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  1. Hey, there's something that is not that clear to me, and it already happened on a few players. First of all I'm managing Benevento in Serie B. My coach tells me that my player "needs to earn more match experience playing at a higher level in order to further his develpment." What does this exactly mean? He's my first team keeper and played 36 matches out of 36 this season. Does it mean that he has to play in a higher level league in order to max out his potential? Thanks!
  2. I agree. New season has started all over Europe, people want football so madly.. And we don't have any sort of teaser. It would be the best time now to hype things up
  3. Same here, my assistant manager keeps failing.. i've seen the news about 20 times in 3 years... a bit annoying!
  4. Amazing job there.. champions league final in the 2nd season and won the league.. well done!
  5. That's unlucky eple! I tried to get Bonazzoli on a free transfer but he joined another team (don't remember which at the moment)
  6. Hood Legend you've let Antei go for too little IMHO, I'm in the winter market on the first season and was able to sell him to AC Milan for 6M
  7. Have you guys improved training grounds? I've requested an improvement and it will go through at the start of next season
  8. In Adzke's save Juve bid 31M for him (screenshot above)... I guess it'll be tough! You might need 2 players for DMC, as Chibsah is better as an MC. Peluso's doing fairly well for me on the left side, he's not actually a DC so you should keep him there. Maybe look for another young DC with good potential. I'm doing the winter market now (1st season) and I've lost Antei, wanted to leave to play in the UCL, but he went to AC Milan for 6M! Sansone just came up too saying that he wants to go to Napoli to play in the UCL, hope I can keep him. He's not a scoring machine like Berardi and Zaza but he's growing pretty well. Be careful that Zaza wants to leave right away from the start of the game, I was able to keep him by putting the transfer request to 30M and no one bid for him, than he changed his mind and wanted to stay with Sassuolo.
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