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  1. Positions and player roles should interact with each other. When you think about how Guardiola has his Man City team playing, sometimes he will lineup with IWBs, Mezzalas, Wingers (I accept that these roles may be open to interpretation, but this how I understand them on FM19). And yet sometimes, in-game, the IWBs become WBs, the Mezzalas will be more static APs and the Wingers will move narrower as IFs. I appreciate that this can already be done in game through the switching between different tactics, but it would be nice if player/team/position instructions could be set so that one position interacts with another. I've posted on here before that sometimes you want particular positions to do things that the existing roles think are counter-intuitive. For example, you may want a Winger who hugs the touchline, but then cuts inside, or vice versa. I understand that you can also recreate a lot of this fluidity through the duty settings, making your team more fluid, but there should be a specific module to set how you want players to interact with others. For example, an instruction to your right back that says when the right-sided centre midfielder moves forward or wide, you should occupy the midfield space that he vacates, and when the wide right player moves inside, you should bomb forward and become the attack the wide area. We now have tactics screens displaying what we want players to do when they're transitioning with and without the ball, so the next step should be a screen displaying what each side should do in a particular phase of attack and defence. You could set up different scenarios for building up play and how your fullbacks, midfielders and wide men all interact with each other. If you could set up multiple scenarios, these could then be built into the training setup.
  2. This isn't really a bug, but it certainly bugs... In press conferences (this one was post-CL group draw), the following text is a response: "I would rather concentrate on preparing for the competition rather than talk about it." The second "rather" is, in my view, grammatically incorrect and shouldn't be there. Should it?
  3. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but you should be able to filter a search for scouts (or other staff) based on their knowledge of a particular league/country/region. Additionally, it would be a nice feature to include a list of players discovered by a particular scout and then you can determine how good the scout is based on the number of wonderkids they have unearthed.
  4. One major issue with the use of IF roles, even when "stay wide" instruction is applied is that during build-up play, the IF will sit narrower and so reduces the number of passing options and ensures that play is concentrated in the centre. I want them to stay wider to provide passing opportunities and stretch the opposition defence.
  5. Yes, I agree some star wide players may be Trequartistas but if you want a more cohesive team shape, these won't be great roles for you. IFa is much better in this regard, but as I said, that seems to have used someone like Robben as the role model and start cutting inside as soon as they get the ball. A lot of IF players don't play in the same way, so it's difficult to get any wide forwards to play exactly how you want them to. A wide forward role with open instructions would be perfect. I'd like my player to decide whether to go wide or cut inside with the ball, and I'd like to be able to instruct him whether to do either of them.
  6. I'm not sure that there are adequate player roles for wide forwards. When you look at how, for example, Salah plays at Liverpool, I don't believe that there's a suitable role for him on FM19. Inside forward works to an extent, but players' tendency to run inside with the ball is over exaggerated. The perfect real life example of an inside forward, I'd say, is Arjen Robben - he starts out wide right and dribbles inside to create a shooting opportunity on his left foot - he may even be more of an inverted winger, which is another role that should be created. Going back to Salah, he starts out wide, but doesn't necessarily dribble inside in the way that Robben does. Similarly at Man City, Sane and Sterling don't necessarily operate as conventional wingers or inside forwards - they choose (or individual instructions tell them) when to move inside or stay wide, they get in the box for shooting opportunities as well as staying wide for crossing opportunities. A wide forward role should be one where the striker - because invariably it is a striker these days - drifts anywhere between the position between the centre back and full back, and the touchline. He goes wide or comes inside (with and without the ball) as necessary, so will look to cross when in a position to do so. Without the ball he looks to get into the box like a conventional central striker. I suppose the Raumdeuter role is the nearest to this, however that role is one where the team has to carry him because he neglects his defensive duties. Shouldn't there be a position similar to this, which provides for a more cohesive and fluid attack and team shape?
  7. Not sure if this is a bug, and it doesn't happen all the time, but on the Tactics screen, when you click on a player in a selected position, thereby opening the PI module, and then hover/click on the "I" to see the player's attribute pop-up, you can't see it all (see screenshot). When the PI module isn't open, the attribute pop-up displays in full.
  8. I received a news item saying that an on-loan player is being played out of position. The loan agreement says the player would mainly played as a defensive midfielder, instead he's often being deployed as a defensive midfielder.
  9. Unfortunately the game auto-saved shortly after... If it helps at all, I'm managing Liverpool and the player was Fabinho.
  10. I have a player who has reacted badly to my latest chat, and is starting to develop concerns over how I treat him. He doesn't feel the previous chat went very well. Yet when I look at the conversation history, the only interaction I've had with him has been positive - to praise his training or match performances, to which he's always responded positively.
  11. Hmmm, damn you FM for being so realistic!! I'm sure this has happened from a saved penalty too, so if I can get a video, I will. Otherwise, thanks!
  12. When players miss penalties, why do they stand absolutely still for the rebound? Screen Recording 2018-11-01 at 15.17.52.mov
  13. Perhaps I'm just confused by this, but I got the several negative reactions from my post-match interview (see first screenshot), in which my players wanted to prove me wrong. But then when I check those players' individual happiness, they have no problems with my team talk and instead their reactions are noted as being positives (see second screenshot). Is this a bug?
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