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  1. Cant believe i never thought of that. Cheers for the wisdom plcarlos
  2. So i was wondering people thoughts on signing a foreign, 14 year old who is a free agent but wont come to the club until he turns 16, so my underdstanding is i would ruin his development until then. Would you let him go to a club where he can train and hope you could sign him when he turns 16?
  3. I think someone said some of these players are regens, but I’m sure they never used to have regens at the start of games or has that changed? Another question if I was to buy the in game editor, would it be possible to use it at the start of the game and then uninstall it so that I can’t use it after that. It’s only I don’t mind cheating by finding all the best young plays but it ruins the game if I use it after the first season?
  4. So I think I have narrowed it down to two laptops but wanted to check what people on here think. https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-15.6-fhd-wv-tn-120hz-i7-8750h-8g-256gb-sata-ssd-1tb-hdd-gtx1060-fx504gm-en150t/version.asp https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GM-EN150T-ASUS-FX504GM-EN150T-Gaming-Laptop_2344467.html if anyone can help me decide that would be great, I don’t mind paying 1500 if it will make a difference to my fm experience if anyone has some suggestions?
  5. Hey guys, I’m not too savvy on how computers work but I was looking for a MacBook Pro 15inch that will be easily good enough, to run fm with a player database of around 50k/10 leagues, but also good enough to run Logic Pro. I don’t mind spending anywhere between 1000-2200 but cheaper is obviously better. Also where would you recommend buying it? cheers
  6. Do you need lots of physios to stop players getting injured or do they just asses how long the player will be out. I got rid of all but 1 so i had more room for coaches?
  7. is there any chance i can add him to my game with the stats you use. theres a link herehttp://passion4fm.com/next-football-manager-2015-wonderkid-martin-odegaard/ but cant seem to put it into the editor for some reason. also if i buy him from strom on youth contract is it likely other teams will get him for free from Reading? thanks
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