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  1. i'm not sure, it looks like the text and news item about the restrictions is from the full version, but it's not implemented. i know ive bought many players from outside eu and never had any problems.
  2. i rotate heavily, usually have "team a" and "team b". i never use "team b" away, because it's almost certain loss. "team b" will beat all teams at home (except top 4) easily, though. team b will even lose away cup games to lower tier teams, while it will beat them by several goals at home. i think there definitely is a big home advantage (or a big away disadvantage) and i also feel it's unrealistic.
  3. perhaps it's a new problem but i think defenders always had lower pa. and i think it's accurate. also, i think, in real life inside forwards are often retrained forwards, and offensive wing-backs, retrained wingers. perhaps in-game some of those players will also learn different positions.
  4. if you have a relatively weak team other teams will play more open and attacking formations against you. if you do well for half a season teams will start using more defensive formations against you, meaning it will be harder to score. so, paradoxically, sometimes the best way is to use a more cautious approach, so you start using counter attacks and do not become vulnerable to counters yourself. until you get better strikers... also, if you're on a winning streak players may get overconfident (check assistant's feedback during the game). you can counteract it with appropriate answers to press questions. if you sign a lot of new players, then the team needs time to gel. even though touch doesn't have tactics familiarity players still take time to adapt to the new team (this is also reflected in the assistant's feedback). this usually means that a top striker won't score or a top defender will make stupid mistakes. and if you buy 5+ new players and they're all first team - you're in trouble and it may take several months for the team to "click".
  5. same two days again. i was not in any continental competition.
  6. it was quite stressing though, it took several days to finally "click" and i wasn't sure what would happen.
  7. well, one continue later, on the 5th of may i was granted the title...
  8. is this working as intended? i'm top of the league (equal points as 2nd place), yet i haven't won the league and i qualified for playoffs?
  9. maybe it works the way it does on fmt - you have to stay at a club for 10+ seasons?
  10. as far as i remember, i was in the group stage of champions league (directly from a league spot), got knocked out, and then got knocked out of the europa league in the second round, if that helps. i think i was already out of the tim cup by then. too. perhaps the free spot midweek was "reserved" for one of those fixtures?
  11. i guess there's no such thing on touch. before, there was a slider where you could adjust that, but i think there isn't anymore. i just keep the general training on assman's responsibility, as otherwise my players are unhappy due to the lack of attention given to their units (and there's no units).
  12. nope, sorry, i keep a single save (and a backup).
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