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  1. I started as an ex pro footballer and after 608 games in charge my reputation is National.
  2. I am finding it very strange why I have never been offered a job else where. I have been the manager at Stoke for over 10 seasons, I have not won any trophies but I have got them into Europe several times including the champions league after finishing 3rd and 4th. The thing that gets me is I have never even been linked to any other job. I decided to save my game a couple of days ago and then resign from Stoke to see if I could get another job. I was offered interviews at a couple of clubs but did not get the job. I was offered a position at a club in League 1 WHY?
  3. I have seen a few assistant managers be given the managers job. Jan Molby Gerry Taggert Oleg Luzhney These are the ones that I can remember of top of my head.
  4. Thanks for that, that has sorted it. Had already tried going back to start screen, saving first, but that hadn't worked.
  5. Does anyone know how this has happened and how do I change it back? I am in closed season and been looking for a CB. all of a sudden the price of players were in euro's instead of pounds. I have checked in preferences at it still says pounds in there.
  6. I had been the manager of Stoke until the summer of 2020. I won the prem league once, champions league twice, Super cup twice, World club championship one and the FA cup once. I was never linked with any job that became available. I decided to resign from my position in the summer of 2020 as I wanted a new challenge in the prem. Several jobs came available but nobody hired me? I ended up at Aachan in German 2nd division. I have taken them from 2nd bottom to 10th in 2 months. The Stoke job became available so I applied (resigning from my position in Germany as they were not happy) but I failed to get the job at Stoke. Why?
  7. Been playing for 165 hours now (I know that wont be a lot compared to some) but I am still on my first save game. Anyone else still on their first save?
  8. He signed for Barca and they are paying him £230k p/w
  9. Decided to get rid, offered him out at £40 mill and 2 clubs have offered £25.5 mill which I have accepted. DONT MESS WITH ME :-)
  10. I am very tempted as I feel the same way. The only problem is replacing him as he is class and I dont have any cash left and am paying 5 grand over my budget in wages.
  11. I bought Marc-Andre Ter Stegen for Stoke. Cost £17.5 mill. In his first season we won the Capitol one cup and the Champions League (very unexpected) It is now July and he has said he wants to leave for a bigger club. After speaking to him he has said we have to win the league this season or he is off. Gutted as it's the first time I have managed to get him and dont expect to get my money back for him or be able to replace him if we dont win the league (which im not expecting)
  12. I have him at Stoke, bought him for £6 mill in 2014 and he has been excellent. Playing him as an AM in a 4231 formation and his worst average has been 7.31 He is now worth £18.5 mill got 18 months left on his contract but have just offered him a renewed 4 year contract wpaying him £125k p/w
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