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  1. Football Manager Live

    Indeed Chris! Hope you are well my friend!
  2. Football Manager Live

    Ah, FML, sometimes I miss it too [video=youtube;Qxfpvkgb2NM] And it had some nice bugs too: [video=youtube;AWCsbOoHR4o]
  3. Hahah, i'm quite surprised how fast it is coming from a 3G, but the 512MB RAM seems to help massively. SI should donate you one for the great success you created with FM iHandheld imho!
  4. Just launched this on my brandspanking new iPhone4. Its soooooooooooooooo fast!
  5. Happy Steam Mac day everyone!

    Awesome news! Finally Mac is getting some recognition for gaming in the marketplace.
  6. Yes, in options I have the option "Automatic Monthly Save" Yes/No But that's not what I'm asking for. That feature autosaves once I progressed one in-game month. I want an option to save in 5/10/15 etc. real time intervals. As I said if you are on a session where you are not necessarily progressing as you are scouting/fiddling and it crashes, you lose your whole session.
  7. jens_dewit Join Date: 25th June 2008 Luis L Join Date: 1st March 2003 Hmmmmmmm
  8. Thank yes, just noticed now the open/closed envelope thing
  9. Some more: - Allow us to bid more than our current budget allows, in anticipation of player sales during negotiation stage. - Timestamp Save Games using HH:MM format. There certainly does seem to be space to show it visually. It doesn't help me decide which savegame to choose if both the manual and autosave are from the same day, with no indicaton which one was the latest More to come as I play some more
  10. - Enable not only monthly autosaving but also save every 5/10 minutes. If you have a session of scouting/tactics/fiddling, a crash can happen which might lose your progress as you are not progressing a month. - Top right "Mail" icon, give an indication when new mail is available as per FM - In positions screen of a player, hide the positions he doesn't play, rather than having white circles as placeholders - In player search screen in the "Filter Criteria" field, put in a "cross" to enable you to quickly empty the field, rather than having to use the keyboard to backspace (as Mobile Safari has in the address field
  11. S.L. Benfica: Alan Kardec, Jorge Ribeiro, Roderick Miranda and Weldon missing, should be swapped in for some of the youths
  12. FMH FAQ & Thread Index

    Some comments from me (using webbased help, not sure if app is identical): The manual states: The description makes no sense to me. What exactly does it do in the background? I would expect FMHi to always use Quickstarts as we can't edit anyways. So why the option? Things missing from help: What does "Wide Scrollbar" do in options? Maybe two screenshots showing the difference? What does "Confirm Required" do exactly? What is "Shake Mode" enabled?
  13. Same for me with the manual, I'm on 3.1.2, don't really want to upgrade to 3.1.3 atm
  14. FMH FAQ & Thread Index

    Yup, that's what I'm doing. Bought one on ebay, just need to try it when I get home.
  15. FMH FAQ & Thread Index

    The game is not available in the German App Store due to licensing issues.