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  1. I dont know how to download the fuss tactics variations. Can anyone put them on screen? Cheers
  2. Since the sack off everton I was offered a variety of jobs. From Gretna to Derby, Watford etc. I eventually plumped for Middlesboro. They were 10 games into the Championship and were bottom. However, they had a decent squad with the likes of Lita, Earnshaw and a chilean striker called Pillina. Very good target man. I took them to the prem in that season going from bottom to 2nd to clinch promotion by one goal on the last day! The tactics of listenting to the scouts and media to decide how I play worked wonders. For example, if was favourite, i went direct at a quick tempo and very attacking.
  3. Im afraid ive got to throw a spanner in tne works. This tactic worked for me at Everton where I won the last 12 hames due to last minute tweaking. However, it seemed to figure me out in the new season so I tried more tweaking, Ive done everything said on this forum i.e. particuarly following the advice of the scouts and doing some last minute changes. However, ive just been sacked by Everton as I havent won in 8 games. Im tweaking as advised by my scout and before the game starts. My opinion is that FM07 sucks, It is not enjoyable aas no matter what I do with tactics etc, it simply tonks me ev
  4. It just seems whatever I do I get tonked every week. I always start a season well but then win very rarely. I took stoke to the prem with a short passing slow tempo 442. I got relegated and then sacked when I was 15th in the championship. With Everton, I play 442 and find myself 17th. I cant work it out
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