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  1. Hey! As per the other posts, this is an amazing skin - the best out there easily! I play on a MacBookPro 13' Retina and wondered if anyone knows the best resolution settings to go with? I keep tweaking them to ensure all buttons are there etc but I also like to have the test pretty vivid and big. If anyone has sussed this or has any advice then please, please let me know! Thanks!!
  2. Is it possible to get a base skin with the stadium pic available in overview page?
  3. Hey, has anyone else experienced problems adding photo and seeing folders from Mac? I used a MacBook Pro Retina (2018) and I was fine doing this during BETA but I went to edit profile yesterday and some folders on my Mac did not appear when I was trying to find a photo to upload. I wondered if perhaps a problem with the skin maybe?
  4. Does this skin work well with MacBook? I know that TCS for FM19 didn't work so well in terms of screen resolution and certain numbers, letters, etc didn't appear so well. It's a real shame as it's hands down the best skin, it's amazing.
  5. Easily the best skin out there! I have to ask though, is there any way the new 1.6V will work better with my MacBookPro 2018 Retina model? In the main it's fine but the odd panel, graphic is either wrong size or slightly out... any ideas? I will be gutted if I can't use this skin!
  6. It's such a shame that I can't get this skin to work properly on my Mac, the resolution just doesn't work sadly.
  7. Hey.. is there any reason why the 22nd doesn't show up properly? is it the resolution perhaps?
  8. There is also an issue here... the logo does not fit and the DF isn't working, there is no player number underneath image?
  9. Hey, I know it's likely because I am using a Mac but is there anyway of sorting the stadium page as so it show's all of the info? Or is there an alternative thing I can do as currently it shows 3 things and the alignment is all wrong.... Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated as I love this skin!
  10. Hey great skin! Quick question... do you have any idea why the starting eleven panel takes about 10-15 seconds to load when on the club overview page?
  11. I did and it's not quite right, some text and panels are off.... annoying as love the skin!
  12. Does this skin work with macbook pro retina 13 inch?
  13. Hey, very quick question but is this normal on the default skin to have such a gap either side of the social feed? I've inserted some red boxes to show where I mean... Usually i'd expect this to not be so narrow and not show so much of the background??
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