Willson have better goal ratio 14 goals in 7 starts and 26times coming of the bench. In second season I didn't sold anyone and I didn't spend to much money; Alexis and Ozil on free, Barco 4.5mil £, Paulinho 4mil£ and Zeca was 20mil£. It was very boring season because I was on good run and easily first in PL, but I again play youngster in League Cup and drooped out vs Leicester in 3rd round. FA Cup lost in 6th round vs Live. But I did my job in Champions League and win it against Arsena in final, Gribin was the MOM scoring one goal and asist Lukaku for 2:0 (2:1 FT). Mikhi was injured and I want to put Gribbin in fire and he respond very well. In best 11 Rugani and Zeca jump in, everything was the same like in first season. Lukaku show no mercy 41 games 40 goals, 30 in PL, he was European Golden Boot. Mata was PFA player of the year and let me just say that Marisal in first season won Ballon d'Or. Mata 19goals and 17asist, Mikhi was over 3months injured, Alexis have 16goals and 10asist, but Ozil was pretty weak. Lingard and Rashford play greater part in second season mainly because of injuries. Plans for season 3 was to sold Ozil and Darmian and there is still few days in transfer window (is very annoying that in PL transfer window end on 15.8.) and to bring one RB and one B2B or Mezzala. Only Alex Pinto come from Benfica for 15mil£ and I sold James Willson to S'ton for 18mil£ which is OK amount of money for my 3rd striker. I also want to let him play bigger part in some other club. It's time for Rashford, Gribbin, Angel Gomez, Tuanzebe, Wendel, Arthur... Expanding Old Trafford and developing young talents is goal for season 3.