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  1. Makes sense what you guys say. I though about it like this:
  2. Yes, that is a good point. Both scenarios can be visual I am thinking. It should be live decision making. Though game and the player is important, you seriously don't want take him off, you are getting updates that appear in writing from your physio who is watching him and you are watching the game overall not just your injured player. He can't convince you. And it gets to the point of a obliged live sub in writing in which you have to pick a player in 10 seconds while he is limping off the field in order to bring your sub on before the ball comes back into play. You didn't send someone to warm up or make your call in over 5 seconds? No time to undress, so the sub will be on the sidelines until next whistle.
  3. I want to know what his star rating is, not what his star rating is in comparison to others.
  4. This brought to my mind the image when a player falls down injured and the staff waves stuff at you he "he will recover"/"sub him" this would be nice in the future.
  5. How about this, we talk about Joey Barton as above and I am bottom league and I think he is 5 star rating because Football Manager tells just that. And then we thing to ourselves that reality is that, Joey Barton is a 3 star, 15 or 75 level, a C or an Established Footballer. And that Cristiano Ronaldo is the 5 star, 20 or 99 level, an A or a Legendary Player. I agree, FM has to implement it right if they do decide to do it. I believe that the range of reputation, wages and fees should be determined by the player's overall rating, character, qualities for a certain position or for more. Say a player can vary even up to 40% in value (just a thought) You may buy a player that has good character traits has been playing constantly for his team for three years in a Top 3 league And then you have another one, who is the worst character to work with and is a rising star in a top 10 league Level/star rating/Mark/Status would be same but the price won't be the same.
  6. I think the whole idea of the star/level system is outdated. What it reflects to me is something like there is no internet and no TV and you have to deal with values of other teams and players in comparison to your own. That is real to some extent but except we know which is the highest level of football now. So the real stars/levels should come first, comparisons second.
  7. Thank you for your answer! Hope maybe they add it in the future or Fifa Manager comes back to life or PES Club Manager makes something for PC or Mac. Other than that my passion regarding playing a soccer manager game is left unfulfilled and that makes me sad...
  8. Do players have a numerical level yet based on an algorithm for each position? (such as Fifa or Pes)
  9. Same wish as last year. I wish that FM would give players a level made out of a number for each position. The level to be composed out of an algorithm of his skills. I noticed a screenshot I think in which the game editor has that available already but as for now, the game is still unplayable for me without player levels. The star level is non sense since it adjusts depending on what teammates a player has, so it's not his real level, it's a level in comparison to his teammates. I guess you don't need 55$ from me for implementing that option. Fifa Manager's system of level 0 to 99 plus talent made up of stars was brilliant, PES Club Manager is coming strong with that system on mobile devices. You should implement this soon or you might lose many if PES Club Manager decides to compete or Fifa Manager comes back. I'll be checking FM 17...
  10. If a player has a certain level for each position he plays in; composed out of a number.
  11. Do players have overall level in Football Manager 2016?
  12. thanks but that's not what I want... I want an algorithm that based on his skills from 1-20 to have a rating of 1-20 for each position...
  13. why not make a player's overall rating for each position?
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