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  1. 10 bookings with the P105 433. Think that is a new record without anyone getting sent off.
  2. Pretty solid! 80 mins with 10 men at Stamford Bridge, not bad. Using the 19.1.5 WOF 343 Press, one with 103 points. Took off the STCL.
  3. I've got to be honest, and I think the way the private chats are handled in this game are completely terrible. So far I'm in my 3rd season with Leeds, promoted in the first season and finished 2nd in the Premier League the next season (http://i.gyazo.com/9838ef5c594e920f94035463e0218171.png) I'll be honest, no idea how I managed that, Lewis Grabban netted a Godly amount of goals - but now I'm in my third season my players are expecting good teams despite easily over-achieving. Just look at this, http://gyazo.com/0b35c0da6f79ae9dcfe8697ce7041a03, after 7 games my team are in my office spouting a load of nonsense about underachieving, resulting in morale being extremely low and I got three players asking for transfer requests after talking to the team. Shocking. Here's a list of the results so far (Ignore the 0-8 hammering by Barcelona please) http://gyazo.com/b66b7205aecf3606a7aa761bb89f9530 Edit: Few more complaints, players set as 'Backup' wanting to leave due to lack of first team football. Yet they get regular games. Lack of 'smart' options in pre-match conferences. There's been loads of games I've narrowly lost with half my team injured, where's the "With a full strength side we would've won that game easily" response - without it I'm having to eat humble pie.
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