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  1. Could someone give me an idea of how well FM20 is likely to operate on a new top spec 13" MacBook Pro? Here's the configuration: 2.3GHz quad-core 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz Intel Iris Plus Graphics 32GB 3733MHz LPDDR4X memory 1TB SSD storage I imagine the processor and RAM will be sufficient, but what about the graphics?
  2. This is what I've gone for, with a slight tweak of the TI. I'm playing as Barcelona so, I've got sufficient quality. Messi enjoys that AP role on the right too. So far, so good, though, I noticed that play was a little flat and we weren't creating very much from open play. I changed the LOE to higher, and took off underlaps on the right, which, from your suggestion, would mean that Messi/AMR is a little more free to focus on the attacking side of his game. Perhaps it's not a great test because of the lack of competition in La Liga, but my last result was a 5-0 win vs Leganes. The sty
  3. No, I'm not wedded to the preset tiki taka--or any other--style. And yes, I'd like patient possession football. The three midfielders are overkill, I agree. The DM would probably be a half back, or an anchor man as I'd like him to stay deep in front of the defence. I wouldn't want the two central midfielders from going too far forward though, and would ideally shuttle wide, which probably means they should be Carrileros? I'd struggle with the AM position/role as I never use one, but that position would be the hook that connects midfield to attack.
  4. Thanks for this. I have seen this thread and tried some of the ideas in the past. I've noticed some of the same issues with that 3-6-1 formation as I have with the 3-4-3 I've tried: namely, that you get caught out wide. Also that iteration of a 3-4-3 doesn't really allow for wide forwards, which is what I'd like to use.
  5. I've tried a Conte-style 3-4-3 with wingbacks but I'd like something that includes extra midfielders rather than extra defenders. A register could work with three DCs but possibly not with fullbacks, whatever their role was. And I always struggle with the AMC role, so I’d be interested to see how someone would interpret this system.
  6. Yeah, possibly. Though that certainly works in a 4-3-3/4-1-2-3. Or at least it has done for me. Not sure they offer the right balance in this setup though...
  7. How would you set up a tiki-taka 3-4-3 diamond? I've tried using IWBs and FBs on sit narrow with a half back (though not in the screenshot), and with DCs on sit wider with a DLP-d and I either get caught through the middle or out wide depending on the setup. In the screenshots, I've got DLP and AP in midfield, though I've tried setting up with Carrileros and CM with sit wider instructions, as well as setting up my defensive and attacking shape as wide. All roles and TIs are purely indicative, and not set in stone. On the plus side, when I do have the ball, I tend to control the
  8. @Rashidi and @Experienced Defender -- do you think it's possible to set up (successfully) in a 3-4-3 diamond using a tiki taka system? Whenever I've tried, I either get caught through the middle (using defensive IWBs or FBs on sit narrower) or out wide (using 3 DCs on play wider). The rest of the roles can be a challenge too as you try to find balance and ensure that you have the correct players for a system. Would love to see how you'd get round these challenges.
  9. What systems do you use that replicate Liverpool's real life tactics? Can we see images of your tactics? I'm interested in the three midfield players and their roles, which I always find are most difficult to get right when trying to produce a Klopp tactic. As for Salah, I played him as an IF-a for a season and he got me 40 goals and 26 assists in 53 games (all comps). As a Raumdeuter in my second season, he's on 12 goals and 8 assists in 14 games. So while I agree that the behaviour (and even positioning) of wide attackers isn't great, you still can get plenty of goals from them.
  10. I'm having the same issue. In the event that there isn't a proper fix, how do you find the launch options in steam?
  11. Yes, I'm still having this issue, even after the 20.2 update. The only way to select multiples is to click the little tick icon next to each players' name, though that's really not as user-friendly as holding down cmd and clicking.
  12. @Lucas - this is still outstanding. Is there any update?
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