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  1. I don't think you should compare Alli with Mahrez, Mahrez will be the main contender for PFA, while you can't say the same for Alli. As for those weakness you mention, you are not wrong but you can say the same to lots of worldclass player too. Mahrez while not perfect, but he does have a very complete skillset as a Wide midfielder, his PA(or CA) should be atleast 10 more higher than his current rating to improve his decision making and teamwork. And no he didnt "completely faded away" since last year December, he is still one of Lecicester's most important player, had already provided 4 assists and a goal since then. Honestly, you have a few good points and I do understand your frustration, because he has done brilliantly and perhaps deserved a bit more PA. If Alli is playing in club like MU, Juventus or Bayern, i am 100% sure he will have in this update, but still you can't fault your researcher for trying to be as unbiased as possible.
  2. IF people were complaining about Mahrez's PA...i can understand, because he is clearly a tier above than the PA suggests and his decision making and teamwork should be much higher. but whining about Alli's PA...really? PA is not how you should judge a player, you need to look at his stats allocation and hidden attributes like consistency, imp match before you whine about something. And Alli has near perfect stats allocation, acceptable CA/PA despite he is still relative new in a competitive league.
  3. Vardy's attributes improvement is pretty spotted on, people should have look at Dybala and Morata's attributes instead and tell me those are not overdone..(yea i know Dybala is good...but come on)
  4. In current match engine, if you played with a normal defensive setup tactic, especially away game, you are simply begging your opponent to win the game. Those TI that related to invite pressure and counter without trying to keep possession just simply don't work(deep line, close down less, direct pass/route one). Especially when you played against big team like ManUtd, Bayern with a much weaker team, you literally stand no chance, player's attribute and consistency rating difference are already huge enough that player like Mata can destroy your side by himself all alone. If you chose not to close down and parking a bus, they will have something like 30~50 shots and eventually some of those will turn into a goal, while you still cry and hope for your miracle counter attack to happen. So how do you win? Push higher, win back possession before they go into your final third, then trying to play tiki taka and hope for the best, perhaps setup setpiece-abuse which might add up like 10~20 shots a game(depends on opposite team), that's the reason why every single successful tactics you see in here or those abusive tactics you see in other sites have some sort of similarity despite some of those tactics analysis seem legit. So now you know why all those tactics always have push higher up, shorter passing, play out of defense and sometimes work ball into box, yup match engine's flaw, nothing you can do about it unless you enjoy 50/50 or lower win rate if you insisted to play with a normal defensive tactics.
  5. It depends if you want realistic or just dominate the game. Realistic? Your formation seem quite balance, and CF-S, DLF are correct answer if you want your striker to be more involved in buildup and still be a goal threat(i will say CF-s is more of a goal threat). If you want to dominate game, you need to try crowded the box, 3 striker will be a good start to abuse match engine, for example play both left and right striker as deep lying striker with move into channel, close down more PI, and you will see it is way more efficient than the normal inside forward setup. And it is still 4-3-3...right?
  6. It happens randomly and there is no real way to counter this, the only way is save more frequently.
  7. Why would you guys still want any feedback since there is no plan for further fixed/updates? Well, guess i will say congrats on monopoly the "football manager" simulation game market. I am not going to pay 50 dollars and help "beta testing" again for your next game. Yes, i know..losing a customer won't be a big deal, kudos to you guys.
  8. He was already one of the best CB/CM/DM..(whatever his attributes are just simply too good for deep position) before the patch despite having mediocre PA, i cant believe Liverpool's reaseacher is still trying to make him better than he should be..
  9. Uh, disagree with the changed of Harry Kane, his dribbling should be higher(12~13), determination should be more than 10(at least 16), and his strongest aspect - anticipation and off ball movement should be a bit higher than that as well.
  10. Due to match engine's problem, counter tactic generally don't work well. Both route one and direct passing combined with high tempo will waste most of the chance you can get for counter, even when you break through their defense, your striker will probably miss his chance due to this version of ME low conversion rates. You will eventually need to adjust your counter tactic more like a possession based tactic, short pass, low tempo etc, and then you just find out the only difference might be just sit deeper and without the retain possession though. Then you would have thought those sit deep counter will work well against big team away game? They will still dominate you due to they have more chance create, and you need to be very lucky to convert those little chances you have.
  11. Yes there is, it is hidden attribute --passing, most keeper are usually low on this.
  12. Yup probably, RealMadrid Ozil vs Chelsea Mata, i am not sure Ozil was not on Mata level or not, but recent season, his real life stats suggested otherwise though, stas wise, 2014~2015 Ozil is still one of the better playmaker out there, while mata still struggled a bit especially on creative part this season(inconsistent?), tbh i am more impressed by Herrera's limited appearance performance than Mata . And No, Isco is a CM now, he has outstanding dribbling skill and he is better in defensive contribution, can't see them as similar player other than both have good technique. Just checked the game again, yea he did, not on hidden attributes though, but researcher buffed his long shot significantly to make up the lost of some attributes. Still didn't expect this since he was one of the better player last season. Speaking of hidden attributes, his professionalism is always low despite he has grew into a more mature player, even LVG praised on his attitude and professionalism. And his low consistency is something i never understand either, he is probably one of the most consistent ManUtd player. Really? He didn't get a lot of chance to prove himself last season and in fact he is one of the most consistent player this season, not sure where do you get that impression from. Fair enough, i was a bit exaggerated, but he had started for only 11 out of Chelsea 22 Bpl matches, i will say it is an "ok" definition for bench player. Agree, but compared to his previous outstanding seasons, i definitely won't say he had a better season to justify a major rebalanced in certain area.(keep in mind this is after winter patch, means we haven't seen much of his ManUtd performance to judge him yet) But but...some people still don't think their in game attributes are good enough, so probably might need rebalanced in some area, so they can be more like a ManUtd's standard player.
  13. Why would Mata get a huge attribute boost by chelsea reseacher in winter transfer patch when he was basically sitting on the bench in his last year of Chelsea career and ironically after he transferred to Man Utd? I am not doubting nor challenging you but this doesn't make any sense. Well, thanks for the explanation for Blind and Rojo though, this explained why both players only have CA/PA raised while their attributes are still pretty much the same as fm2014. Hopefully they will get "attribute adjustment" in upcoming Winter transfer patch.
  14. But they did get PA raised after the transfer, the same thing happened to Mata after he transfer from Chelsea to United, winter tranfer patch buffed him hugely. Most? Only those infamous one or most hated , those fan favorite players like RVP Rooney still stay the same or raised a bit(Mata).
  15. Yea i am serious, although his CA/PA suggests he is not, but his extremely good overall attributes+hidden attributes made him top 5 player. If you controlled other team, you will find out he is always BPL player's player of year, footballer of the year candidates. Sure, some players seem to have better playmaking attributes than him, like Ozil, Isco, but their low consistency make them average player most of the time.
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