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  1. And another creepy match. Opponent get red card at the beginning of the match. But our goals came from free-kick Other all positions blocked by defenders /saving from goalkeeper. And also crosses blocked. I am using same tactic. I used it with saint-etienne before the winter update. I became champion at the second season and also champions league runner-up. Something wrong with this winter update ME
  2. after the update every match ending 1-1. My goals coming from penalties and opponents coming from throw-ins. All other shots saving by goalkeepers or hitting opponents defenders legs and also crosses=corners
  3. Yeah this is the best me of last 4 years i agree that. But there are weakness. So many goals are coming after throw ins for me and also opponent. So many crosses blocked because of that there are so many corners. My defender has same goal score as striker. Think bayern munich tactic philosophy. That cant integrated to this match engine. Imagine alphonso davies and kimmich push to forward and goes byline than cross blocked all match long. Than niklas sule has same goal score as lewandowski. Is this realism?
  4. 1- Football is not about only throw-ins (!) 2- Strikers not isolated as fm21 3- Sometimes crosses can pass and cause trouble in real life football. But at fm21 match engine all blocked
  5. Whatever i try first minutes of game agains liverpool or city my team concede 2 or 3 goals. I am playing with birmingham and this year is second year in premier league. Usually i play positive or balanced mentality with 4-3-3 formation. Any suggestions for this situation appreciated. Thanks
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