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  1. I haven't played FM since '16 which was the Touch version. I didn't have time in my life to play 17, too addictive, but actually way too easy. Newgens and young's being the best of the best, TopGun. Too easy to clean sweep and win everything with a non-league team rising through the ranks. After that, you've effectively 'clocked' the game. Hope FM18 is more of a challenge. If you get the full version, it can only be played on the PC/MAC desktop, but if you want the mobile version then you have to play Touch version on both desktop and iPad for instance? Interested to see what features the full version has that the Touch doesn't in FM18. If its just useless clicks, then Touch probably will have more longevity...
  2. The FM2018 as someone mentioned earlier will be more Football Drama Simulator. FIFA18 have got this down to a 'T' with The Journey of Alex Hunter, and now expanded it into Career Mode. Obviously less tactics related, but FIFA is now a genuine contender for where FM18 is heading. I'm definitely buying FIFA18. I came on here to buy FM18, after FM16 was my last version. I will wait for further announcements...
  3. Season #7 2022 Championship 1st place winners! 4 promotions back to back. Season #8 2023 About to start EPL, made France national manager too at same stage!
  4. Any moderator support, or other, would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. Plachy, nice detailed write up. I'm Basingstoke from the beginning. Always host "The Dragon Cup" in the off season... Basingstoke one of the lowest poorest teams in England, in the VNS. Currently in 2022, played 360 games, won 179, drawn 106, lost 75. Goal Diff +176 Season #1 - 2016 VNS promoted via playoffs from VNS to VNL (manager of season 3rd place) Season #2 - 2017 VNL 6th place finish Season #3 - 2018 VNL 9th place finish Season #4 - 2019 VNL promoted via playoffs from VNL to SkyBet 2 & FA Trophy Win (manager of year 1st place) Season #5 - 2020 SB2 1st place winners (manager of year 1st place) Season #6 - 2021 SB1 2nd place, back to back promotions 3 seasons in a row! (manager of year 1st place) Season #7 - so far in 3rd place in the Championship after a very rocky start with players publicly losing confidence in me for underachieving, now all going well in February.... can the minnows from Basingstoke secure a 4th successive promotion, into the elite of the Premier League? Time will tell.... new stadium being built by the board as the 2,151 seater capacity is not enough (was 6k standing capacity in non-league), as well as new youth facilities. My players are only now starting to get some transfer values so lots of wheeling and dealing, and only this season allowed to scout Europe. I'm sure my 100% domestic player bias will decrease ... Currently have 11 U21's from various countries, 3 from Wales. Always looking for 5 star teens, as soon as their potentials start dropping I sell them off. p.s. I LOVE FMT16!! :thup:
  6. Hi all, Rather than start a new thread, this one is apt. I am on FMT16, have achieved some unlockables, and most I ignore. However I want to apply the "no work permits". * I click on the black icon in game in messages > * "ALL" the unlockables are listed with their prices, inc the ones I've supposedly unlocked > * "PURCHASES" circle tab, is all blank > * clicking on the unlockable for work permit it asks if I want to spend the 79p? Why is it not working?
  7. In game, try to change set piece taker, game crashes as soon as I click on the tab. Has to reload and resume. Can't press the tab.
  8. Hi all, I have a question about scouts.... I believe the two most important criteria are: 1) JA Judging Ability & 2) JP Judging Potential. Do ANY of the other stats matter??? I found this other site, but still unclear: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/staff/scouts
  9. I've decided to buy FMT £14.99 and will take a non league team to European Glory... As always is the norm! At least I'm aware of some of the remaining issues, so can't be disappointed! People said the same about FMH14 and I enjoyed that immensely until it got too easy year after year with no differing factors, and having won everything with two separate non leagu sides. I'll post up any feedback as I go with bugs...
  10. Thanks for the clarification Barside. I suppose I'll have to read every single post in FMM section to determine which version to buy. Out of curiosity, how many have switched between the two versions, after the latest update? If I buy the game now, it will automatically have the latest updates built in? (iPad Air II)
  11. Good balanced post. So why don't you revert to FMM instead then? are the ME game issues the same for FMM Asian FM / FMT? I avoided buying this years version, and reading this thread to determine which version to buy (if any)
  12. I came across it by accident and since searched all the tabs and can't find the Scouting Assignments page!? Help me locate it please? Thanks! Edit!!! Found it finally!! Search > Scout Results > Assignments! I can stop manually looking at every reserve player that comes up now!
  13. I came across it by accident and since searched all the tabs and can't find the Scouting Assignments page!? Help me locate it please? Thanks!
  14. It's probably your iCloud drive on iOS 8. Not compatible. Shouldn't have 'upgraded' iCloud to iCloud Drive.
  15. Is it best to buy this game from the Apple Store? What about FMH Vibe updates etc? Sorry... a newbie! The sticky link to iOS FAQ is not working Page not available? http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=39
  16. With this update, is it worth getting FMH14 now, and playing from scratch, rather than waiting for a buggy FMH15? From my point of view, I haven't played FM or FMH for years!!!!
  17. If people can play FMH on iPhone, then a Nexus 7 is a huge step up! Larger screen for one.
  18. Awesome read mate, very well written! You're doing well... I can't wait to get this game, reading that has built the excitement!
  19. Hi all, I have tried searching for this answer, but can't see it... and apologies to all the old timers here as this will probably grate your teeth! What are the differences? I know FMH is a stripped down version with less leagues and subsequently data loaded, to enable gaming on the move at a decent speed. What I really want to know is, do you think FMH is better than FM? If you have both versions, which one do you enjoy more? FMH I guess is more practical, handy for the commute to work, and sneakily getting a few games in when you could be/are socialising... Thanks!
  20. I always prefer someone like Accrington Stanley ("who are they? Exactly!") and lead onto domestic and European glory!
  21. That's harsh! Those clubs in such situations should show gratitude!! Hope it's fixed in FM15 / FMH15
  22. I bought my wife the Nexus 7 (2013) it's superb!!! I'm a gadget geek and do LOTS of OTT research. But yep, no SD card slot... Surely just save to the Cloud or equivalent ?
  23. I read somewhere (an early review linked from the main forum) release is 3 weeks after the FM15... So perhaps 28th November?
  24. To my all Amiga lovers out there!! I still have four of them, all in working order!! Amiga 500 Amiga 500 with the 1mb memory Amiga 1200 x 2, one with kickstart/workbench preloaded Why? Used to host and participate in Kick Off 2 Tournaments!! There is a website and on FaceBook page. http://ko-gathering.com/forum/ Still a very strong live retro community across the WORLD who meet up to play. On topic... I'm 38, and it all started with another Anco favourite, Player Manager! How awesome was this game!? Premier Manager, and all the sequels and the addition editors, followed by LMA, then onto Playstations etc... Never really played Championship Manager as I was late onto PC's, they were for work lol But played FM a long time ago... Hoping to get FMH15. I always wanted a portable version of Player Manager (had KO2 on the GameBoy!) My wife also knows not to disturb me when playing Fifa on PS4, but I fear FMH15 will take over, take over everything !! p.s. Hi guys!!
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