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  1. I was hoping for some suggestions on this for a little added motivation! Maybe do one soon but for now I've gone with Valencia
  2. i've got a soft spot for Udinese from CM03/04 when I took Maxim Tsigalko there (Goold Ole Days)! Again, suggestions are welcome
  3. Afternoon Guys, I've been apprehensive about purchasing FM18 due to the really enjoyable career I have with Dortmund on FM17. However, I'm 90% certain I'll be getting it this weekend and with a bit more time on my hands than I'd like... I'm thinking of putting together a guide of some sort! Ideally a top division across ESP, DE, ENG or ITA. I have time but this will be a 1st attempt. Suggestions are welcome.... 3,2,1 GO! Cuzn
  4. I stopped reading after the “Notts Forest” line! Just no, not ever or will it ever be Notts Forest! Forest or Nott’m Forest! Other than that, welcome to the wonderful world of the work wrecking, marriage ending game that is football manager 👍
  5. or say thanks and use some manners? No internet on pic at mo. iPad only
  6. This guy is unreal! Signed him for Utd and had Zlatan tutor him.
  7. I use him as wb(s) has over 80% pass completion, 3.6 drb and 1.76 tackles per game. Only conceded 13 league goals in last season.
  8. Nelson Semedo is a good bet for that money. I've had him for 6 seasons. What formation are you using?
  9. Currently sat on 104 unbeaten league game run. Last 3 seasons 4,5 &6. Played 114, won 95, drew 18 and lost 1. 21/22 I conceded 13 and scored 116 giving me 35 wins and 3 draws. 108 points
  10. Flitted between saves with some custom Db before settling on Utd. 1) Axel Tuanzebe -he's a beast. 2) Alexander Isak - CFa One man wrecking ball. Goals and assists for fun. 3) Luke Shaw - 6 season average of 7.59 not many assists or goals but high on tackling, dribbling and passing. 4) Frank Kessie. Squad option but love the commentary of "he loves to power them in" 5) Bought for £55m in 4th season to play SS. Bagged 39 in 52 in 1st and been awesome since. Dybala
  11. Yeah I've had the same with Pogba wanting to join a better league and a stronger squad. Needless to say it was Real and as much as I love ❤️ Zizou I told him shove his pipe! Bayern are also sniffing around Isak.
  12. I had him on shortlist and bid end of 1st but got the usual £120m etc....got a news feed that Arsenal had bid for him at £50 with add ons! Chanced it and hey presto he will be a Utd player end of the season. He can replace Mata at SS
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