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  1. First off .. great game. Few little things i have wanted to do but havent figured it out how or am unable to.. 1) I like instant result - but would like to instruct my Assistant Manager to bring on a sub with a certain amount of time remaining, ie bring on my 16yr old defender for last 20 mins 2) I dont like looking after my reserve team but also from time to time want to retrain a youth player in a new position. Can i instruct my assistant manager to play players in certain positions to help them adapt? 3) Can we assign scouts to look for youth players only? I can assign a scout to my own country and stick a filter on to look for players under a certain age, but i'd like it more advanced. Can you create an entire underage junior football scene in the background which can only be accessed via your scouts? Rather than looking for kids which are attached to pro clubs already, we can scout the local parks for the next carlton palmer or darren peacock. And by the way , what is this editor that people have such strong opinions on? I have only ever previously played Championship Manager and Football Manager Mobile so I havent come across the editor before.
  2. I am not yet a seasoned player. I only started playing the game during 2013, so this will be my 3rd version. But to be honest, I am extremely happy with the upgrade to the Match Engine. For me it adds a completely new level of realism to the actual football itself. Small tactical changes can have a HUGE effect during the match itself. And with extended highlights i get a very real sense of where I can improve my team. Sure there are lots of other areas they could potentially improve down the line. The threads on here are full of great ideas. But they are bells and whistles. Nice to have. For me, it's all about the ME. Ultimately, its what happens on the pitch that is most important to a Football Manager.
  3. Another good video. I would suggest though you stick on extended highlights, rather than key highlights. It might extend the length of your video slightly, but if your only showing one game at a time, it won't be too much of a problem. It would also give you far more information as to why your team where not creating chances. Just from the one highlight shown for you attacking, you left winger got in good space and crossed the ball, but your two forwards were closer to the back post and the ball never reached them. If you play with 2 forwards, maybe they should be more central and closer to your other attacking players. The same with your defence. From the couple of clips shown, your left back was at fault for the goal, and gave away a free in a dangerous area in another highlight. Looks like a liability. There is also too much space in front of your right centre half, which meant he was drawn out of position. I think you'd spot more if you watched more highlights.
  4. Does this match real life? If a quality youngster signs for a 2nd Division Scottish team, would they want to commit to a long contract, or sign for 1 season, show their skills, and hope for a quick move during the summer? Or to renegotiate better terms with the current club? That might be the case. I'm sure if you were Celtic or Rangers, the youngster might be happy to sign a longer contract.
  5. I think the difference between Saints and the rest, is quality of coaching and giving youth an opportunity, rather than the quality of facilities. Spurs & Chelsea may have the money to put together elite facilities, but there must be something wrong with the coaching if no one is being promoted, or maybe the youth players are good enough but are not being given a chance because of the instant success which is demanded at these clubs. Going back to Southampton, they only opened their new state of the art training centre on 5th November. I imagine this was well after FMH could add to the game. I'm sure it will be updated for next season.
  6. I'm not sure of the "offical" answer on this, but from just viewing it on the game, it would appear that their stats are affected. I bought 2 excellent right backs during one summer transfer window in the hope one could be retrained as a left back. Neither were interested in being retrained as it turned out, but i played one of them there regardless and he was hopeless. Was always caught out and beaten. Whereas, when i played him at right back, he never lost a tackle.
  7. Nice idea. I like the idea of watching one match a month and just showing us the results of the rest of the month. I never realised you could go into your reserves and offer contracts to your greyed out players. I haven't really played since the days of Championship manager where you couldn't interact with these lads. So when i started playing FMH i never bothered taking a look at them. Maybe you could answer this for me, why is it when i search for a player, i sometimes find a lad who seems to have very good stats but my scout tells me he is rubbish and not to bother? No matter what level i'm playing at. Take Dean Wells as an example. He seems like he would be a great buy for a L1 or L2 team, but my assistant has no time for him, and gives him 1 star! Even though he clearly has better stats than some of my current players.
  8. What style of football you playing, and are you using players equipped to play that style? I'm only 1.5 seasons into my save with dirty smelly Leeds. I started out with the idea of playing short passing, pressing high up the pitch, while playing offiside rule.Every player was also given a player tactical role which suits a passing game. This meant i needed a complete overhaul of players. Passing of no less than 15 for every player. Attackers also needed pace of no less than 15 so we could press. I didnt worry bout other skills. Obviously it would be nice to get defenders who can tackle, but the thinking is, the longer im in the job, the higher quality of player i can get. Obviously during our first season we had very few players, if any, who fitted the bill, so results were mixed. But i used the transfer windows well and by the start of the 2nd season i had a full team of what i needed. Every player has passing over 15, with plenty of pace up front and at fullback. We have started with something like 15 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. Tactics like, 442, christmas pudding, diamonds etc are not the be all and end all. I think its more important to pick a style of play and getting players to fit that way of playing.
  9. As Peely says, there are a lot of highlights. More than enough to get a good sense of where you need to improve your team & tactics.
  10. I have fm15 on my iPhone. My missus has an iPad. Using family sharing I downloaded the game onto her iPad. But my icloud saved game on the iPhone doesn't appear on the iPad. Same iOS 8.1 on both devices. To play my saved game on iPad must I sign into icloud first on the iPad? Would be nice if saved games could be played on multiple devices using family sharing.
  11. Gotta agree with the 2 lads. I've been playing FMH for the past 3 years. I love the game and find it very challenging. Unfortunately i never stumbled upon one of the Golden tactics which delivers win after win. I got the full PC game off Santy last year and after a couple of hours i duly retired from the game. It's so overwhelming. Handheld is where it's at!
  12. I never thought of that. I thought the editor was there for people who like to cheat the system! Interesting ...
  13. Is there any way possible to play FMH on PC? Normally, i nip off to the loo for a game while in work. But at this stage i'm sure everyone is a little concerned with the state of my bowels. I have little interest in the full PC version, but would enjoy a sneaky game of Handheld on the PC while at work. Sat at my desk with iphone in hand throwing fist pumps at every goal is a bit of a give away.
  14. iPhone 5s user, and i love the upgrade. New Match Engine is, as the Germans would say, 'Excellenté'.
  15. Why don't the FMH followers get treated to a lovely features video like Miles did for FM2015? Maybe Marc could star?? I'm sure he's a natural in front of the camera.
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