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  1. Can you recommend good head of youth development?
  2. Thank you welshace.. I have spent thousands of hours on football manager even few years ago so now i am willing to purchase a better gaming rig and retire my 2011 macbook pro
  3. Or maybe the better question, what gaming rig can load more than 20 countries and large database? I love football manager and i am willing to spend to maximize the experience. If there is someone in here, that can play many countries and large player database, i would really appreciate it if you can share your laptop or desktop specs.
  4. Thanks for the response.. I really appreciate it.. I actually build this rig based on the budget I currently have.. I am just asking for more opinions because I am still unsure if this is more than enough for football manager.. I might be playing other games with this rig but still the main game is football manager
  5. I am a long time football manager supporter and I've been playing on mac.. But this year i might switch to PC gaming to play this game with many leagues and large players database.. Us this PC good enough? Asrock H97 Killer & i7-4790k 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz CL9 Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD SATA3 Palit GTX970 Jetstream 4gb GDDR5 Corsair RM series 950w modular gold Corsair graphite series 780t (black) Corsair H100i GTX hydro cooling I hope this gaming setup is more than enough to play the game i love
  6. Lol this is a forum right? No wonder this forum is dead because of people like you
  7. Sorry for the long post but I hope someone will find time to read this: Got promoted, and in my first season on the premier league, I took fourth place and will be participating the Champion's League next season. I know that big teams will steal my players from me so I took advantage of it: Out: Woodrow (3rd in goals scored and second highest rating in the prem) - 52 million by Chelsea Lucas Silva (bought for 2.9 million from Real Madrid) - 25 million cash by PSG George Williams (boy oh boy, underwhelming and not good stats) - 20 million cash by Manchester City Zieler - 10 million cash Mena - 7 million cash So you can see, that's a lot of money so I tried to splash the cash and strengthen my squad: In: Memphis Depay from Bayern - 15 million plus 14 million 48 months installments Ghoulam from Real Madrid (I only have Balanta and Guardado as my LB) - 10 million plus 5 million 48 months Dybala - 10 million plus 7.5 million 48 months (All huge teams are interested so i overpaid on his wages) I still have 30 million transfer budget available and 200k per week on wages. Please tell me that I made the right decision. Now, Liverpool are offering 20 million for Kaderabek and 15 million for Sarabia. Should I still sell? Walcott and Smalling are available on free (I need English players), should I get them? I am waiting for James Wilson once he is not overpriced. This is my current team: Strikers: Lacazette (can play AMR), Fierro, Dybala AMR: Roberts, Dockal (can play CM) AML: Sarabia, Depay CM (I need two in my formation - 1 Advanced playmaker and 1 BWM): Roberto, Christensen, Odegaard, Ajer LB: Guardado, Ghoulam CB: Balanta, Vallejo, Munoz, Ginter, 2 English newgen CB (Both 1 star CA and 4.5 PA) RB: Karedabek, Jenkinson GK: Rulli, Joronen, Rossbach
  8. Building a desktop. I can buy the parts here and build it. I just want to know what parts to buy for $1400
  9. I'm interested as well. Because I wasted some cash just to sign players to tutor my wonderkids and yet the tutoring is a failure.
  10. Thanks MrMourinho! I am still awaiting on Eugene's opinion on what PC build to buy. My wife just confirmed that she will give me $1400 USD as a birthday gift to build the cpu I want, just to meet my football manager needs. Just for the cpu, what specs should I get? I really want to play many countries, leagues and large database of players. For me, that is fun. I hope you guys can help me
  11. First of all, I love Football Manager. I've wasted hours, days, weeks and months playing this game because I enjoy the thrills of building my own empire and learn from my mistakes along the way. But I have a problem. I read on the forums that the best training for kids (14 - 19 years old) is to train their physical attributes such as quickness, stamina and strength. I trained quickness for kids such as Odegaard, Bakkali and Roberts but not much of an improvement. I am currently on my second season and i have 4.5 stars coaches on U-18, U-21 and Senior squad. My coaches are suggesting different training for my players. Example, my coach is suggesting first touch training on Roberts, first touch training on Odegaard and Off the Ball for Bakkali. 1. Should I follow my coaches' suggestion and ignore their physical training? Sometimes players will even complain that the training I want is not beneficial to them. Damn Odegaard, you have poor stamina and you think that training your stamina is not beneficial to you??? 2. Should I increase the player training workload? Example, Bakkali is on Stamina training on average but the workload is already Heavy. Increasing the Stamina training to Heavy will make the workload Very Heavy. 3. I have model professional player (Westermann) but he doesn't want to train with my young, hot prospect CBs such as Mammana. It is frustrating because I bought him just to train my young CBs and he only wants to train my useless academy players. 4. The squad already mastered my tactics (fluid) so I changed my general training into attacking to improve my players' attacking capabilities. When should I change my general training? 5. And lastly, who are some good players to tutor my young ones. Vallejo is learning from his own until now, because this Westermann has man-love for my academy players. I will see you later Westermann after work! I will loan you to Molde!!!
  12. Please help me guys. I'm playing Fulham (Second Season and just promoted to Premier League) and I'm thin on AML (Inside Forward) which is very crucial to my tactic: depay and bernard - signed by psg and bayern sisto - signed by newcastle (not sure if he is world class?) sarabia - recommended on other forums but he is injured for 8 months I have 10 million minimum and max 15 million.. Who should i get? George Williams isn't enough and underwhelming.
  13. No worries. I just hope someone can help me build the PC that will be perfect for my FM needs
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