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  1. I guess I'll ask on the FMRTE forums then? Thanks anyway.
  2. Hello, I've been continuing my Football Manager 2017 career, till I reached January 15 2020 IG. In that date, one of my key players decided to retire, because of a nonexistent injury coming out from the immense power of his imagination. To point out, these are the injuries he had during the season: Twisted ankle (out 2 weeks) on 18 September 2019 Dead leg (out 2 days) on 22 October 2019 Facial injury (out 3 days) on 3 November 2019 Now, on the 15th of January 2020, this pearl turns up: " KRC Genk's thirty-five-year-old right midfielder Arjen Robben has announced his decision to retire. The player admitted that his recent major injury has caused him to seriously consider his long-term health. Robben's intended retirement date is Thursday 16th January 2020 ." Yes boi, facial injuries and dead legs are really serious injuries... I tried going forward with the game. He actually retired in the least professional way possible, and the injury insurance turns out to pay us 51k for a player whose loan we pay/paid 925k per month and is valued 2.9M. Don't know if the government has tried to hire helicopters to spread THC across Genk, but how can I solve this?
  3. Hello. When a player plays poorly or gets a red card, only the "Warning" button shows up; the 1-week or 2-week fine buttons do not appear. I have 16.2 version. Should I install a latest one to fix it? Thank you
  4. Goalkeeper: jumping, handling, reflexes Fullbacks: Must have as most green attributes as possible CB's: Heading, tackling, marking DM's: I do not use DM's Midfielders: Must have as most green attributes as possible I do not use wings and AM's Strikers: finishing, dribbling, heading, strength , pace, speed
  5. I'd like if these two things would be perfected : 1- Create a player in Create-a-Team mode. You may only pick hair color and skin color. Why not eyes, nose, haircut and headshape? 2- Friendly tournaments - More teams (16?) and more types (cup more, league mode, but groups + d.e., and eventually preliminaries, too.)
  6. FM editor is in the same folder of where is FM14. But doesn't open - no error displayed.
  7. Now it neither opens - no error - but doesn't open. Sometimes says FM editor is just working, but is not opening.
  8. Sorry, I put FM editor in a wrong folder. I try moving FM Editor in FM folder (Desktop) then, if still not working, I try to reinstall.
  9. Hi, as I said in the last topic, the rules bugged so I installed the data editor (aka pre-game editor). I opened the editor and said: So I tried to: - Open it as Windows 7. - Open it as admin. Nothing happened. I might upgrade you the editor file so you can see what's wrong.
  10. Is FMRTE the official editor or a third party application?
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