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  1. Err yeah, pretty much. I play a ton of FM. It's a 442 so easy to find players for and is ridiculously consistent. The defence is maybe a little leaky but scores goals for fun. If you want I can tell you exactly what the key positions are in this tactic. The LM assists the most and the STCR scores the most, though the split is somewhat even. The DCR scores a ton of goals from headers on the corners. The RM is pretty consistent too at chipping in with a goal every other game.
  2. Only 3 worth using are 'Show some passion' when losing. 'Demand more' when drawing or winning by 1 goal. 'Praise' when winning by 2 or more.
  3. From 124 goals scored and 16 conceded in 20.3 to 93 and 23 in 20.4. If that doesn't tell you the patch has changed something, idk what will.
  4. Definitely feels like something has changed, defence seems a lot weaker overall - same with chance conversion. 5 of my 20 goals have come from corners and a few have come straight from throw-ins, don't remember that being the case before. Using 4231 P105.
  5. Using the 41131. Guess using Mbappe is cheating but honestly he's not too much better than the easily available newgens that come in a few seasons later. Feels much more solid than the 4411 which I used first season, away games were a breeze. Funnily enough, the two draws were 0-0 draws at home - just two of those games where you can't score. Didn't lose a game the entire year. 1363170651_!!FM20.3.0TeaforOne41131p101CC.fmf
  6. Using the Tea For One 4411 with the LWB and RWB moved to LB and RB. Managed the entire season myself. Ridiculously good at home - usually win 5-0 or so. Massive struggle against any strong team away. Lost to Liverpool and Chelsea in the UCL both away.
  7. Pretty solid! 80 mins with 10 men at Stamford Bridge, not bad. Using the 19.1.5 WOF 343 Press, one with 103 points. Took off the STCL.
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