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  1. Has been uploaded on the cloud service, file name- AC Milan.fm
  2. Hi, I am having a problem on my save with the champions league registration. I recently updated to the public beta today, and now my players who are under 22 and who I did not to register for the champions league squad are now unregistered and unable to play in the games. I played a champions league game before updating to the public beta and did not have this issue as I had these players available for the game.
  3. Some interesting ones on my save. pep guardiola managing stoke on my save is the weirdest one. Wayne Rooney managing cardiff, Lampard at swansea
  4. Juventus in my save, they have won Seria A 10 seasons in a row, undefeated for two years in the league
  5. I managed to do this for the first time yesterday. I had spent all my transfer budget and a week before the transfer window shut Wesley Sneijder became available. I am playing as QPR and we are in the euro cup so asked the board to sign him and they agreed and signed him for me. I think if a player is going to bring a lot of commercial profit to your team the board would be more willing to sign a player for you.
  6. agree players wanting to discuss personal matters has become a joke. I had a player come asking to leave for first team football and the season was still a couple weeks away from starting so how he can come and complain about not playing when its only pre season is a joke.
  7. adel taarabt is a liability in my save , always complaining and wanting to leave for bigger clubs even though nobody bids for him
  8. Playing as QPR and some of my current tactics did not produce results in the last couple of weeks so i decided to use this tactic in a europa league game at home to athletico madrid and I have to say this tactic was outstanding, beat them 4-0 even though I rested most of my key players and the amount of chances I created with this tactic was unbelievable we could have scored 10 in the game. Will start to use it in other games but the only problem this tactic creates is that I have a lot of attacking midfielders like suso, sigurdson and tielemans so its going to be difficult trying to fit them into lineup with only 2 central midfielders, but great first game with this tactic
  9. great work Mr.U Rosler finally got a tactic that works well away from home, play as QPR and have beaten arsenal liverpool and spurs all away thanks to this tactic. generally rotate my tactics though to keep the opposition guessing but everytime I use this tactic score at least 3 goals and could score more if my players finished better.
  10. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Sandro Your Team: QPR Buyer/Seller: Liverpool Player's Value: £11.5m Offer: 15m Transfer/Wage Budget: £18m Patch: latest Season: 15/16
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