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  1. Sysiphus - Interesting to see that you are managing to get so much out of Ozil - the Holy Grail for Arsenal players over many iterations of the game! Where do most of your goals come from, because on the face of it a Mezzala on Attack might be occupying similar space to an IF on Support?
  2. How do you change the date players are available at the start of the season, in other words change the return from holiday date?
  3. Can someone remind me how to get the names above all players in 3D matches, please.
  4. Clifton

    FM17: Arsenal

    Iwobi has been a bit disappointing for me (compared to real life), but it is early days. So far Reine-Adelaide looks more promising, but I suppose these things can vary from save to save. Because of this I have been playing Sanchez off the left.
  5. Clifton

    FM17: Arsenal

    Another factor about squad size is that many of the Arsenal squad are able to play in a number of different positions and roles, so one player can offer cover for a lot of positions. Don't be too hung up on what you are told are the natural roles for a player, look instead at their attributes. PS Forgot to thank llama3 for getting this going.
  6. Clifton

    FM17: Arsenal

    It depends on what tactics you want to play. Left back is an obvious weakness if you get injuries or suspensions, but I've got by so far with using Bola occasionally or Debuchy/Jenkinson for an in-game emergency. Generally the squad is much better than previous years and in my first season I have bought no-one and top the table (early days I know). It's fun to face the same dilemmas as IRL, and in fact there is more of a problem keeping everyone happy and also finding space to bring the youngsters on without adding to the squad.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I like this feature a lot, but it only seems to work for my first team. Players in my first team squad who are mainly currently playing for the Under 23s don't have the same level of tactical familiarity even though the reserves and under 18s are set to play the same tactics.
  8. Clifton

    FM17 - RB Leipzig

    I think the confusion is because all the player profiles say Leverkusen.
  9. You are quite cautious with your set up, and you may get more penetration if you considered a) more width up front, as both your AP and IF will be narrow and occupying similar space to your F9 and SS; b) more attacking duties to get more lateral movement, maybe one of the full backs or a winger if you chose to replace your AP or IF. Although Control is attacking you are mitigating some of that impact with your TIs.
  10. Clifton

    Why Not 4231

    AML/R will. in my experience, defend better on support than attack duty. Also, look at attributes again. If IF or W has good ratings for work rate, teamwork etc they do much more in defence. As RTH says, if you use man marking on the FB you may lose out on their attacking impact with little defensive benefit if they are no good at marking, teamwork etc.
  11. Clifton

    Why Not 4231

    In addition to the factors that ozilthegunner refers to, don't underestimate the capacity for a substitution to help change a game. If you look at the attributes and PPMs of your players, you will see that two players with the same role and duty might in fact play the role quite differently. As an example, Walcott and Giroud will play most of the striker roles in significantly different ways, and a change from one to the other can make the difference depending on what you are seeing in the game.
  12. Agree it's excellent - particularly helpful to start getting a handle on transitions. Video is the best way to see how they work.
  13. All well and good, but maybe the 'Tactics Creator' should start with something other than "some chalk board formation" then? Impossible to argue with the expertise of Cleon, RTH etc, nor the effort they put in to help, but the effort required to even match the real world performance of your chosen team is too much for me (many hours and restarts later), let alone somehow exceeding their performance. I think it is interesting that many club threads seem less well supported than in previous years. Might this be because the enjoyment of squad building and getting your team to overachieve is no longer so attainable in FM16? Tactics are the be all and end all. That is fine for those who like it that way, but it does seem to narrow the options for those wanting a broader more rounded game.
  14. How do you set all the names of your players (as opposed to just the player with the ball) to show when watching?