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  1. I'm looking for advice on a 'Scandinavian' save. I want a big club in Norway, Denmark or Sweden that has a decent current squad that I can grow to make some sort of impact in Europe. I will only be buying players from those three countries, so a decent youth development scheme would be useful as well as good facilities and budget.
  2. Best to go to General Discussion, but you won't get a firm date from SI at this stage usually.
  3. Hi @hasdgfas. Good write up. I'm having another go with the 4231 DM, although I think I am not as brave as you with roles and duties! What roles and duties did you end up with for your two DMCs?
  4. I agree that the 'FM Squad' is better than the real one.... but it is also a bloated squad that is going to have problems with squad registration as well as giving everyone enough game time. So my compromise was to let four players go, but bring no one in. Apart from anything else it gives you a chance to evaluate properly the players you have got. Even with four leaving I am getting trouble from some players about their game time. In the January window it will be 'one in - one out'.
  5. Hi I'm doing well up to early December, only dropping two points away at Aston Villa. 4 points clear at the top, but the fixture list has been kind with all my matches against the other members of the so-called 'Big Six' at home. I created some room in my bloated squad by selling Cedric, Socrates, Ozil and Mustafi but didn't bring anyone in in the summer transfer window. The only area where I have concerns about quality cover (I intend to try and bring on the Arsenal youngsters) is in midfield. I try and keep injuries low by regular rotation, playing with an 'A' team in t
  6. Are these trailers only going to be on Twitter? Or is it somewhere here and I can't find it!
  7. In reality that is provided by Tierney from the left sided BPDde, but as Experienced Defender notes that is difficult to replicate in FM.
  8. Hello @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!. You mentioned a 352 you developed for Arsenal. Did you make a thread for it? Always wanted to make a back three work, but never quite managed it. This thread has been great to follow, love the single-minded commitment to squad development.
  9. Thanks. It certainly looks like it needs hard working CMs! Especially as ask the BBM to get further forward.
  10. Hi @raeburn Looks like you are playing good football. Can you show us your current formation and TI's please? Interested to know how a two-man midfield holds up against the top teams.
  11. The explanation in the OP is that he wanted an attack duty and that is not available with a False Nine.
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