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  1. Don't think they were real players but.... Mark Collis and Farerah Orosco (sp?). Paul Warhurst. All from Champ Man 93 I think
  2. Sounds like you need a hug after reading such a 'horrible' thread.
  3. I only really visit these forums around this time every year and every year I see the same arguments/comments. 'This is the worst ME ever', 'SI dont care about its fanbase' etc etc. Some members heads are so big im surprised they can get in their cars/on the bus every morning. The sense of entitlement is nuts. The simple fact that we have an official forum to voice our gripes (and I have in the past) and the fact that the forum is monitored and responses given is a huge plus. Every year we get updates (database or fixes) and we have become accustomed to this as a given. SI are under no obligation to do this, as far as I am aware. Yes its frustrating that we paid £xxx for a game and that game is not doing what we think it should be doing but I know several folk who are loving it and are oblivious to the ME flaws. Im in the middle. I can play it and am enjoying it to a degree but at the back of my mind I know I could enjoy it more.....
  4. Start of the new season in the Serbian top flight. I won the league title in my first season with the once mighty Red Star. About 4 league games in and my top scorer from the previous season is playing horribly, hasn't scored, missing sitters, looking uninterested. I speak to him, he gets annoyed and wants to leave. Fine, there's the door big lad. With a Champions League final qualifying round 1st leg vs Celtic a week away, I look at my other strikers. Either too young or untested. My fault for relying on striker mentioned above. I need to buy or loan a 'complete forward' otherwise my tactic just isnt as effective. I see that Fernando Torres is listed for loan. Hmmmm. Wages £175,000 per week. My highest earner is £3,600 per week. Ac Milan want me to pay 10% of his wages with no monthly fee. I could pull this off! The board will not allow me to go above £4000 per week in wages for him, so I up the monthly fee to the max allowed. Milan come back, im just short of their minimum requirements. I ask the board to intervene as this would be a huge coup for Red Star. I have used this feature in other versions but the board always tell me to stick it so I wasn't really expecting a positive outcome. A few days later, my chairman tells me he has arranged the deal....Im chuffed....they have sorted everything out on my behalf. Cheers. Not such a bad chairman after all....until I see that we bought Torres outright (for half a mill) and are paying him £175,000 per week. I get hammered by Celtic in the second leg of the playoff. Torres plays like Andrea Silenzi (for you older folk out there) The inevitable happens. I am ordered to reduce the 'out of control' wage bill by the board. Impossible. I sell 4 of my best players. Nowhere near. Board warn me again. With deadline day looming, I offer him to clubs for free. No takers. So, I have gone back to a save just before I play Celtic and WITHOUT Torres. I was flying in the league prior to reloading and Torres even scored a couple. What I cant remember is if I was given the chance to pull out of the deal once I asked my chairman to intervene. I dont recall the option in my inbox. I feel empty inside.
  5. My full backs are performing better now that I have got to grips with the individual roles/mentality in relation to my overall team instructions. Ratings have shot up too.
  6. Although morale and motivation are important. Look at Chelsea. League champs last season. This season, same manager, same tactics as last season, no squad overhaul..........
  7. I know how you feel and it is frustrating. Im no Arrigo Sachi (more Barry Fry) but Im a decent tactician (I think). Skipped FM2015 so its been a bit of a 'settling in' period with this version. A few years ago I had a cracking save going, managing Red Star in Serbia. Thought I would give them a try this time round. Started off well, picked my basic formation and tactics and watched the first three games on extended highlights. Started changing things slightly and it all falls apart. Players not happy, board demanding I improve morale, fans not happy. Suddenly Im on the verge of getting sacked 11 games into the season, sitting in 7th place. So for the first time ever I visited various tactics forums. I refuse to altar my basic formation (4-2-3-1) but made major adjustments to team instructions and more importantly, player roles. Luckily my next and possibly last match was in the cup to a semi pro side and won 3-0. Players morale is now 'okay'. Next match is against a mid table side in the league, won 5-0. Morale is now 'good'. Board now happy that I kept my promise and improved player happiness. What I don't know at the moment is what caused this turn in fortunes. Is it my new tactics or is it the improvement in player morale after the cup win....or both?? I dare say I will have another bad patch so time will tell.
  8. I recall a couple of Chelsea players in the first CM with real players; jakob kjeldberg and Erland Johnsen. I cant remember which one but one of them had a zero for passing.
  9. Did try a sneaky bid recently whilst managing Everton. I was shocked when Barca turned down my offer of 20 million plus Tony Hibbert.
  10. My first management game was 'Cup Football' on the Spectrum. I thought it was awesome. Generated players, 4 tactics to choose, pick your team and away you went. A few years later I was introduced to Champ Manager 93 and I was in dreamworld. Spent many hours on that, at the expense of my GCSE's. I can still remember my first 4 signings; Ray Wilkins, Ugo Ehiogu, Mark Collis and Fererah Orosco. I also discovered SWOS at around the same time. I just downloaded SWOS yesterday and was explaining to my wife how awesome it was back in the day......She didnt get it.
