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  1. It performs at a constant 60 FPS for me, but must be really bloody intensive because it puts a huge load on the GPU and pushes it to very high temps. i7 2700K/GTX 660 Ti. Actually need to turn down the graphical settings in a FM game just so the fan isn't blaring unbearably loud.
  2. To be honest, I felt getting players to sack their agents was too easy and unrealistic in FM14. I don't like agents, but we're not exactly supposed to. No point in having them in if you can use cheesy player interactions to subvert them ~75% of the time you want to sign a new contract.
  3. In FM14, whenever someone gets a penalty, they're 99.9% likely to score, no matter what level of football you're at. Shootouts will always go into the double digits. I haven't played FM15 extensively enough to observe whether this has been fixed. What are your experiences?
  4. It being based on club colours is a disastrous idea...since I'm at Sutton United it's bog brown. Great aesthetics right there!
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