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  1. I've found from my experience that when a player says he'd like to join x club respond with the line 'you won't get as much playing time at x club' they mostly tend to agree with you and that's the end of it. When an agent approaches you about an improved deal for a player reject it and when the player looks to speak to you use the line 'you've plenty of time on your current deal' this will work the majority of the time(provided their contracts does actually have a few years left to run!) Hope this helps! I've kinda lost a bit of interest myself due to the massive transfer fees required to sign any player but that's neither here nor there. Good luck with your save.
  2. Managing Real Madrid and I've signed a few promising 16 year olds and decided to move them to the B team Castillas. My question is will these players still be classified as club grown players for Real Madrid in a few years?
  3. In older versions I've managed Brazil, Spain and France as an Irishman whilst managing a club in England.
  4. Yeah that's what I'm referring to also. What's the difference?
  5. I'd love someone from SI to clarify this for me if they would be so kind. I believe it was Cleon who said before that these "shouts" don't impact your tactics which leads me to assume they're for motivational purposes only??(I apologise if it wasn't Cleon or if I've misquoted you) If this is correct, what does the 'Push Forward' shout do then if not to alter your tactics??
  6. I care very much about the clubs I manage I'll have you know! I just want to be paid large amounts of make believe money in order for me to love them. Hmm, I believe that could be regarded as another type of profession all together haha
  7. I don't know of any tricks as such but one way you could try(I wouldn't recommended this as a long term solution as you'll be screwed financially) is to offer him above and beyond while negotiating to the point where his agent will say something along the lines of "that's a great deal I'll be in touch with your administration staff shortly to finalise the deal"
  8. Just to add an extra bit of challenge I suppose where it's realistic world class managers command high salaries so you got to work your budget accordingly to reflect it.
  9. I do find a lot of the time it is quite easy to talk players down from their demands, You've enough time on your contract as it is, there's plenty of football left to be played & I don't believe you'll get as much first team football at x club being my three fave responses. I Honestly think these responses didn't work on one occasion and even then it was my fault as the player involved had just entered the final 2 years of his contract. In saying that I do find players jump the gun a bit too easily moaning about their playing time. You could be only 1 game into a new season and players will approach you and say they want more football (absolutely none of my players are set as key players) so I think it's ridiculous to be addressing this issue at that stage of the season
  10. My gut feeling would be the opposite to be honest. I reckon it's better to go to an active league. Would love an SI response on this myself.
  11. You'll either have to include some youngsters from your youth team or you'll have to leave the slots open meaning you'll have to exclude some players from your squad and have a smaller squad for that cup
  12. What does it take for you to become a club legend or icon??
  13. @DaveDaveDave yeah I think you're right. In previous games I've always tried to have the same approach that you have now also but just figured in this one I'd be a mercenary. I'm liking all the responses so far. It's an interesting insight into the teams people choose to manage also
  14. In previous games I've always looked to get the smallest wage possible in order to maximise the staff wage budget but I just decided in this save I won't do that.
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