  11. This post by 'OneUnited' in another thread sums up my thoughts almost perfectly. I reckon im not the only one on these forums who this applies to. ''This is the first year I've posted in GD when buying the game. It is the first year I've noticed a lot of 'bugs' in the game. Previous years I've stuck to the tactical and team guide forums. I have to say reading everything here has only highlighted a lot of bugs that I'd have otherwise been oblivious to. A friend of mine bought this game the same day as me. When I asked him how he was coping with all the bugs he asked 'what bugs'. Even now, on 13.2.1 I asked him how he was getting on with stupid dribbles etc. and he hadn't really noticed anything out of the ordinary. I really do think that coming here and reading all the problems people are posting really does make you think that things are worse than they are. You start looking for bugs rather than just playing the game. I know there are bugs, and SI have held their hands up, but I think people are taking away their own enjoyment of the game by reading about the problems with it. Anyway, in my experience you're less likely to see these things if you don't read about them. I'll still buy on release day, because my friends all buy it on release day and I don't want to be left out.''
  12. Have to agree with this. I am one of those guilty of being put off playing somewhat by some of the comments in this thread. I had a good half a season with the latest ME update. Truth be told, if it wasn't for these forums, I would be oblivious to most of the issues. Now I cant bring myself to start a new save when im pretty sure a good, well tested update is just around the corner.
  13. Ha. Same thing happened to me using Everton at Old Trafford. Scraped a 0-0 draw, went to make a brew, Wife shuts down my laptop. Didnt save as I had clearly told my beloved to ''never shut down my laptop''. Reloaded and got beat 2-1....Not having that, I want my draw....replayed again and got 1-1. Game on!!
  14. Ok, so i've managed to sneak in a couple of hours FM time since the latest ME update. It all just seems a little 'random' at the moment. Im usually not too bad at the old tactics side of things and in the patch released on the 19th Dec I was getting a feel for the AI tactics/formations and how to deal with the AI mid game changes to a)hang on to a lead or b) Chase the game and force the AI into a defensive posture, making them drop deeper so I can push up and pressurize. My in game changes actually had an effect on the pitch and it gave me the feeling of actually 'managing' my team. This latest ME update has, in some way, caused my changes mid game to have little to no effect. My form is very patchy, with wins against Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd but two weeks later getting beat by Blackpool, Scunthorpe and Watford. Yes, it could be my tactics....or it could be a result of changes made to the ME. My full backs (Baines and Coleman) are scoring a lot (6 for Baines and 5 for Coleman) in 12 games. Before the latest patch Baines had 2 all season (1 penalty) and Coleman failed to score. I have not adjusted my tactics, apart from playing more direct away from home. The game is still playable but I cant help feeling (especially in light of PaulC's comments) I should wait a week or two for the next ME update. I have every confidence that SI will get this right.
  15. Got to say that I had a feeling we would be graced with an update before Christmas Day. No less welcome though. I will be sure to leave feedback after a couple of hours game time. Merry Christmas from a Brit in Brisbane
  16. Finding the game difficult but enjoyable....most of the time. Currently in my second season with Everton, finished 13th in my 1st season and currently 8th with four games remaining. Went on a five game win streak followed by a four game losing streak and still dont know why or how. The whole season has been stop, start with some good wins (Man City, Spurs) and the seemingly regular defeats to bottom 3 sides. Starting to get to grips with the tactics used by other teams and getting better at countering those. Just beat Arsenal 6-2 so perhaps this is the start of my good run.....then again im playing bottom club Leicester next.....
  17. Lots of shouts for keeping it simple tactically and I go along with that. The more I tinker, the worse the results. Had an awesome save in FM12 with Red Star, got to Champions League final in first season and won the league 8 yrs straight just by sticking to default 4-4-2 and signing decent players. Haven't got into a long term save as yet on 13....waiting for the obvious.
  18. Just picked up FM13 today in Brisbane......$74.99! Just installing, waiting for the next update before I play. In the meantime im scratting around looking for facepacks and what not. How much is FM13 going for back home (UK)?
  19. Working a treat so far using Piranha V6 home and away version Managing Verona in C/1A and currently top P19 W14 D3 L2 Top scorer has 16 in 22 and all my first eleven players have an avg rating above 7 Nice one Tyler
  20. Just starting to get into FM09 this past week, started out as Preston and just got destroyed by bottom of the table Doncaster 3-0 in my 12 game of the season. Doncaster managed 31 shots, 16 on target so i got of lightly. Really need to sort my defenders out. Is Mark Lawrenson available?
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